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Thursday, January 31, 2013

#Author Jill James Does #Romance and #Zombies!

Happy Friday, all! Today at The Divas of Desire we're thrilled to welcome romance author Jill James. She's published with The Wild Rose Press and is self-published as well. She's also a great sport who's kindly agreed to let me ask her five nosy questions. So let's get started!

Hi, Jill! It's great to have you with us today. You've written across the genres from Contemporary Romance (Tempting Adam) to Paranormal shapeshifter romance (Dangerous Shift). Do you have a preference?

I love the whole make-your-own-world fun of writing paranormal. I’m a science fiction fan going back to Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galatica (the original), and Star Wars. The idea that there could be something else out there is enticing. There could be a veil between us and this Other world, a world of vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters.
My daughter was just the right age to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with me. I loved telling her that the show might seem like it was about demons and monsters, but it was more than that, deeper, just like excellent science fiction.

That must have been cool for your daughter, watching Buffy with her mom! You mention reading being very important to you—can you name a book that's had an important influence on you as a reader or writer?

The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The idea that you could just write about your life and someone would like to read it was eye-opening.

Save The Cat by Blake Snyder. I was able to meet him in person at RWA National before his death. I’ll never forget how he broke films (books) into manageable pieces. The idea that books were a product was so surprising. I think I put authors and books up on a pedestal and hadn’t understood that we need to think of them as art when we create them and something to market once they are done.

I love both those choices. Little House on the Prairie is still so popular with children all these years since it's first publication. And Save the Cat is such a wonderful tool for writers.

You have another book, Love in the Time of Zombies coming soon—what made you decide to write about Zombies?

I’ve been on a zombie watching/reading kick for about 18 months now. The Walking Dead is my favorite show right now. I have this theory or idea about apocalypse books and movies. It comes down to finding someone to love, because if you don’t have someone to care for, what is the purpose of surviving? If you can do that in the middle of the world ending, renegades trying to seize what is left, and zombies wanting to eat you, how hard does it have to be in the ‘normal’ world. Don’t just sit around, go search for The One.

You have a three book series available—The Lake Willowbee Series. What is it about writing a series that appeals to you?

LOL Actually, I didn’t start out with the idea of writing a series. I had an idea of a divorced couple working their way back to each other but my publisher didn’t do married couples working out their problems or a divorced couple getting back together. But, I loved the idea of what would it take to forgive and forget infidelity if the love was still there. Now, I always get asked, would you forgive and forget? Ain’t no way and my husband knows it. So once I had one story in Lake Willowbee I wanted to stay there and put some other stories in my fictional town. I’m going to return to Lake Willowbee with The Single Mommies Club series this year.

Do you have a recent or upcoming release you'd like to tell us about? Please give us all the deets!

Lined up for this year is Love in the Time of Zombies, The Single Mommies Club (again in Lake Willowbee and a series), a sequel to Dangerous Shift, and a sequel to Tempting Adam.

I’m most looking forward to the zombie book. The characters are Emily Gray, a former neglected housewife who finds her strength with the apocalypse, along with the truck-driving, poetry-writing Seth Ripley. For zombie book lovers, be warned; there is sex and romance. For romance book lovers, be warned; there is ooey-gooey gore and scary zombies and evil renegades.

Whoa, sounds like an awesome story—sex and guts! LOL! Sounds like you've planned something for everyone in your upcoming books.

Thanks again for joining us today, Jill, and much success to you!

Jill refers to these little cuties as her "muses"!

Dangerous Shift by Jill James:
Shapeshifters live among us but remain unknown to most people except for the highest echelons of law enforcement, the military, science, and medical fields—until now.

When a fatal virus strikes Shapeshifters all over the West coast, including members of the Shapeshifter Task Force in San Laura, California, reinforcements are called in from around the United States.

Lt. Nikki Hill of Missouri comes to San Laura and is partnered up with Lt. Sean Evans. They quickly butt heads on everything from proper police procedures to the moral ethics of euthanasia. They can’t seem to get a lead on the serial killer even as members of their own families are stricken with the virus. In their grief they turn to each other and hope they have time to discover if their relationship stands a chance or if they might just be the next victims of the species extinction disease.

Dangerous Shift is available at: Available at Amazon, BN.com, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Kobo, iTunes
and available in print at Amazon and BN.com

About Jill:
Jill James didn't start out wanting to be an author. Along the way she wanted to be an astronaut, President of the United States, a lawyer, and a doctor. Once married with children she realized she could be all those things in the pages of the stories she wrote.

She lives in Northern California with her husband, who is the inspiration for all her romance novel heroes.

Find Jill here:

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revenge of the Mad Scientist by Lara Nance

Hi folks,

We have a special treat for you today. A spotlight, review, and excerpt of Revenge of the Mad Scientist by Lara Nance.

When Lady Arabella Trunkett’s father, the High Lord Minister of Urbannia is kidnapped, all clues point to the mysterious country of Gandiss and the world is thrown into political upheaval.

Arabella is convinced the more sinister nation of Carabarras is to blame, urged on by a mad scientist seeking revenge. So, she sets out on a perilous airship journey across a variety of exotic locales to save him, and halt the potential world war.

But airship pirates, secret assassins and slave traders aren’t her only trials. The fickle hand of fate has made the captain of the only airship available for charter, the man who left her at the altar. For eight years she's wished him dead. Now he's her only hope.  

And just a little excerpt from the book:

Another scream sounded and then another. A group of people blocked her view and she didn’t hesitate in pushing them aside. She gasped when she reached a body sprawled on the floor and noted a trail of red blood tracking from a side room. She recognized the injured man as Conrad Bellows, her father’s assistant. Horrified, her champagne glass slipped from her fingers and shattered on the marble.

She pushed another man out of her way. What the hell was wrong with everyone standing around like statues while a man needed help? She knelt at Conrad's side. A knife protruded from his back but when she put her fingers on his neck she found him still alive, thank God. He struggled to his side and blinked as he looked up at her.

“Gone,” he whispered. “So…sorry, My Lady…gone.”
“Who is gone, Conrad?” She put a hand on his shoulder as panic shot through her.

“You’re, fa, fa, father…they took him.”

“What? Who took him?”

“Ahh, all in black, don’t know…” He closed his eyes and then slumped on the floor, unconscious.

Belle sucked in a sharp breath. She jumped to her feet and spun around. “Someone call for a doctor and help Mr. Bellows. Where’s my father?”

Rach's Review: Five out of Five Divas!
                        I loved this book. It was go from page one. Packed with adventure and charming characters, it was a fast and enjoyable read. I particularly loved how many fun people Lady Arabella encounters on her adventures. There's a romance between Belle and Rett, pirates, espionage, kidnapping. This book is chock full of excitement and enjoyable from start to finish. Belle is a relatable, strong heroine who kicks butt and never backs down. I also really love her charge Benji. He's a great secondary character and sometimes steals the show when he's on the page. This is the first book in Nance's Steampunk series and I for one, can't wait for book two.

Lara will be awarding an autographed original map of Arabella's steampunk world to a randomly drawn commenter, and a $50 Amazon gift card and an original steampunk necklace to a randomly drawn commenter during her tour.  

If you sign up for her newsletter on her website from Jan 29 - Feb 3, you will also be entered for an autographed copy of her book as well as an original steampunk necklace. 

Lara Nance grew up and lived in many cites throughout the South. She loves to write in a variety of genres, but the basis of all of her stories is a great tale that will take you on an adventure of imagination.

If you want to escape and lose yourself in a novel, you've come to the right place. Choose your genre and settle in to be entertained. From thrilling mysteries and steampunk tales, to paranormal romance and adventure, she's willing to explore a variety of compelling stories full of danger and suspense, along with a touch of romance.

Having been on the fencing team in college and now living on a sailboat convinces her that she was a pirate in another life, or possibly kin to Errol Flynn… However, due to the unfortunate demise of the romantic pirates of the past, she lives out her fantasies, thrills and adventures in her stories. Lara loves to weave interesting true historical tidbits into her fiction which invite the reader to explore further after the novel is finished.

Currently docked in Norfolk, Virginia (until the wind changes) Lara enjoys living on her sailboat and spends time reading, of course writing, indulging a variety of artistic endeavors, cooking and sailing with her husband, Joe and their Yorkie, Rio.

You can visit Lara here: www.laranance.com 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blade Dance - Official Cover!

 Why does a killer want to disturb our heroine's hot and sexy menage a trois?

BLADE DANCE -- coming soon from Decadent Publishing
 -- stay tuned for the official release date!

Danica St. Como

Friday, January 25, 2013

#Interview with #Paranormal #Romance #Author Lisa Hannah Wells!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm honored to have author Lisa Hannah Wells with me today. Lisa has a new book out with The Wild Rose Press, Be Still My Lover's Heart, the first in the Memory Makers series. Just check out the gorgeous cover! 

Hi, Lisa! Thanks so much for being here at the Divas of Desire today. And thanks for agreeing to let me ask you five nosy questions. Let's get started!

1. You have a book that's available for free download at Goodreads—Queen of Hearts, a paranormal romance featuring vampires. Why do you think vampires fascinate people and what is it about them that appeals to you? 

I think vampires fascinate people because of what they can do. They are generally faster and stronger many times over than ordinary people, immortal, can give or take life by blood and most are very erotic due to the ability to control another’s mind. In the world of my vampires, there are certain rules, a treaty that allows them to live in the world of humans. In Queen of Hearts, Lucius learns how to love and has to make critical choices because of that. All my vampires can fly and this is what, to most of them, is their most favorite part of being what they are. I hope you’ll get to check out this book, since it is a free download and catch a glimpse into my vampires.

***Note to readers--you can download Lisa's free book here.

2. Your recent work from The Wild Rose Press, Be Still My Lover's Heart, is set in space and you describe it as a paranormal romance with futuristic and Science Fiction elements. Do you enjoy blending genres? 

Absolutely! I’ve always loved paranormal romance above any other romance genre. However, I love what Science Fiction allows in the development of technology and as to the other, I enjoy creating the worlds in which my characters live, setting the history for future books and/or series.

3. Whether a romance is set in outer space, New York City, or the Old West, the most important element is the connection between the hero and heroine. What characteristics do you think are important for a hero and heroine to possess?   

I think being able to take chances, to want to change whether for themselves, family or someone else, strength deep within themselves even if they are unaware of it and the willingness to make sacrifices. Finally, the willingness to overcome past hurts even if they are afraid to love and try anyway.

4. In your biography on your blog, you mention having a Barbie Doll collection. I love Barbie! Can you tell us more about your collection? 

Some of Lisa's Barbies--I'm jealous!

I always loved Barbie when growing up and could hardly wait to play with my little girls. Wouldn’t you know it that neither of them was interested? LOL! Just my luck! I began collecting in 1990 and had kept many of my own from when I was a little girl. Every year, I add to the collection, including dolls from Disney Movies, Popular fads like Twilight, and the more expensive (only once in a while) from Bob Mackie and other famous designers. I don’t like to collect dolls that resemble one another, so my collection fascinates those who come to see it.

These must be from "The King and I", right?

What an awesome collection! I could spend hours admiring them all!

Ahem...okay, back to the interview...

5. What are you currently working on or planning for the future? Please share! We can't wait to hear.   

I currently have three works in progress. One is for this upcoming Holiday Season and is my first contemporary romance. The second is another Vampire story, but everyone is going to love this one. He’s so full of character, humorous, loving and claustrophobic. The heroine is the world’s top Cardiologist so the mix is very funny. It is very sensuous, too.  The third is the second book in The Memory Maker’s Series.     I have complete books I’ve written years ago that I’m working on getting into shape, including Time Travel with Ghosts and Witches and a Werewolf story that will steal your heart.  Every one filled to the brim with romance!

I want to thank you for having me on your Five for Friday today and I had a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Lisa. It's been great!


Ethereal beauty Shea, a Lieutenant in a Universal military, has spent the last four years protecting Colony supply freighters on a small space station. If not for her partner and the hopes of a better assignment, the loss of her husband and a devastating illness would leave her little desire to live.

That is until she meets Tempest, an alien whose species is rumored to be the origin of the vampires,  a man who makes her feel alive in ways she's never felt before.

Tempest has prayed to the Divine One for countless years for his bondmate.  Shea is his long-awaited answer and so much more.  One night will not be enough for a man who has waited a lifetime, but he is determined to make Shea his forever.

With a madman out to destroy them and certain death nipping at their heels, will Tempest and Shea outwit Remi and survive to share a future together, or die protecting all they hold dear?


“Who is the dark-haired young woman in the red dress?”
“Sir, she is the one who started the entire mess.”
Fierce pride welled up within Tempest, and he grinned. Teo looked at him, his head cocked to the side, puzzlement in his eyes.
“Do you know her name?”
“I believe I heard the other one call her Shea. Is there anything else, sir? If not, I have a few others to round up and toss out.”
“No, but do not throw her or her friend out.”
Teo nodded and hurried to get the remaining people to be escorted to the door. In the last group, among those to be tossed out, a man with blood crusted on his face was yelling loudly about something being unfair. Teo dragged the man to the door then slammed it shut after pushing him outside. Rivera said something to the two females then joined Tempest across the room.
“The two ladies argue that they be allowed to stay, my lord. Aveal is interested in the blonde woman, and the two came together. If I let one stay, the other would also have to stay. What should I do?” Rivera grinned.
“Since you have decided to include me in this decision, I believe you should allow them to stay. I will be in the bar having my third meal. Please have Teo bring the tall one to me there, telfaro.”
Rivera studied his face for a moment then nodded. “Very well, my lord.” He gave a curt bow and went back to the women.
Tempest grinned as Rivera drew out the tease then went to his favorite table in the empty bar and sat down. Sergio, their part-time bartender, brought his meal and a glass of Sacri.
“Thank you, Sergio, you may go now.” Tempest watched the small human male leave his apron on the bar and hurry to the door where Teo still stood in case anyone he tossed out attempted to get back in.
Although it was difficult to concentrate on his third meal, that, for the first time, disinterested him, he had to prepare, to make sure when Teo brought her into the bar that she was who he thought she was. Tempest had just taken the last bite of his meal when Teo escorted the tall human female into the bar. Teo pointed to the table he occupied before leaving. The young woman looked around as if nervous. Tempest stood, took his empty dishes to the bar, and approached her. She appeared fearless as she looked up into his eyes with glittering emerald green ones. Taking her elbow, he led her to the table and seated her on the bench opposite him. Her eyes followed him as he sat down and drained the remainder of his Sacri.
This was the moment of truth. Tempest pitched his voice to a frequency his bondmate would instinctively know. Either she would respond, or she wouldn’t.
“You must be Shea,” he purred, deep in his chest.


Check out Lisa's blog here and her Facebook page here.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest blogs, Giveaways, and Interviews, Oh MY!

Hi there folks,

Just a quick note letting everyone know that I'm all over the internet this week.

I have a guest blog and giveaway at the Bootheel Cotton Patch  - come comment to win a FREE copy of An Affair Across Times Square (the post has the cover for Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce, but it's really for Times Square) - the contest will run through Friday, so tell all your erotic romance loving friends!

I'm also being featured on Kacey's Konnections - Check that out for excerpts from both Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce and An Affair Across Times Square. 

And I was interviewed over at Books N Kisses - Because you know you're DYING to learn more about Rachell Nichole. :-p



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lesbian Love, anyone?

Hello folks,

Welcome to a special segment this week - not WIP it Wednesday, but a post about my latest release, Queen of Hearts

This was my first foray into same-sex romance, and it was great fun! Maya and Erica came to me one early morning as I thought of doing a Valentine's Day story. I hadn't planned on writing this novella, or on writing any lesbian love, not that I was opposed to it or anything, but I really mostly only read and write hetero love. So this one kind of took me by surprise, and what a wild ride it was! 

Writing all about girls was very cool in a lot of ways. I could really get inside Maya's and Erica's heads and craft them from the inside out. I used a new character technique to build these two - astrological signs and personality traits. 

But let me tell you, those sex scenes were crazy! No man? None? It made writing the scenes very difficult, and it also sometimes maybe made me think I was missing parts of the anatomies... but I wasn't. And in the end I LOVED writing this book. It was sexy, romantic, heart-felt and enjoyable to write. I hope you feel the same when you read it. 

After a one-night stand, fate keeps throwing Maya and Erica together. Astrology says they're compatible, but neither woman is sure. 

The book is on sale through this weekend for only 99 cents! 

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/YftYl9
Barnes & Noble : http://bit.ly/10cUqaU



Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday with Danica

            Fun news! New release, ABOVE THE LAW, finished No. 14 in the Romance Category at Predators & Editors contest. Yay!
Weird weather for Six Sentence Sunday. Nearly forty degrees yesterday, wind howling. Sunny today, wind still hammering the house (wouldn't be surprised to lose power or wi-fi today), but supposed to drop to around zero. Had to trick the dogs into going out this morning -- when the wind caught the back door and ripped it out of my hand, they looked at me like I was a crazy person!
 For comfortable warmth, enjoy a snippet from our boys in ALOHA MAN:
With the Hawaiian's warm skin so close, Zachariah inhaled the spicy island scent that was so much part of Kamaka, held it in until he was forced to exhale. He closed his eyes, aware of the thick ridge of Kamaka's arousal against his belly. Kamaka rubbed his cheek against Zach's, first one side, then the other. Barely touching. Not pushy, not offering anything else, not even a kiss. Just there. Available.
* * * * *
Danica St. Como

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Reasons We Love #Alpha #Romance Heroes

     Hi, everyone!  I recently began reading my first Kristen Ashley book (I know, I know, what took me so long?). The hero of Motorcycle Man is Tack, and he is the alpha male to end all alphas. Super-alpha. Uber-alpha.The Alpha-meister. He cusses, he's a biker, he's a total stud and totally HAWT. It's his way or the highway. He pisses heroine Tyra off, but all the same she melts for him. I've got to admit I feel a little melty just reading about him.

     What is it about these "I'm the boss" guys in romance fiction? We modern women would most likely run from them in real life (how can you have a relationship with someone who won't compromise?) but in fiction we salivate for them. They're the stuff of total fantasy. Today in my Five for Friday segment, I want to explore some reasons why that may be. These are only my opinions—yours may be different.
1.    An alpha male is awesome in bed.

Let's not kid ourselves. This guy is sexy! He knows what he's about in the bedroom, and he wants his partner to be just as eager as he is. With him a woman can be just as greedy as she wants sexually and her alpha guy won't look down his nose at her for not being "a lady".

2.    An alpha male knows what he wants.

He's not wishy-washy and indecisive. He takes the pressure off a woman. Let's face it, in real life we women have plenty of duties between work and home and family responsibilities. It's fun to fantasize about letting someone else take charge so we can just relax and let someone else worry about it all.

3.    An alpha male protects his woman.

It can be a rough world for a woman. We're subject to insult, harassment and assault. An alpha male doesn't let anyone hurt the woman he cares for. Oh, he might hurt her thoughtlessly, speak to her sharply or do something she disapproves of. But if anyone else crosses the line with her, he puts them in their place, pronto. A woman with an alpha male at her side can feel safe.

4.    An alpha male is possessive.

When an in-charge guy wants a woman, he doesn't vacillate. He lets her know, lets everyone know that she belongs to him. He's not ashamed of that. What woman doesn't dream of a man being so proud of her that he wants the whole world to know that she's his? Talk about an ego-boost!

5.    An alpha male's woman comes first with him.

In the real world, there are so many things that demand our time and concentration: our jobs, families, social and civic obligations. Men and women get busy, harried, tired. It's hard for us ordinary people to find time for romance. In romance fiction, the details of everyday life don't exist. The alpha male hero, whether he's a corporate CEO,  a Navy SEAL, or an international spy, is never too busy to take care of his woman. She's his priority, first, last and always. Ah, romance!

As I said, these opinions are strictly my own. Why do you think readers love alpha male heroes? Do you have a favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#WIP it Wednesday is BACK!

Hi there, 

Welcome back to WIP it Wednesday! I haven't done this series in a few weeks for a bunch of various reasons, but today it's back and I have a special treat for you. I'll be talking about my WIP that is in its very late stages: Queen of Hearts which will be ON SALE later this week! This is my first venture into self-publishing and it's been a wild ride! I couldn't have done it without Jessica Lewis of Author's Life Saver or Marissa Dobson of Sizzling PR. So thank you ladies. 

And now onto my WIP... 

Maya Cobb is a classic Gemini. She’s adaptable, affectionate, versatile, intelligent, cunning, and she holds a deep-seated fear of commitment. Which means she’s the perfect match for Aquarius Erica.
Erica Jones, also true to her astrological sign, is friendly, honest, loyal, inventive, fiercely independent, contrary, unemotional, and detached. She hasn’t found a satisfying relationship in ages, and is ready to give up on love, even though she runs a dating service.

After a one night stand, fate keeps throwing them together in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Maya offers to help Erica plan the Queen of Hearts Matchmaking event, though she doesn’t know much about dating women. Erica quickly realizes that while Maya bolted after their first night, she might be the only hope Erica has to save her business.

Astrology says they’re compatible, but neither woman can be sure.

This book was so much fun to write and also very challenging. Writing same-sex erotic romance posed problems I hadn't anticipated. :-) 

And now for an excerpt from Chapter One ... 

January 25th – three weeks to Valentine’s Day
“Has the prospect of being alone this Valentine’s Day got you down?”
Maya Cobb cringed and resisted the urge to punch the perky red-headed actress on the television. But she couldn’t seem to pry her gaze from the beautiful pale skin and smattering of freckles, or the dark peach lips.
“This year, I’ve got something special in store for you. Come to a V-Day mixer at Luc’s on Second Street, featuring the proven matchmaking skills from the Queen of Hearts herself. Cocktails, prizes, excitement, and more. For all the details, please visit our site at QoHMatchmaking.com.” The website flashed across the bottom of the screen in bright red letters as the actress spoke.
Maya’s gaze stayed glued to the screen until the last of the hearts floated away and a new commercial began. And damn if she didn’t have the urge to open her laptop and go surfing for the site. Was that the same dating site Jake had been nagging her to join? She thought it sounded familiar, but she couldn’t be sure until she asked him.
Didn’t matter, she realized as she opened the site. LGBTQ Dating, the Right Way, the header read. She closed the website, disgusted she’d actually gone and looked. Was she so desperate she’d consider joining a dating site? So what if it had worked out for Jake. It wouldn’t work for her and she knew it.
Besides, she hadn’t dated girls since college, so, Jake’s pestering aside, she wasn’t going back down that road again. If her last few boyfriends had been jealous jerks, the women she’d been with in school made these guys look like Prince Charmings. Women could be crazy. She didn’t need that kind of drama in her life. Not anymore. Besides, she wasn’t looking for Happily Ever After. And that seemed to be what Queen of Hearts was offering.
Looked like she’d be spending Valentine’s Day alone again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rach's Blog Tour Schedule: 1/14/13 - 1/18/13

Morning y'all!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks I tell ya. I spent six exhausting, wonderful days in Pennsylvania at Seton Hill's Writing Popular Fiction Residency! I am now the proud owner of a Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction. I spent a good portion of the weekend sleeping, but now it's time to get back to work!

This will be my first full week of the day job in a month! Probably going to be a bit crazy. And I am guest blogging all over the place this week! Check it out:

Today (1-14) I will be at Tory Michael's blog talking about one of my favorite subjects - ME! :-p Actually, I'm really not that narcissistic, but it's a good interview. So if you're dying to know more about Rach, come on by!

Tomorrow (1-15) I will be at Decadent Decisions - W. Lynn Chantale's blog. She and I interviewed Amy Easton, the heroine of Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce - the holiday book that keeps on giving year-round! Come see what Amy has to say. I will also be awarding a FREE copy of Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce to one lucky commenter on this blog.

Wednesday (1-16) I'll be at A Passion for Romance - Krista Ames's blog. She interviewed Tyler Lachlan, the hero of An Affair Across Times Square - book one in the Marietta Hotels series. See why I fell in love with Tyler and you should too! A free copy of An Affair Across Times Square will be awarded to a lucky commenter on this blog as well! (see how awesome I am giving away copies of my books!?)

And finally (for this week) on Thursday (1-17) I will be guest blogging at the Bootheel Cotton Patch. I'll be talking about using astrology to build Amy and Mason's characters - so this is a bit craft, a bit insight into the book. Come see what it's all about!*

*Change of plans - Thursday I will be at www.sizzlinghotbooks.com  :-) 

I'll have another round of dates next week, so stay tuned!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday with Danica

Catch up with the Divas' own Six Sentence Sunday!

BLADE DANCE combines hot menage a trois romance with major crimes unit investigation as a serial murderer terrorizes sleepy upstate farming communities. Who's next on the killer's list?

From Danica St. Como's upcoming novella, BLADE DANCE, soon to be released by Decadent Publishing:
Wallis directed her doe-eyes at Austin. She knew he was the easier target, always the first to fold. He was such a sweet, easygoing man, her soft-spoken Texan. Michael, Chicago born, was usually the hard sell. “C’mon, guys. Show me what you can do. Please, please, please?”
Danica St. Como

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Awesome #Gay #Erotic #Romances

EDIT 1/13/13--It's been brought to my attention that some of the stories that I earlier categorized as "Gay for You" really aren't. For example, Hard as Teak is actually a Coming Out story. Jessie's Girl and Widows Weeds might also fall into this category. My apologies. It was not my intention to miscategorize any of these titles. I've changed the title of this post as well as my intro.

ANOTHER EDIT 1/13/13--I've really gotten myself into a tangle here. I've now realized that Rough, Raw and Ready might be considered more of a menage romance than a gay romance. Oh, the hell with it! These are all really good erotic romances that broadminded folks will enjoy.  

Today, in my Five for Friday segment, I want to focus on some gay erotic romances that I've enjoyed.

Above the Law by Danica St. Como 
Of course I have to start with my fellow Diva's book, in light of the fact that this, her newest release, has been nominated for Best Romance Novel in the Preditors and Editors Poll! (If you haven't voted yet, please do so here.) Above the Law features security consultant Glennon Garrett, a tough as nails former military man, who's been married and widowed, and as the book opens is in the midst of a hot affair with game warden Abigail.  He's not someone who remotely considers himself gay. But when Deputy Joe enters the picture, the twosome of Glennon and Abigail becomes a threesome. Joe's feelings for Abigail are strictly friendship, but he realizes he's falling hard for Glennon. Glennon's feelings are complicated as he deals with guilt from the past.  Things get downright dangerous for all three when they're threatened by a mysterious psychopath.  This story has plenty of romance and angst as well as HAWT sexy MMF and MM scenes.
Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James 
Trevor and Edgard, the heroes of this book, first appeared in secondary roles in Lorelei James's earlier erotic romance Long Hard Ride, where their relationship was in full swing. Trevor was basically a man-whore who'd never been with another man besides Edgard. When RR&R takes up, the men have broken up and Trevor is now married to Chassie, who has no idea about the man from his past. When Ed shows up at their ranch, Trevor realizes how much he still cares for him. But he loves his wife, too. When Chassie finds the two men kissing, she's shocked and heartbroken. But after some thought, she decides "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." She's not willing to give up her husband. This leads to plenty of scorching MMF loving and as time goes on, Chassie and Edgard become more than sexual partners –their feelings develop toward each other as well. But of course things can't go smoothly as family troubles to tear the three of them apart. This being Lorelei James, there's plenty of realistic, gritty details about ranch life and lots of studly cowboys—be still my heart.

Hard as Teak by Margie Church 
Kevin is a photographer who feels in a rut professionally and in his love life as well. Although his girlfriend Chiyo is a gorgeous woman any man would seemingly want, Kevin's just not feeling it. He goes off to clear his mind and search his soul at a cabin in the woods where he meets Teak. Teak is bisexual, handsome as sin, and Kevin is immediately attracted. Is this what he's been missing all along? He and Teak become friends, then lovers. The sex is awesome, but it's much more than that for Kevin and Teak. But this little idyll in the woods can't last forever. Kevin has his gallery at home, not to mention his faithful girlfriend. Was this just an episode in his life or meant to be something more? Lovers of MM romance will find plenty to enjoy in this story.

Jessie's Girl by Amber Scott
Jessie meets her brother Kyle's girlfriend Sabrina and falls hard. They share an intimate evening, but the next day Sabrina's gone and Jessie's heart is broken. Six years later, Sabrina engaged to another man, but has never forgotten Jessie. When the two women meet accidentally, both of them are thrown into emotional turmoil. With Sabrina's wedding only weeks away, will she follow her heart and go after Jessie? Will Jessie let down her guard enough to risk being hurt again? And how will Jessie deal with the fact that she's not the only one still carrying a torch for Sabrina? This is a very enjoyable sweet and sexy FF romance.

Widow's Weeds by Beth Williamson
Veronica has been a widow for five years and is still in mourning for the man she loved. Everything in her life seems dreary and dull, like the black garments she wears. The only bright spots in her life are her two friends and her bowling. Her friends even got her to sign up for a doubles bowling tournament. Veronica finds herself teamed up with Patrice, a lively, fun-loving "pixie" with a penchant for colorful clothes. Patrice is openly gay, but Veronica is shocked by the feelings she's experiencing for her new teammate. She's always lived a very sedate life and has never done anything the least bit scandalous. Still, the heart wants what it wants, and the two women fall in love. But Veronica may not be brave enough to face social and family disapproval when their relationship comes to light.

What gay romances have you enjoyed? Please share your recommendations!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Eternity by Kim Carmichael

Hi folks,

Welcome back to the Diva's blog. I have a special look at a hot short erotic romance, Eternity by Kim Carmichael.

Therin Athan faces a choice…eternal salvation or eternal damnation. 

After centuries of pining away for a love never realized, Therin's last assignment as a Cupid depends on helping the lonely, shy Lucy Carlton.  The mission's success or failure will determine where he is transferred.  He can study the heavens or be condemned to hell.

Lucy Carlton spent her life searching the stars for answers, but finds them in the form of a gorgeous man who comes in her dreams.  Therin shows her the joys of physical pleasure and encourages her to try to find love.  She wakes with a new found confidence, but soon her timid nature takes over and she retreats back to the comfort of her home…alone.

With only a week to decide his fate, Therin breaks every rule.  What starts as a job to save himself, becomes a love that can never be…except maybe in eternity.

And here's an excerpt from the book: 

Dream, fantasy, illusion or vision, Lucy Carlton didn't care as long as it continued. Though her mind was foggy, deep in her conscious she had no doubt this experience was not real.

Only in her visions did the man she dreamed about appear in bed with her. His voice was soft and low, vibrating through her, and awakening her already ragged nerve endings.

Once he kissed her, she didn't care if she was hallucinating. All she wanted was one night with a man who could make the ache go away. Have a little time with someone focused on her, not be alone, and be connected to another.

When he said his name, she knew that person had to be Therin.

She moved to her back, needing to feel his weight on top of her, and make him as real as possible. Messy black shoulder-length hair framed his sculpted face, with silver eyes, made even more realistic by a bit of stubble and a body she would never be able wrap her arms around no matter how hard she tried. This was the man, the one she saw only in her dreams, because only her dreams could produce this man in bed with her.

His kisses turned hard, all-encompassing. They demanded she keep up, and it was all she could do to stay lucid enough to learn from his instruction.

Her body wanted to do something else. It wanted her to lean back and lap up Therin's unwavering attention. He roused every part of her, making her ache. She'd never got this far with a man. Never had another body against hers, never assessed such magnificent muscles under her fingertips, never felt any evidence a man wanted her.

Rach's Review: 
Four out of Five Divas

This was a really good short read. A cupid falls in love! This was a sweet, sexy story right from the first page. Lucy can't trust that any man would want her. She's shy and can't seem to bring herself to climax, no matter how hard she tries. Enter Therin, a cupid who's been burned by love and doesn't believe in it, despite his occupation. He's dying for a new assignment. Their time is limited and his fate is in Lucy's hands. If she falls in love, he'll be saved. If she fails to move forward her potential office romance, she's dooming Therin to eternal damnation. 
Despite its shortness, this book still had a lot of character depth. I would have loved a little more back story and meat in the story, but for a one-sitting read, it was a delight. 


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Kim Carmichael began writing eight years ago when her need for graphic sex scenes and love of happy endings inspired her to create her own.  She has a weakness for bad boys and techno geeks, and married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running.  When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.

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