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Friday, January 25, 2013

#Interview with #Paranormal #Romance #Author Lisa Hannah Wells!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm honored to have author Lisa Hannah Wells with me today. Lisa has a new book out with The Wild Rose Press, Be Still My Lover's Heart, the first in the Memory Makers series. Just check out the gorgeous cover! 

Hi, Lisa! Thanks so much for being here at the Divas of Desire today. And thanks for agreeing to let me ask you five nosy questions. Let's get started!

1. You have a book that's available for free download at Goodreads—Queen of Hearts, a paranormal romance featuring vampires. Why do you think vampires fascinate people and what is it about them that appeals to you? 

I think vampires fascinate people because of what they can do. They are generally faster and stronger many times over than ordinary people, immortal, can give or take life by blood and most are very erotic due to the ability to control another’s mind. In the world of my vampires, there are certain rules, a treaty that allows them to live in the world of humans. In Queen of Hearts, Lucius learns how to love and has to make critical choices because of that. All my vampires can fly and this is what, to most of them, is their most favorite part of being what they are. I hope you’ll get to check out this book, since it is a free download and catch a glimpse into my vampires.

***Note to readers--you can download Lisa's free book here.

2. Your recent work from The Wild Rose Press, Be Still My Lover's Heart, is set in space and you describe it as a paranormal romance with futuristic and Science Fiction elements. Do you enjoy blending genres? 

Absolutely! I’ve always loved paranormal romance above any other romance genre. However, I love what Science Fiction allows in the development of technology and as to the other, I enjoy creating the worlds in which my characters live, setting the history for future books and/or series.

3. Whether a romance is set in outer space, New York City, or the Old West, the most important element is the connection between the hero and heroine. What characteristics do you think are important for a hero and heroine to possess?   

I think being able to take chances, to want to change whether for themselves, family or someone else, strength deep within themselves even if they are unaware of it and the willingness to make sacrifices. Finally, the willingness to overcome past hurts even if they are afraid to love and try anyway.

4. In your biography on your blog, you mention having a Barbie Doll collection. I love Barbie! Can you tell us more about your collection? 

Some of Lisa's Barbies--I'm jealous!

I always loved Barbie when growing up and could hardly wait to play with my little girls. Wouldn’t you know it that neither of them was interested? LOL! Just my luck! I began collecting in 1990 and had kept many of my own from when I was a little girl. Every year, I add to the collection, including dolls from Disney Movies, Popular fads like Twilight, and the more expensive (only once in a while) from Bob Mackie and other famous designers. I don’t like to collect dolls that resemble one another, so my collection fascinates those who come to see it.

These must be from "The King and I", right?

What an awesome collection! I could spend hours admiring them all!

Ahem...okay, back to the interview...

5. What are you currently working on or planning for the future? Please share! We can't wait to hear.   

I currently have three works in progress. One is for this upcoming Holiday Season and is my first contemporary romance. The second is another Vampire story, but everyone is going to love this one. He’s so full of character, humorous, loving and claustrophobic. The heroine is the world’s top Cardiologist so the mix is very funny. It is very sensuous, too.  The third is the second book in The Memory Maker’s Series.     I have complete books I’ve written years ago that I’m working on getting into shape, including Time Travel with Ghosts and Witches and a Werewolf story that will steal your heart.  Every one filled to the brim with romance!

I want to thank you for having me on your Five for Friday today and I had a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Lisa. It's been great!


Ethereal beauty Shea, a Lieutenant in a Universal military, has spent the last four years protecting Colony supply freighters on a small space station. If not for her partner and the hopes of a better assignment, the loss of her husband and a devastating illness would leave her little desire to live.

That is until she meets Tempest, an alien whose species is rumored to be the origin of the vampires,  a man who makes her feel alive in ways she's never felt before.

Tempest has prayed to the Divine One for countless years for his bondmate.  Shea is his long-awaited answer and so much more.  One night will not be enough for a man who has waited a lifetime, but he is determined to make Shea his forever.

With a madman out to destroy them and certain death nipping at their heels, will Tempest and Shea outwit Remi and survive to share a future together, or die protecting all they hold dear?


“Who is the dark-haired young woman in the red dress?”
“Sir, she is the one who started the entire mess.”
Fierce pride welled up within Tempest, and he grinned. Teo looked at him, his head cocked to the side, puzzlement in his eyes.
“Do you know her name?”
“I believe I heard the other one call her Shea. Is there anything else, sir? If not, I have a few others to round up and toss out.”
“No, but do not throw her or her friend out.”
Teo nodded and hurried to get the remaining people to be escorted to the door. In the last group, among those to be tossed out, a man with blood crusted on his face was yelling loudly about something being unfair. Teo dragged the man to the door then slammed it shut after pushing him outside. Rivera said something to the two females then joined Tempest across the room.
“The two ladies argue that they be allowed to stay, my lord. Aveal is interested in the blonde woman, and the two came together. If I let one stay, the other would also have to stay. What should I do?” Rivera grinned.
“Since you have decided to include me in this decision, I believe you should allow them to stay. I will be in the bar having my third meal. Please have Teo bring the tall one to me there, telfaro.”
Rivera studied his face for a moment then nodded. “Very well, my lord.” He gave a curt bow and went back to the women.
Tempest grinned as Rivera drew out the tease then went to his favorite table in the empty bar and sat down. Sergio, their part-time bartender, brought his meal and a glass of Sacri.
“Thank you, Sergio, you may go now.” Tempest watched the small human male leave his apron on the bar and hurry to the door where Teo still stood in case anyone he tossed out attempted to get back in.
Although it was difficult to concentrate on his third meal, that, for the first time, disinterested him, he had to prepare, to make sure when Teo brought her into the bar that she was who he thought she was. Tempest had just taken the last bite of his meal when Teo escorted the tall human female into the bar. Teo pointed to the table he occupied before leaving. The young woman looked around as if nervous. Tempest stood, took his empty dishes to the bar, and approached her. She appeared fearless as she looked up into his eyes with glittering emerald green ones. Taking her elbow, he led her to the table and seated her on the bench opposite him. Her eyes followed him as he sat down and drained the remainder of his Sacri.
This was the moment of truth. Tempest pitched his voice to a frequency his bondmate would instinctively know. Either she would respond, or she wouldn’t.
“You must be Shea,” he purred, deep in his chest.


Check out Lisa's blog here and her Facebook page here.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of great works in progress as well as your vampire story and Be Still My Lover's Heart! Enjoyed the interview - thanks, ladies.

  2. That doll collection is great. I have only one Barbie doll in mine, but quite a few porcelain ones still in a cabinet. :-)



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