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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tag! I'm it!

Welcome back everyone! 

I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Nicki Greenwood to participate in a blog tag. Here's how it works - Nicki tagged me and two other fabulous authors and gave us the following four questions. So today I post my answers, and tag the next people and next Monday (April 7) you stop by their blogs to check out their answers! :-) It's a fun way to share some info about myself and some fellow authors with you all and you get the chance to get a behind the scenes look at some awesome people. And... go!

What am I working on? 
Hmmm, well currently I'm rewriting (and I do mean rewriting like from page one) a romantic suspense I wrote a couple years ago. It was my second novel, and was in pretty rough shape. A couple weeks ago, I cut 20,000 words from the manuscript in 2 days. It was horrendous. And when I was done, I was left with the tattered remains that didn't even resemble a book. Now I'm at the rewrites stage - rebuilding the book, splicing existing pieces together with the new stuff, and trying to make it seamless start to finish. It's been... um fun. Right, fun. That's the word for it. 
Here's a bit more on Los Diablos - Reporter Eva Ramirez is determined to find her brother’s killer. Undercover cop Diego Lopez is desperate to stop his ex-love from uncovering his involvement in her brother’s murder and getting them both killed.
As fire reignites between them, they soon discover if they don’t work together and trust each other, they’ll both wind up in dumpsters behind Lucky’s Bar.   

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Ooh, this is a fun one. Let's see... with my erotic romances, I really like to focus on a good external plotline, which I think is missing from a lot of other books in this genre. I like to have a lot going on in my books. It's one of the reasons I usually write long novels. 

My first was An Affair Across Times Square (right) and amid this incredibly sexy voyeuristic relationship between Layla and Tyler, there was also an intriguing murder trial and subsequent mystery to solve which helped create conflict and craziness in the book. 

In the sequel, An Engagement in Paris, (left) I have Mandy and Julien pitted on opposite sides of the marriage battle - he wants to get married, she thinks she doesn't, but agrees anyway, and as the day inches closer and her family descends upon them, she panics. 

With my holiday story Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce (left) Amy and Mason are instantly attracted to each other and then thrown together in this impossible situation - a holiday with their families.... during which his mother and her father begin dating. So it's not just their relationship bubble, but a lot of family dynamics and Turkey Day chaos which help make things a little crazy. 

In Queen of Hearts (right) Erica and Maya have a one night stand. Later, when Erica is in trouble of losing her business, she realizes she ran out on the one woman who might actually be able to help her. It's the pressure of failure that breaks through her barriers and forces her to accept Maya's help. 

My newest one, Break(Through) the Ice is all about Jasmine and Vince battling the elements (and the gossip) to be together. The Adirondack Camp they're in is just as much a character as they are, and that adds a nice element of suspense and danger to the book, which I love. :-)  

Why do I write what I do?

Because sex sells. :-p  No but seriously, I love romance novels. I've loved them since I was sixteen. While my reading in the genre was paranormal and I still enjoy a lot about that genre, erotic romance is so much fun to write. Can't think of a plot point? Write a sex scene. Stuck on why the character hates himself? Sex scene. Want to make the couple's relationship get screwed up in no time flat? Sex scene! Need them to make up? Sex Scene. Can't reveal who the killer is yet? Sex SCENE! Need more time for them to fall in love SEX SCENE! :-) 

I know that sounds really basic, or like I'm filling my book with sex because I can't write the book or don't want to work on the hard (or not so hard) stuff but because the sex, aside from being fun, is an integral part of the storyline. When you write historicals, your characters cannot be having sex on page thirty. You have to slowly build that kind of relationship and there are chaperones and rules of propriety and all kinds of things. When you write erotic romance, you don't have to worry about that, but you do have to worry about keeping things exciting. If your characters are geting busy on page thirty, and then again on page sixty-five, and one-hundred, etc. you better make sure that the scenes escalate, and that they're not random or erroneous. I love making sex an intricate part of the building romance and sometimes it even helps stave off the romance, because sometimes (like with Tyler & Layla) it's just sex in the beginning and then slowly they develop feelings for each other. It's wonderful to watch that unfold. 

How does your writing process work?

Oi - um, this is a hard one to answer because it's different for every book. The things that are the same for me are the basics: 

  • I have to build real three-dimensional characters. That usually means photographs (I use a lot of models or actors for this), their main personality traits (including their astrological sign or exact birth date because that helps me build a full character), a background of their childhood and major events in their lives (death of a parent or sibling, abuse, past lost loves) and basically their damage. Perfect or completely well adjusted characters are boring and also useless in a romance plot because if they're perfect alone, why would they want or need a life partner or romantic attachments. 
  • I have to have an external plot line - sometimes it's a paranormal or suspense/mystery plot, sometimes it's a little less involved. I just finished a BDSM book in which the heroine is on a deadline with a book and has to get the research done and write the book before the deadline, and I have a hero who is in danger of losing his business, his house, and basically every he's worked his entire adult life for. So the stakes have to be high - sometimes my emotional stakes are high, sometimes it's the physical stakes like in the WIP where Diego and Eva are in mortal danger. 
As for the process itself, sometimes it starts with a scene in my head with two people and I build everything off that. Sometimes it's a person or character. Sometimes it's an overall concept like "our parents are dating" or "instant enemies" or other kinds of tropes like that. 
I almost always create a plot using the 3-Act Plotting Method that Alexandra Sokoloff talks about on her blog about using screenwriting tricks to plot your book. And I usually have a visual layout of the main setting in a very basic, ugly, disproportionate drawing (because I have no artistic ability whatsoever) which helps me figure out what's where in a scene. 

I like to write a "dirty draft" after I've done the plotting, some of the research, and the character backgrounds. Inevitably somewhere in the draft I realize that something isn't going to work or that a character happens to have done something in their past which I didn't know until I reached the midpoint climax and then I make notes to go back and fix it after I finish the draft. It usually takes me 1-2 weeks to do the research/plotting/character background stuff and 2-6 weeks to write the draft (depending on the length and topic of the book) and then I let it rest for at least a week and get the real life stuff done that I've been ignoring while fully immersed in the book like grocery shopping and seeing my family. And then I re-read the book, start to finish, without making any changes and I use these mini sticky notes and take notes on everything I need to change, the main characters, and important info I need. Then I start making those changes and when I finish doing one, I get to rip the sticky note off the notebook page, crumple it up, and throw it away. It's VERY satisfying. :-) 

And that's it. Me, my books, and my writing in a (very large) nutshell! 

Thanks so much for the Tag, Nicki!

And now it's my turn to tag some people. I have chosen two great authors to tag and I can't wait to see their answers next week! Check em out: 

Stephanie Wytovich: Stephanie M. Wytovich is the Poetry Editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, a book reviewer for Nameless Magazine, and a well-known coffee addict. She is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and a graduate fom Seton Hill University’s MFA program for Writing Popular Fiction. Her poetry collection, HYSTERIA, can be found at www.rawdogscreaming.com. Follow Wytovich at stephaniewytovich.blogspot.com and on twitter @JustAfterSunset.

Priscilla Kissinger: Priscilla A Kissinger is a three-time Golden Heart finalist who writes contemporary romance with a Latino flavor. A single mom with three daughters, Priscilla recently earned an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. During the day she works as an administrator at a major university, and she spends her free time writing, reading, playing tennis, training for half marathons, watching sports and singing karaoke with her family.
You can find out more about her at www.prisakiss.com, follow her on Twitter with @prisakiss or catch her blogging on www.peanutbutteronthekeyboard.com 
and www.ghfirebirds.com.

So be sure to stop by and check out Stephanie and Priscilla's answers on Monday April 7 at stephaniewytovich.blogspot.com & www.ghfirebirds.com 

~ Rach

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just Ask by Mia Downing #GLBT #romance #giveaway @miadowning007

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's another chance to win a $10 gift certificate from The Wild Rose Press AND to check out a hot erotic romance from TWRP's catalog! Today I'm featuring a male/male romance by Mia Downing--Just Ask. Now don't forget to check out the Rafflecopter after you enjoy the blurb and excerpt! Mia has plenty of titles available at The Wild Rose Press!


When business mogul Jordan Hill inherits half of Bendura Island Resort, a posh vacation destination in the Fiji Islands, the will demands he release his half uncle's ashes somewhere on the island and that he indulge in a real vacation before he sells. As Jordan is reeling with grief and under good circumstances doesn't do vacations, especially if they include horses and looming volcanoes, he finds himself on uneven footing. The footing turns treacherous as Jordan realizes, for the first time in his life, he's attracted to a man--his new business partner.

For resort entrepreneur Ryan McCale, Bendura Island is a dream come true as well as his livelihood. He was warned Jordan would try to sell sight unseen, and after meeting him, there's no doubt the business shark has dollar signs in his eyes. But there's also vulnerability and desire in that chocolate gaze. Suddenly, Ryan's looking forward to showing Jordan the delights of the island and hoping to convince his new partner Bendura could be his dream, too.

Contains: Explicit language, hot m/m lovin', light kink, two gorgeous guys, horses, and an impending insurance nightmare of a volcano. Enjoy!

Approx: 184 pages


"Then come for five-thirty, dress casual."

There was something biting in Ryan's voice that said if Jordan wore a suit, he was slamming the door in his face. "How casual?"

"Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts. Sandals or flip-flops. It's too hot for jeans."Ryan's lips curved into the hint of a naughty smile. "They sell those at the resort shop, too."

"Any certain color for the shirt, or will you allow me to choose that?" Smart ass, tossing the gauntlet like that, assuming he didn't own casual clothes.

A quick mental tour through the suitcase told Jordan that he didn't, which pissed him off. He had stuff for the gym, a swim suit, casual slacks, suits. Which meant another trip to the hell that was the resort shop.

Fuck you, Blake, thinking you know me better than I know myself.

Ryan's gaze thoughtfully slid down and then up Jordan's frame. Jordan's skin heated with a tingle that had nothing to do with the humidity. He shifted, appalled that his cock would stir even just a little as Ryan's perusal ended at his mouth, hesitating there for a nanosecond that Jordan surely read wrong. But stir his dick did, his body obviously okay with being checked out.

Ryan cocked his head, a slow smile spreading across his lips. "Blue. Or Green."

"And if they don't carry one?"

"You're coming to talk to me about selling your portion of the island. It would be wise to humor me if you want me to listen to what you have to say. I can make this deal sit in court for years and years, so if I want you to show up naked, I suggest you do." Ryan's tone was soft, but his eyes glinted with blue steel.

Jordan couldn't remember the last time he'd been given an ultimatum, so this was another fucking first.

The sizzle of anger paled in comparison to the jolt of desire singing along his nerves, one that joined with the fierce need to run right out and buy that blue shirt and khaki shorts. Holy fucking shit.

Just Ask available in E-book and print at:

Find Mia at:  Facebook  Goodreads  Twitter  Pinterest

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest Post & #Review by Rach: THE SUBMISSION GIFT by Solace Ames

Welcome back readers! Today we have a guest blog and a review of The Submission Gift by Solace Ames

The Submission Gift
LA Doms
Book 2 (stand-alone)
Solace Ames

Genre: Erotic Romance, Ménage

Publisher: Carina Press

Date of Publication: March 24, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4268-9828-0.

Number of pages: 254
Word Count: 100,000

Amazon          BN             ARe

Kobo          Google Play     iTunes

Book Description:

Newlyweds Jay and Adriana had a happy marriage and a spectacular sex life—until tragedy struck. Wounded in a car accident, Jay spent a year recuperating while Adriana worked overtime as a chef to pay their bills. Though he’s made nearly a full recovery, some aspects of their intimate play will never be the same. It’s a small price to pay, all things considered.

But when a long struggle with the insurance company results in an overdue payout, Jay has a plan. He’ll take some of it and hire a high-end rent boy who specializes in sexual dominance. Not for him, but as a gift for Adriana, for taking care of him for the past twelve months.

Paul is the handsome stranger they choose…and the one who changes everything. What starts out as a onetime session to fulfill a fantasy turns into something bigger than all of them. But when the money runs out and Paul’s dangerous past resurfaces, the sacrifices required to stay together may end up tearing them apart…

And now a bit more from the author...

I won’t name any names, but as a reader, I get frustrated with books that promise loads of BDSM and end up delivering only the same flavor of D/s. So when I wrote The Submission Gift, I wanted to lay out a fuller kinky table setting of imaginative, consensual BDSM.

I especially enjoyed writing the erotic electrostimulation part of the novel. Although this kink sounds futuristic and high-tech, it’s actually been around for hundreds of years. Back in the 19th century, terrifying electric belts were marketed for both men and women, sometimes as general health aids, sometimes as “cures for impotence”.

Today’s e-stim devices are a lot safer and smaller. Follow the manuals and don’t use them it near the heart area! At lower settings, the sensations aren’t painful at all. In fact, similar gadgets are common in physical therapy.

The idea of experiencing alternating waves of pleasure and pain at the flick of a switch sounds appealing, whether in real life or fantasy. It’s also an interesting analogy for the reading experience itself. The story is the little magic box we use to shock ourselves!

So I hope you have a wonderful time turning the pages and flicking the switches.

Rach's Review: 3 out of 5 Divas 

Favorite Line: Does it come with a St. Andrew's Kitchenette? 

I really liked a lot about this book. Jay, Adrianna, and Paul were all damaged characters with some pretty good background. The sex scenes on the whole were pretty good and I enjoyed the way Ames jumped between POV for the three characters. The writing style was great - having some nice lyrical almost literary writing in there which made it lovely. 

Jay and Adrianna were a good couple and I really liked the way they opened their lives to make a relationship with Paul. It was a good book and worth a read. There was humor and some great heart-felt moments between these three characters, but for me it fell just a little bit short of making me really care and feel for the characters. 

About the Author:

Solace Ames has roots in the Southeast US, although her heart lives somewhere along the Pacific coast of Mexico. She's worked in restaurants, strip clubs, academia and the corporate world and studied everything from the philosophy of science to queer theory to medieval Spanish literature. Rejecting neat categories, her writing sprawls across genres and genders and swings from high art to low art, marching with the erotic avant-garde, tongue sometimes in cheek and at other times... well. Along with writing, education and political activism are her passions. Family takes up most of her time, but she loves to keep learning.

Website and Blog: www.solaceames.com

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win this beautiful three-heart charm bracelet or a copy of The Dom Project (LA Doms Book 1) 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Book Blast: Cold Day in Hell by Jerrie Alexander #GoddessFish #giveaway

Jerrie will award a $50 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter via the
Rafflecopter below.


Ex-Army Ranger Tyrell Castillo's first mission for Lost and Found, Inc. goes awry when his contact is kidnapped, and he's left scrambling for weapons and explosives. He'll have to blow up a drug cartel's compound, rescue the woman, and keep her safe while they cross the sweltering hot Colombian jungle.

Driven by the need for revenge, Ana Maria Vega Cisneros doesn't want to be rescued. She wants revenge. She'll risk her life to ensure the drug lord who killed her family suffers the same fate.

The cartel leaves a trail of blood on their hunt for Ty and Ana. When Ty receives the order to kill the drug lord with extreme prejudice, he and Ana will face the enemy head on. Can Ty protect the woman who's hell bent on vengeance? The woman he's grown to love?


Ty retrieved his knife, dragged the heavy body away from the door, and quickly moved to the figure next to the metal headboard.

Ana Cisneros stood close to the window. Craning her neck to see outside, she was unaware he'd entered the room. With no time for introduction, he reached around and clamped his hand over her mouth.

As expected, he'd startled her. She fought, slinging her body back and forth like a wet dog. She kicked at him, so he whirled her around and jerked her body snug against his.

"Quit struggling. I'm here to help you," he whispered, trying to sound reassuring. No doubt, with the flames outside casting an eerie glow, he looked like an alien. A man wearing night-vision goggles, geared up with a pistol on his hip and another in a holster strapped to his thigh, and a rifle over his shoulder would scare most anybody. Not to mention the machete sheathed on his back and the SOG knife in his hand. "Do you understand?"

He took the slight movement of her head as a yes and relaxed the pressure off her lips. His reward? She bit his finger and pummeled his ribs with her free fist.

What the hell? The lamb had attacked the lion.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A student of  creative writing in her youth, Jerrie set aside her passion when life presented her with a John Wayne husband, and two wonderful children.  A career in logistics offered her the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations in America, and she revisits them in her romantic suspense novels. 

But the characters went with her, talked to her, and insisted she share their dark, sexy stories with others.  She writes alpha males and kick-ass women who weave their way through death and fear to emerge stronger because of, and on occasion in spite of, their love for each other.  She likes to torture people, make them suffer, and if they’re strong enough, they live happily ever after.

The author of THE GREEN-EYED DOLL, THE LAST EXECUTION, SOMONE TO WATCH OVER ME, and HELL OR HIGH WATER, book 1 in the Lost and Found, Inc. Jerrie lives in Texas, loves sunshine, children’s laughter, sugar (human and granulated), and researching for her heroes and heroines.

Buy links:


Social media links:
http://www.jerriealexander.com - website
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jerrie-Alexander /121521571355959?ref=hl

Don't forget to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour can be found here:

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#99cents #Sales and Bribes! #DABWAHA #GLBT

Good morning everyone!

I am taking over the blog this week going on endlessly about being a finalist in the DABWAHAs, sponsored by the Dear Author and Smart Bitches Trashy Books review blogs.

First off, I want to let you know that my transgender romance His Kind of Woman is on sale for  99 cents for a limited time. If you haven't read it yet, now's the perfect opportunity to snatch it up!

Now, it has come to my attention that authors in the running are encouraged to *bribe* people to vote for them! I am shocked, shocked I say, that two such respected book blogs would lower themselves to such shenanigans.

I have been scurrying around like a headless chicken looking at what my competitors are offering in bribes, and I gotta say--I got nuthin'. Other authors are offering new stories, have cute drawings and artsy stuff. Can I help it if I'm not talented that way?

My l'il shortie is the dark horse in the tournament. The underdog. David among the Goliaths. (Have I gotten your sympathy yet?) I'm the ninety eight pound weakling with the coke-bottle glasses going up against Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

Still, I'm prepared to get down and dirty with the rest of them. So in that spirit, here's what I'm offering:

If I make it past the first round of votes (I'm up against KJ Charles' The Magpie Lord, which has 900+ ratings on Goodreads, for God's sake!) I'm prepared to reveal a whole bunch of humiliating photos of me trying to pose for what would laughingly be termed a "head shot." Nothing professional, mind you. Just photos taken by my sister holding her smartphone the wrong way!

Still, these pics will provide you with many a hearty guffaw at my expense.  They'll be worth years of finger pointing, snickering and exclamations like "Look at that!" and "What was she thinking?"

So that's it. First round voting begins March 20. My book is #14 in the Fourth set. You can see the roster at http://dabwaha.com/

I'll be posting links and updates on my Facebook page and Twitter.  Stay tuned!

Have a great day!

Nona Raines

Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Monday, March 17, 2014

Angel's Addiction by @neselane, a #Rockstar #Romance! #erotic #giveaway

Good morning, all! Today I'm sharing another sexy read from a fellow Wild Rose author and offering you readers a chance to win a $10 gift certificate from The Wild Rose Press! This is a great new promotion being offered by the publisher. What could be better than checking out a hot romance AND having a chance to win?

Today I'm featuring Angel's Addiction, an erotic romance by Nese Lane. Check out the blurb:

his angel...
Gabriella Blanchett can't seem to resist the addictive lure of another pleasure-filled night with the smoldering rock star. He'd be perfect except for the sudden and mysterious disappearances in the middle of the night. His ability to sense her every need, coupled with the secrets he harbors, leave her head spinning, her body humming, and her heart in jeopardy.
her addiction...
Rock star Auro Moretti tours the world with a goal that's two-fold. He hopes his music is inspiring, but as an empath, he also heals tortured young souls in the audience with his gypsy gift. Protecting his family's secret and Romani heritage proves as difficult a task as keeping Gabriella in his bed.
She fills his soul with light...he feeds her craving for love...and a stalker threatens to destroy both.
Book One of the Rockin' Hard Series

I peered around the corner into the kitchenette area. Auro stood with his back to me, and I took a moment to appreciate the view. He'd pulled on a pair of soft well-worn jeans. The fabric molded his ass in a way that had me drooling. He hadn't bothered with a shirt. I watched the play of muscles in his back as he leaned forward and laid a single red rose on the room service tray. Preoccupied with his task, he quietly sang a tune I didn't recognize. The sound of his voice had me wet in five seconds flat. I'm so easy.
I slipped up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.  "Mmm...morning," I said as I slid the long silky strands of his hair over so I could kiss where my lips met his spine. I felt the deep rumble of his chuckle with my cheek, snuggling against his warmth.
"Try afternoon, cara, it is nearly three. I was just coming in to bring you something to eat and find out your plans for this evening. I had hoped to wake you in a completely different manner, but this works almost as well."
He turned in my arms, pulled me close, and lowered his head to brush his lips across my mouth.  And there it was...the euphoric feeling of his kiss. The fix I needed from my drug of choice—Auro. It hit my system with enough punch, my knees went weak. I steadied myself by grasping his shoulders, leaning my full weight against his tension-filled frame.
"Sorry to spoil your fun, what would you have me do to make it up to you?" I murmured against his lips. Heat flashed in his gaze at my innuendo, and I pulled back and slowly lowered to my knees.

Purchase Angel's Addiction here 

Nese also has a new romance that's available only through Amazon and as of this writing it's number one in its category! It's a gay BDSM short story, Keeping Secrets from Sir. You can find it here.

Don't forget to use the Rafflecopter below for your chance at the gift certificate! And have a wonderful week!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meet the #GLBT Nominees! #DABWAHA #romance

*Note--This post was edited on Sunday, March 16 to add the reader-nominated finalist to the GLBT category*

Good morning, everyone! Remember how I told you my trans* romance His Kind of Woman was a finalist in the DABWAHA tournament sponsored by Dear Author/Smart Bitches? Well, all the nominees in the GLBT category sound awesome. I must admit I haven't read them all, but I'm going to!

I remember watching the Emmy Awards back in 2011 when the nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy Series were announced. Instead of squirming nervously in their seats, all the actresses traipsed up to the stage and stood together, beauty contest style, to await news of the winner. What a funny, classy moment! As an homage to that, I would like to share the entire line-up in the GLBT category of the DABWAHAs. 

May I present the nominees:

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles

Exiled to China for twenty years, Lucien Vaudrey never planned to return to England. But with the mysterious deaths of his father and brother, it seems the new Lord Crane has inherited an earldom. He’s also inherited his family’s enemies. He needs magical assistance, fast. He doesn’t expect it to turn up angry.

Magician Stephen Day has good reason to hate Crane’s family. Unfortunately, it’s his job to deal with supernatural threats. Besides, the earl is unlike any aristocrat he’s ever met, with the tattoos, the attitude…and the way Crane seems determined to get him into bed. That’s definitely unusual.

Soon Stephen is falling hard for the worst possible man, at the worst possible time. But Crane’s dangerous appeal isn’t the only thing rendering Stephen powerless. Evil pervades the house, a web of plots is closing round Crane, and if Stephen can’t find a way through it—they’re both going to die. 
Purchase at | Amazon | BN | Kobo
Read the Dear Author review!

His Kind of Woman by Nona Raines

When Roy Girard went looking for Victor Varrano, he never expected a woman to answer the door. He soon discovers that Victor is now Venetia. Roy's startled, but even more surprised by his attraction to her. As they spend time together, he doesn't want to let her go. But she's sure to dump him when she learns his secret.

Venetia's falling hard and fast for Roy. But when she learns that his brother was the bully who tormented her in high school, she's shattered. She can't wrap her head around the fact that the man who made such amazing love to her could so completely betray her trust.

Purchase at Loose Id
Read the Dear Author review!

Code of Honor by Radclyffe
 Blair Powell is set to join her father on the campaign trail even though a domestic terrorist group has already launched one attack on President Andrew Powell's life. The orchestrators of the assassination attempt are still at large, and Andrew's opponent is a popular ultra-conservative with questionable ties to the radical right. Blair's wife, DHS Deputy Director Cameron Roberts has been charged with the task of tracking down those responsible for the attack, while secretly searching for proof that a powerful senator is involved in treason. Cam has an ace in the hole no one knows about, however—an agent deep undercover in the stronghold of a radical militia group, FBI SA Loren McElroy. Cam's biggest challenge is running the terrorists to ground without getting McElroy and her renegade handler, Skylar Dunbar, killed in the cross fire.

Purchase at | Amazon | BN | Kobo

Love by the Numbers by Karen Kallmaker 
As a behavioral scientist, Professor Nicole Hathaway’s work strips away the foolish mystique that surrounds the human mating dance. When her academic tome is treated as a viral “love manual” her ecstatic publisher books her to appear all over the U.S. and Europe. Worse yet, her quiet, managed life has been shattered by a series of incompetent assistants. And she’s certain this Lily Smith creature isn’t going to be any less a burden than the last assistant they sent her. Or the one before that. Or before that...

Lillian Linden-Smith needs this job. With a relentless TV lawyer and public mob still out for her blood for crimes committed by her “American royalty” parents, getting out of the country is her only hope for anonymity. If that means cleaning up and presenting an antisocial know-it-all Ph.D. for bookstores, clubs and lectures, fine. Dr. Hathaway may have succeeded in driving away all the others, but not this time.

From their first meeting the sparks fly, and each is thinking: She has no idea who she’s dealing with.

Purchase at | Amazon | BN | Kobo
Read the Dear Author review!

Provoked by Joanna Chambers
Lowborn David Lauriston lacks the family connections needed to rise in Edinburgh’s privileged legal world. Worse, his latest case—defending weavers accused of treason—has brought him under suspicion of harbouring radical sympathies. 

Troubled by his sexuality, tormented by memories of a man he once platonically loved, David lives a largely celibate life—until a rare sexual encounter with a compelling stranger turns his world on its head. 

Cynical and worldly, Lord Murdo Balfour is more at home in hedonistic London than dingy, repressed Edinburgh. Unlike David, he intends to eventually marry while continuing to enjoy the company of men whenever he pleases. Yet sex with David is different. It’s personal, intimate, and instead of extinguishing his desire, it only leaves him hungry for more. 

As David’s search for the man who betrayed the weavers deepens, he begins to suspect that his mysterious lover has more sinister reasons for his presence in Edinburgh. The truth could leave his heart broken…and more necks stretching on the gallows.

Purchase at Amazon | BN | Kobo
Read the Dear Author review

Captive Prince Vol. 1 by SU Pacat & CS Pacat
 Damen is a warrior hero to his people, and the rightful heir to the throne of Akielos, but when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity, and sent to serve the prince of an enemy nation as a pleasure slave.

Beautiful, manipulative and deadly, his new master Prince Laurent epitomizes the worst of the court at Vere. But in the lethal political web of the Verethian court, nothing is at it seems, and when Damen finds himself caught up in a play for the throne, he must work together with Laurent to survive and save his country.

For Damen, there is just one rule: never, ever reveal his true identity. Because the one man Damen needs is the one man who has more reasons to hate him than anyone else...

Purchase at Amazon | BN | Kobo
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Broken Trails by D. Jordan Redhawk 
Scotch Fuller has already run the Iditarod three times and is preparing for a fourth attempt. Her single-minded focus on the rigors of training allows her to forget the shocking loss of her lover in a tragedy for which she blames herself.

The only race Lainey Hughes runs is away from her past and into the bottom of a bottle. After a devastating injury in a war zone, she’s continued her photojournalist career in the natural beauty and warmth of Uganda. A trip to Alaska to cover dog sledding is not what she wants, but the lure of a paying gig proves too tempting.

Lainey trusts her camera and Scotch trusts her dogs—and neither cares much what the other thinks…not at first.

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Touch and Geaux by Abigail Roux

After having their faces plastered across the news during a high-profile case, FBI Special Agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett have become more useful to the Bureau posing for photo ops than working undercover. Just as Zane is beginning to consider retirement a viable option, Ty receives a distress call from a friend, leading them to a city rife with echoes from the past.

New Orleans wears its history on its streets, and it’s the one place Ty’s face could get him killed. Surrounded by trouble as soon as they land, Ty and Zane are swiftly confronted with a past from which Ty can’t hide—one with a surprising connection to Zane’s.

As threats close in from all directions, both men must come to terms with the lives they’ve led and the lies they’ve told. They soon discover that not all their secrets are out yet, and nothing lasts forever.

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