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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Got That Cat: Snickers #cats #NoPromises #NewAdult

Hello, friends. I'm so happy to be here today to share a bit 
more about my new adult romance No Promises.

My heroine, Sam, is a vet tech who falls for Rick, a paramedic who's hiding a secret. In her spare time, Sam helps rescue feral cats and tries to outsmart a bossy stray named Big Boy. I'm not as experienced as Sam is in the rescue field, but as someone who now lives with several cats, I have a few stories of my own. All my animals have come from the Humane Society, a rescue group or are ones I've found on my own. I'd like to share a story about one of them today.

This story is about Snickers, my chubby gray and black tabby cat.

I first spotted her around my neighborhood several years ago. She was a friendly little thing.  Though I asked around, she didn't seem to belong to anyone. Feeling bad for her, I started leaving food out on my porch for her every day. (I know, I know. I'm a soft touch.) I knew she was hungry, because my neighbor told me the cat had been eating bread and peanut butter my neighbor put out for the squirrels.

I found Snickers (though she wasn't named that yet) on my porch every day, mewing for me and wanting me to pet her. Of course, I caved. She was a sweetheart, even following me when I walked somewhere. I tried to do what I could to find her owner if there was one. I even placed an ad in the classifieds. Nobody claimed her, so she became mine. She bonded very well with my orange tabby Walter and became very protective of him. Walter crossed the Rainbow Bridge some years ago, but Snickers is still going strong, putting her "little sister" Topaz in her place when the youngster gets too fresh.

And that's how I got that cat.

Snickers, staring into the camera.

No Promises Blurb:

Is her love enough to save him?
Samantha Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo in high school, but he was her cousin's boyfriend and strictly off limits. When she meets him again years later, it doesn't take her long to realize her feelings haven't changed.
But Rick has changed. He's not the guy Sam remembers. A tragic event has shattered his confidence, shaken his beliefs and left him rudderless. He can't make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken. 
Sam spends her life caring for sick and homeless animals. She's never met a stray she didn't love. But even her love may not be able to save Rick from himself. 

Available at

Monday, February 8, 2016

#Cats Rule! (And Dogs Drool?) #Movies #NewAdult #NoPromises

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm still celebrating the release of new adult romance, No Promises. My heroine, Sam, works as a vet tech who also rescues feral cats on her own time. Cats play an important part in the story, especially one bossy guy named Big Boy. I've always enjoyed movies featuring animals--especially cats--and thought I'd list a few that you might enjoy, too.

Cat's Eye

A film written by Stephen King, based on his short stories. A stray tabby cat is a featured player in two of the stories in this horror anthology and the hero in the third. He battles an evil gnome in order to save young Drew Barrymore.

Harry and Tonto

This is a road movie featuring a senior citizen and his best friend, a cat. Art Carney plays Harry who has plenty of adventures with his furry orange buddy, Tonto. A funny and touching film.

Stuart Little

This movie is based on the children's book by E.B White. The main character, Stuart, is a mouse who is adopted by a human family. Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane), the white cat who already lives there, resents Stuart and plots to get rid of his rival. (All ends happily, of course.)


Everyone remembers Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) as the sole survivor of toothy, drool-dripping alien in the scary sci-fi adventure. But they forget Jonesy, the orange cat who employs sneakiness and smarts to survive and escape along with Sigourney.

Walk on the Wild Side

This is a campy, over the top movie. One of those it's-so-bad-it's-good guilty pleasures. Though not in the main story, a stray black cat is featured in the beginning and end title sequences of the film. I think the cat represents the wild and untamed side of the characters. This is one of the well-known works of graphic designer/filmmaker Saul Bass. Here's a link if you'd like to see it yourself:

I'm sure there are plenty of films I've missed. Can you think of any that you've enjoyed? 

No Promises

A new adult romance by multi published author Nona Raines writing as N. Raines

She never met a stray she didn't love…

In high school, Sam Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo. But he was her cousin’s boyfriend and strictly off-limits. Meeting Rick again years later, she can hardly recognize the man he’s become.

As a paramedic, Rick’s career is all about helping others. But in the line of duty, he’s become one of the injured. He’s caught in a dark place he can’t escape on his own. He can't make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken.
Sam spends her life taking care of sick and homeless animals. She's never met a stray she didn't love, and Rick is the most important rescue she'll ever make.

Find No Promises at:

Have a wonderful weekend, all!
Nona Raines

Now available: my newest releases, Her Kind of Man  and No Promises

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coming Soon: Consenting Hearts @SexyMuffyWilson #erotic #romance #giveaway

Consenting Hearts
Muffy Wilson

Just as we cannot live without dreams, we cannot live without love. Love is not found, for love is truly blind. Lovers do not meet for they dwell inside of one another until the moment a whisper ignites the heart and a kiss touches the soul. And we call that the beginning...of life with love.

So on Valentine's Day, what better way to lay tribute to love and lovers than with a love story that just happens
not on purpose, not by design, not by any other intention than to live life and love without boundaries? To fly limitless into the arms of someone who completes your soul gives one wings.

Nothing can stop the power of love between a man and a woman.

This is a story about a professional woman, unlucky in love and tired of all things testosterone, who is erotically tempted by a female piano bar player and torch singer. Her intended tryst is derailed when she meets a Navy Seal in the lounge enjoying the sweet temptations of a Southern Comfort Manhattan. 

How does the night unfold for the strangers above the jeweled colored sparkling lights strewn like a bed in the valley below? Perhaps a twosome or maybe a threesome. Or...

Perhaps forever is only for a night.

You know, the longer and more that I do this, it never gets easier to talk about myself. I think writers are inherently private, why I don’t know, because everything we write is revealing in some way. But, I love talking about my books and characters, so I guess, someday, I’ll get used to talking about myself too!

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
In many respects, I have written most of my life. I was in sales and marketing before I retired and I had to write proposals, proformas, presentations and contracts so I had to have some command of the English language. It was only after I started writing provocative romance and erotica that I realized how little command I actually have!! But, I started, in earnest, writing stories and books in 2010. My first story, The Storm, was published in 2010 by Oysters & Chocolate, an online magazine now defunct. The $10 I earned mad me a pro! I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come!

How did you come up with this story?
I wrote a very short workshop teaser, The Bath, for a group I am in in which the woman bathing dozes and feels hands on her, soothing her tired muscles and becoming more insistent, erotically. She gives herself over to the sensations and then as she drains the tub thinks she sees a face in the water. It was the beginning or a romance that spans a century about a seafaring man that keeps returning to his home to try to find his beloved, Amalya who died in childbirth. He mistakenly thinks that Emily, now  in his home, is she. That is how this all started and these two characters literally swept me away.

What are 3 of your favorite lines/quotes from Consenting Hearts?
I have so many, but these are just a few that are PG rated for this interview:

Sailie took her first sip, feeling the warmth of the drink claiming her body, inch by inch. She savored that very first sip luxuriously. It was like a lover’s hands sliding down her body, igniting every inch as they felt their way to her toes.

Swish, swish, swish…and her thong bit into her tender folds as a poignant reminder.

Dylan lit a cigar and Sailie thought she would like to die in his arms from the mere honeyed scent of the burning leaves. 

Are reader reviews important to you?
Reader reviews are very important to me. Positive reinforcement is essential to my life-force. It is like getting all dressed up for a party looking your best, and no one notices if I don’t get reviews. And it is crushing. You know, shameless self-promotion only goes so far, and that’s usually with your family! As in anything, word of mouth is the best form of advertising—and so it goes with books. Oddly enough, while I don’t particularly care for average reviews, they do not bother me. You cannot please everyone and one really never knows a reader’s points of reference. Anyway, I am harder on my work than anyone else could ever be.

I have been fortunate to be selected as a Readers' Favorite. You can read some of the wonderful nearly two dozen 5 star reviews here:

Well, I suppose I should say “Good Bye” as I would hate to bore you into thinking my books are equally tiresome! They are lovely. Read some of the reviews, speaking of reviews. It has been an honor to be here with you today. I so appreciate your time and interest in sharing my work with your friends, family and fans. They are all a special lot and I love each and every one of them. Thank you for stopping by.

She told him what she had done to herself in the ladies’ room, the slight smell of vodka and lemons on her breath escaping from full, ruby lips as he watched them move with each word and syllable. He was getting hard again; she could see the bulge in his pants. She described in detail exactly what she had done, how she felt and how it had made her feel when she emerged from the ladies’ room: strong, powerful, in control—hot. She leaned in closer and whispered into his ear.
“I am so tempted to guide your hand up to the wet desire you caused between my thighs.”
His bulge was quite obviously rock hard, as he no doubt remembered when she’d returned from the ladies’ room but in earnest at her seductive suggestion…
“I would be less than an officer and a gentleman if I didn’t oblige. I must confess,” Dylan said, “I thought I smelled the fragrance of sex on you, and you made me hard as steel—Navy steel hard…Jesus, Sailie…” Ordinarily, a comment like that would have brought some chuckles but the two of them were dead serious, staring into one another’s hungry eyes.
 “Last call for alcohol. You don’t hafta go home; you just gotta go. You can’t stay here,” the bartender hollered interrupting their locked gaze.
People started to shuffle around them gathering their things, collecting their coats and umbrellas, leaving. Sailie and Dylan had just gotten fresh drinks, so they had a few minutes to whisper and touch before they would have to join the others and leave. Shortly, the bartender started turning on lights and flashing them dim to high. That was the universal message that before too long, they would stay on. Sailie and Dylan were unconcerned. They had nothing but one another in their shared look. And Sailie thought of the torch singer.
The piano player stood, looked at Sailie and blew out the candle on her piano. In the flicker of the burning light, Sailie saw the invitation.
Dylan broke his gaze, stood and took Sailie’s elbow. “We’d better leave before they have us arrested,” he said. And they smiled, knowingly, at one another. Sailie was hoping there would be better reasons ahead to get them both arrested.
“Wait. Do you mind if I give my friend, Meesa, a ride home?”
“Meesa?” Disappointment hung on his voice.
“The piano player.”
“Oh…no, of course not. But, I have a small car.”
“No problem. I mean, would you like to have a nightcap at my house? I’ll ride with you and Meesa can bring my car when she is finished here. She doesn’t have one. You don’t mind, do you?” What could he say sporting that hard-on?
“No, I mean yes! I would love to come have a drink at your house and no, I don’t mind if she brings your car. I didn’t realize you were friends.”
“Well, yes, we’ve been friends for a little while. I’ll explain later. Let me give her the keys.”
As they rose to go, Sailie broke away from the man who had held her attention the entire night to the woman that held it now. She bent to the young woman’s ear as she slipped a twenty into the bountiful brandy snifter and inhaled the lavender fragrance she remembered so swell. Her aroma sent an electric bolt to the moist center of Sailie’s desire.
“Come to my house when you are finished, won’t you?”
“Yes, of course, I will. I’ve been watching you all night, both of you, but then you knew that,” the long-legged blond with the soft fingertips answered matter-of-factly.
“Here are my keys. We’ll have a drink. You will come, promise? Do you remember how to get there?”
“Of course, I said I will, Sailie. I’ll be here awhile cleaning up, but I should be there in about an hour. And yes, I remember how to get there. It hasn’t been that long—just last night.”
“You don’t mind him, too, do you?”
“Mind? Oh, lord Sailie, no. Are you fucking kidding? He’s gorgeous. And you look absolutely radiant. Is that an iridescent blush on your cheeks? You look beautiful.”
“Thank you, sugar. No, it’s not blush but excitement and a little bit of cum. See ya at my house.”
Sailie kissed her ear, the twenty safely tucked in the snifter, sucked her earlobe into her mouth with a little flick of her tongue and turned to the man that had her mojo melting.
“Come on, Dylan. Are you ready to go? I’ll ride with you to my house.”
“Ah, sure, Sailie. You, ah…you, ah, you kissed her…?”
“Yes,” Sailie turned and wiggled a wave to Meesa. “We’re close.”
“Oh, well, then…”

Pre-order link for Consenting Hearts now available:

Amazon US - http://amzn.to/1lviMOk
Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/1JY8i5J
iTunes - http://apple.co/1P0GPwU
B&N Nook - http://bit.ly/1Nmklod
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Welcome to the release event for Consenting Hearts by author Muffy Wilson! Release day is Valentine's Day 2016. Will You be Mine? From 8am - 9pm! All Day! 

Join in for some fun as we celebrate this new release! Giveaways, contests, guest authors, games and of course, virtual food and drinks.

We hope to see you here!

Muffy, author of provocative romance about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in Texas to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and 'came of age' in France which forged her joie de vivre and love for books, writing and education.

Married and living in the tropical paradise of SW Florida along the Gulf Coast, Muffy dabbles in real estate, writes and enjoys life in the sun with her husband and wee Havanese pup, Burt. 
~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion

© 2000-2016 Muffy Wilson. [Muffy@MuffyWilson.com] All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.


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