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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Got That Cat: Snickers #cats #NoPromises #NewAdult

Hello, friends. I'm so happy to be here today to share a bit 
more about my new adult romance No Promises.

My heroine, Sam, is a vet tech who falls for Rick, a paramedic who's hiding a secret. In her spare time, Sam helps rescue feral cats and tries to outsmart a bossy stray named Big Boy. I'm not as experienced as Sam is in the rescue field, but as someone who now lives with several cats, I have a few stories of my own. All my animals have come from the Humane Society, a rescue group or are ones I've found on my own. I'd like to share a story about one of them today.

This story is about Snickers, my chubby gray and black tabby cat.

I first spotted her around my neighborhood several years ago. She was a friendly little thing.  Though I asked around, she didn't seem to belong to anyone. Feeling bad for her, I started leaving food out on my porch for her every day. (I know, I know. I'm a soft touch.) I knew she was hungry, because my neighbor told me the cat had been eating bread and peanut butter my neighbor put out for the squirrels.

I found Snickers (though she wasn't named that yet) on my porch every day, mewing for me and wanting me to pet her. Of course, I caved. She was a sweetheart, even following me when I walked somewhere. I tried to do what I could to find her owner if there was one. I even placed an ad in the classifieds. Nobody claimed her, so she became mine. She bonded very well with my orange tabby Walter and became very protective of him. Walter crossed the Rainbow Bridge some years ago, but Snickers is still going strong, putting her "little sister" Topaz in her place when the youngster gets too fresh.

And that's how I got that cat.

Snickers, staring into the camera.

No Promises Blurb:

Is her love enough to save him?
Samantha Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo in high school, but he was her cousin's boyfriend and strictly off limits. When she meets him again years later, it doesn't take her long to realize her feelings haven't changed.
But Rick has changed. He's not the guy Sam remembers. A tragic event has shattered his confidence, shaken his beliefs and left him rudderless. He can't make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken. 
Sam spends her life caring for sick and homeless animals. She's never met a stray she didn't love. But even her love may not be able to save Rick from himself. 

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