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Friday, June 27, 2014

Cover reveal: Risking It All by JM Stewart #contemporary #romance

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm sharing the yummy cover of JM Stewart's soon-to-release contemporary romance. Enjoy!

Title: Risking It All
Author: JM Stewart
Publisher: Penguin Intermix
Date published: Sept 16, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Word count: 80, 000
ISBN: 9780698147980

Originally published in a shorter form as Staking His Claim


She’s everything he wants…

For years, Kyle Morgan has hidden his true feelings from the gorgeous girl next door that he grew up loving and protecting. But when she shows up at his apartment in the middle of the night, desperately needing comfort and support, his iron will begins to waver…

…and the only thing he can’t bear to lose.

Kyle was always the big brother Cecelia Anton never had, but suddenly her goofy best friend has become a sexy man she can’t keep her thoughts—or hands—off of. As their deep connection melts into uncontrollable desire, Ceci is willing to put it all on the line for a shot at true love. Only Kyle is keeping a terrible secret about Ceci’s past that could destroy not only their lifelong friendship but their happily-ever-after…


Purchase links:

About the author:

JM writes passionate, heartfelt contemporary romance. She’s a wife, a mother, a spiritualist, and lover of puppies, and happily addicted to coffee and chocolate. She lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes everybody should have their happily-ever-after and has been devouring romance novels for as long as she can remember. Writing them has become her obsession.

You can find out more about JM or her books here: Website /Blog /Twitter /Facebook 

Friday, June 20, 2014

I'm a Naughty Girl! Nice Girls Writing Naughty #erotic #romance

NGWN Button with Red Text 2

Happy Friday, friends! I have some fun news to share. I've joined with a number of other authors of erotic romance, and we've become the Nice Girls Writing Naughty! We have a blog and a Facebook Group where authors and writers can interact. Besides myself, the authors include Angel Payne, Cynthia Sax, Dakota Trace, Dani Wade, Ella Sheridan, Harlowe Wilde, Jianne Carlo, Lara Archer, Leela Lou Dahlin, Linden Hughes, Noon and Wilder, Taige Crenshaw,  and Tina Christopher.

Aside from chatting about all things romantic and sexy, there will be monthly events, prizes and fun galore. The first event will be a July 5 Scavenger Hunt featuring questions from all the authors. The grand prize will be a $50 gift card and a prize pack of books. Other smaller prizes will be offered, as well.  Hope you can join us! In the meantime, stop by the blog and meet some of our authors and come socialize with us on Facebook!

I have some other news, as well. The Review Tour for my newly released erotic romance, Read to Me, will begin this, Monday, June 23.

The tour stops are as follows:

June 23 - Inspire to Read
June 27 - Deal Sharing Aunt
July 7 - Rhythempoets
July 10 - We Love Kink

The tour is coordinated by Book Promotions by Literary Nook, which has been hugely helpful. I'll be offering two $50 gift cards over the course of the review tour, so I hope you'll check it out!

And one more item--I've started a newsletter! So far I have one subscriber--me. :-) I hope to offer sneak peeks of upcoming books (including Don't Let Go, currently in edits with The Wild Rose Press) and other tidbits that romance lovers will enjoy. Signing up for the newsletter will be one of the options available for entering the Review Tour giveaway, but what the heck, I'll offer the sign-up link now, in case you're so inclined.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#TuesdayTips with @RachellNichole

Welcome back Divettes!

It's time for another inspiring rendition of Tuesday Tips!

This week is all about plotting tips, since I will be teaching my adapted Three-Act Structure plotting method at next week's In Your Write Mind workshop.

5. Try a new method. So the first thing a writer should always tell other writers is that there are so many different methods of writing (or plotting) that you shouldn't feel married to one way of doing things. Everyone's process is different and what works for me might not always work for you. And what works for me for one book, might not work for me for the next one. Just like with kids. You have to adapt toeach book the way you do to each child. So when you're out there trying to figure
out your next book, I encourage you to check out a bunch of different plotting methods. There are a bazillion books, blogs, and workshops about plotting. Check them out, and pick one, or pick a few bits and pieces from some different methods and make your own.

4. Leave holes in your plot. I know this may sound counterproductive, but if you get so bogged down on figuring out every single detail in the plot, the minutiae pieces will prevent you from plotting the whole arc of a book in one or two sittings. A plot shouldn't take you three months to write. You want to spend the bulk of your time on the actual writing process, not on figuring out what you're going to write about. Some authors write out a very detailed, step-by-step plot, and that's not a bad thing, but most people will get so bogged down in little pieces that they can't ever reach the end of the plot. So if you aren't sure of a detail or how exactly something is going to work out, leave it blank, put a space holder in that place to know something is missing, and move on to the next piece.

3. Having a plot doesn't always mean you'll get bored with the book. I hear this a lot from pantsers (those writers who write by the seat of their pants) often say that if they know the plot, they feel like they've already told themselves the story, so why would they bother writing it? This goes along with number four - leave yourselves holes. You can't discover everything about a book just from plotting it. Sure, you know the ending, but you can learn so much more about the characters, and their story, in a novel than you can just from a plot. If knowing the ending makes you bored, write out the bulk of the plot, but leave the ending a little open. You can even try plotting out three different endings, having a note card or sticky note for each one and then when you're almost done writing the book, you can discover which ending fits best with the book.

2. Plotting a book should be fun. Now, I know there are some nay-sayers out there that will say I should take my writing, my craft seriously. It's not a hobby, it's a job. And they're right. Really, they are. But, and this is a big but - if I'm not having fun at my job, I'm not doing it anymore. Period. Or else, why keep doing it? The day I stop finding the fun and enjoying the writing process
is the day I will retire from this job. Plotting is just one stage of the writing process, and it should be fun. Maybe it's not as much fun for you as research, or revisions, or writing the book, but you should still find some enjoyment in it. Maybe it's the idea of infinite possibilities when you start plotting a new book. Maybe it's the comfort of having a direction to go in before you sit down before the blank page. Maybe it's the fact that you love figuring out where you're going and exactly how you're going to get there. Doesn't matter. Whatever it is about plotting that you like, make sure you find a way to enjoy it. Because, if you don't, why are you torturing yourself to write a book?

And the number 1 thing to remember - A plot is never set in stone.  Pantsers also say things like "I can't write out a plot, because then I have to write the book that way." But, that's just not true! A plot is like a road map. There's point A (New York City) and point B (San Francisco). When you plot out your route, you pick a direction and highlight the way and then embark on your journey. Say you were *supposed* to stop in Wisconsin for some cheese, then South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore, then Utah for some salt, then Nevada for the Las Vegas Strip and then arrive in San Francisco, on time, and exhilarated, but instead you decide you just have to detour to Wyoming and see Yellowstone, then you're really hankering for some Idaho potatoes, and then you give up slot machines for the Space Needle up in Seattle before you meander your way through Northern California's Yosemite and then Death Valley before arriving in San Francisco... well, that's mighty all right! That's why you have a road map, because when you have to veer off course, when you just have to go down the less trodden path or into the deep dark woods, you have a guide to get you back to where you wanted to go. Let's even say you got to San Francisco and decided you hated it? Well, LA is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, and though it wasn't your intended destination, you've still traveled across the country, still gone from New York to California, and you've finished the damned book! That's the most important part, right? To get from the beginning of the book, through the murky middle, and to the glorious end!

So there you are, folks. Rach's top 5 things to remember when you're plotting a book. Now go forth and plot your pants off!

If you have questions or comments about plotting, plotting methods, or plotting resources, please feel free to share in the comments section! I can't talk about this stuff enough!


Friday, June 13, 2014

Blame it on Texas by Amie Louellen #contemporary #romance

Happy Friday the 13th! A LUCKY day for

Blame it on Texas

a new contemporary romance by Amie Louellen

Every first love deserves a second chance.

© 2014 Amie Louellen
      Shelby Patterson has come back to Texas for one reason and one reason only—to get her husband to sign divorce papers.
      She’s worked hard to build her California bakery, where clients clamor for her one-of-a-kind creations. Seven years after her disastrous marriage, she’ll finally have everything in perfect order—just as soon as Ritter McCoy signs the dotted line. 
    Ritt is still pissed that Shelby walked out all those years ago without giving their marriage a chance. Sure, they were young and had just lost the baby that had rushed them to the altar, but they’d loved each other beyond reason. Ritt gave up his college baseball scholarship, only to have Shelby and her mom take his parents’ bribe money and run. 
    If Shelby wants those papers signed, she’ll just have to wait until he’s good and ready. Or maybe, before she flies the coop again, he can convince her the love they had between them is still there—and still hot enough to melt their hearts back into one. 
    Warning: This book contains a sexy Texas boy determined to recapture his first love. May also produce feelings of nostalgia and longing for slow kisses and sweet tea.  

Enjoy the following excerpt for Blame it on Texas:

    She should have known she’d find him like this. Shelby looked down at the oil-stained driveway to the denim-clad legs protruding from underneath the ancient Ford. The hem of the jeans was frayed, the worn cowboy boots dusty and with a few stains of their own. She propped her hands on her hips, doing her best not to tap her foot in irritation. It would do no good. If there was one thing she’d learned in her time as Ritt McCoy’s wife, he had his own timetable and to hell with anyone else’s. 
    “I said, I need to talk to you.”
    “And I said, just a minute,” his muffled voice returned. 
    Shelby bit back a growl and used the thick packet of papers to fan herself. That was one thing she didn’t miss about Texas—the heat. But with any luck and the good Lord’s grace, she’d only be here another few minutes, an hour at the most, and then she’d be on her way back to California. 
    A trickle of sweat ran down between her shoulder blades and into the small of her back. Shelby fanned harder and checked her watch. She’d been waiting twenty minutes for Ritt to finish whatever it was he was doing to the truck and sign on the dotted line. That was nineteen more than she cared to wait. “Ritt.”
    “I need you to sign these.” 
    “In a minute.”
    “Now. I have a plane to catch.” She jumped back, nearly snapping the heel off one peep-toe pump. They had been a special purchase for this trip along with the form-fitting black dress that hugged her like a second skin. Scrambling to get out of the way, she managed to maintain her balance as Ritt pushed the creeper from under the truck. 
    And there he was, the boy who stole her heart, took her virginity and married her all in one summer. Well, he’d had her heart for years before that. And he wasn’t a boy any longer; though the years, she grudgingly admitted, had been very kind to him. 
    “What?” he asked. 
    Even lying down, he looked taller, broader, more. She was glad to have the advantage, standing over him like she was. “I’m in a hurry.” 
    “Not my problem.” He disappeared in a quick swoosh back under the truck. But he left his image behind. Dark blond hair curling from under a ratty Longhorns baseball hat. Dirt smeared T-shirt covering a chest she didn’t remember as having quite so many muscles. Long legs, firm lips, square jaw. 
    “I’ve flown over a thousand miles to get you to sign these. The least you could do is get out from under there and do it.” Her voice rose in pitch, the whine she’d been tamping down rising to the surface. Couldn’t he see how they needed this? That it was time to move forward? 
    There was a loud clunk, which sounded like head versus oil pan, then a muffled curse. He rolled out again, and before she knew what had happened he was towering over her. She took a couple of steps back for good measure, unable to meet his blue-gold gaze as he studied her face. 
    “What is it, Shelby? What is so important that you flew all the way out here to grace me with your presence?” 
    She was wrong. The years had been more than kind to him, they had outright adopted him. Had he always been this tall? This broad? This…masculine? He had, she decided. But after seven years away, she had forgotten what a man her Texas boy had been. She licked her lips, the sight of him bringing back more memories than she cared to delve through. Prom night, at the lake after the baseball games, Saturday afternoon in the canyon…

Check out Blame it on Texas on AMAZON and B&N.com

And Amie at www.aimelouellen.com

 2013 ACFW Carol Award winner.
Live a little; Laugh a Lot; Love for a Lifetime.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#WIP it Wednesday with @RachellNichole

Welcome back to WIP it Wednesday!

It's been a while since I've posted about WIP it Wednesday because, well, I've been buried under WIPs! I've been writing, and rewriting, and rewriting some more! But today I'm back to blogging and I have some goodies to share with you! 

So I've been talking a bit on and off about my foray into the BDSM subgenre of erotic romance, and whoa! Has it ever been and exciting and wild ride! I'm here to share some of the fruits of my labor. 

To Sir will release in August, but all you lovely Diva lovers out there get a sneak peek! 

When Elizabeth Leigh Clark is plagued by the idea for a kinky novel she can’t shake, she has no choice but to plunge, head-first into a genre she vowed never to pursue. But when she realizes the seductive allure of submitting her will, her interest in the BDSM lifestyle because less academic, and downright personal. 

Dominant and club owner, Chase Masters, has no idea what to expect when his partner books a meeting with an author doing research on the BDSM scene, but he’s blown away with the woman who walks through the door. He’s sure at first that she must be a visiting Domme, not the author. Her manner is confident, brusque, and even a bit disapproving of his lifestyle, but when he switches from his easy-going club owner mindset into his Dom voice, she instantly backs off. Perhaps she’s more submissive than she let on.

Chase and his club are in the crosshairs of a local senator and the bank, and he fears he might lose everything. So when Liz grudgingly agrees to be his, if only for a few weeks, he’s elated. But what kind of long-term relationship can a broke, out of work, homeless Dom offer to a burgeoning submissive who won't submit outside of the bedroom?  

Here's a bit more about my hero, Chase Masters, and a picture to keep in mind (Channing Tatum, circa. Magic Mike) 
Chase isn't your typical Dom. His last steady submissives both wanted more from him than he could give. More domination, more time, more of himself than he was willing to give. He's determined to find a new submissive, one who will be the perfect fit, one who will challenge him, both inside and outside of the bedroom and playroom. He's a Capricorn, which makes him disciplined, patient, and careful. So when he comes up against Liz, a seemingly unmovable force of nature, he will have to use all of his skills and determination to win her over. But the precious K Club he's spent his entire adult life and every cent on is in some serious trouble from a local senator who wants to run the "filth" out of town. Not to mention the bank is about half a second away from foreclosing on his club, and the home he put up as collateral. 

And now for Liz who kind of resembles Kristen Kreuk, and has these two amazing tattoos. 

This is the tattoo she has on her foot
Elizabeth Leigh Clark writes erotic romance under the name Elizabeth Leigh, and she's a spitfire. She's spent her whole adult life trying to break free of the tyrannical rule of her father. She started writing as a kid to escape her hellish household, and now that she's free, she uses that freedom to let her inhibitions go and create steamy books left and right. But she has a hard time convincing herself not to be embarrassed or ashamed about sex in the real world, and she's never considered herself one of those girls who might find the idea of a man bossing her around appealing. So why the hell can't she shake these thoughts and dreams about a seductive maestro with leather crops and dominion over her body? But she's a Scorpio: determined, forceful, obsessive, and rebellious, and she refuses to run away from these desires, no matter how much they terrify her. 
And this is the one on her back 

And here is just a little taste of Chase and Liz: 

An hour later, Chase was still buried under paperwork, scouring the consent contracts, the original ordinance he’d received from the city when they first opened five years ago, and some more paperwork the lawyer had faxed over yesterday. A loud knock sounded from downstairs, but he didn’t get up. Dusty was still down on the main floor and he’d been taking care of whomever came knocking for the past few days. The man was a Godsend. How had Chase ever gotten on before without Dusty to look after him?
He turned his attention back to his work. No doubt it was someone else coming to inquire about the club, when they’d be back open. Their members had been so lost when he’d announced the closing of the club, even though he’d assured everyone it would only be temporary. And he was damned sure going to make good on that promise. He would not fail. He glanced up at the bright light from the main door.
Shadowed in the doorway was a tall brunette. Hair pulled severely into a long ponytail, dark, elegantly-slanted eyes bordered in charcoal, a tight black top with lace over breasts and arms, combined with the long leather-clad legs told Chase this was a Domme. Her beautiful Asian face was not one he recognized, so he knew she must be new in town, or perhaps just visiting and wanting to check out the scene before hours. He and Dusty would usually extend an invitation to a visiting Domme, but since the club was under lock and key, that wouldn’t be happening. Apparently the protesters and closed signs outside meant nothing to her. And instead of sending her on her way, Dusty smiled, shook her hand and ushered her in out of the stifling Nevada heat.
What the hell?
Chase half-rose from his desk to peek through the tinted windows of his office into the Club beyond. His groin gave a little jolt as he caught sight of their visitor’s swaying hips in the skin-tight leather. That gave him another what the hell moment. It wasn’t like him to be attracted to other Dominants. Going three weeks with no outlet had started to take its toll.
Dusty began leading the woman around the club. Her face remained impassive and Chase shook his head. That damned author was late for their meeting, and he couldn’t help but be glad he was now free to go down and greet their visitor. He strode from his office and down the private back stairwell to the main area of the club.
“And this is where we have our shows,” Dusty was saying, leading her up on the stage.
Chase stayed in the shadow of the staircase, watching. The delicate bone structure of this woman was showcased beautifully by her dark coal-rimmed eyes, deep red lipstick, and a light blush that appeared completely natural. Her gaze was hot, determined, and he could almost see a flicker of flame from within. It instantly ignited an answering burn inside him, and he gulped in a few cool breaths. What the fuck was his problem today?
She looked up and their gazes locked. An image flashed through his head. Her, bound to the top of the canopied bed in his room, a white mask covering her eyes, head thrown back in ecstasy as he tortured her senses. He blinked reality back into focus, determined to shake this strange attraction. He knew from experience, some Tops could never bottom. And this woman obviously didn’t have a submissive bone in her entire lithe little body.

Confidence. She had to keep that utmost in her mind. Liz forced herself not to react when he stepped out of the shadows. This man… he had the same build, the same badass dominating air about him as the man of her dreams. In, she corrected. The man in her dreams. He stared at her, making her feel naked beneath his gaze. Swallowing hard, she willed moisture to her mouth, but it was like her tongue was cemented in place with peanut butter.
She extended a hand.
“Chase Masters,” he said, stepping closer to clasp her hand in his. Feathers tickled along her spine. Just like they had in her dream. In one second, Chase’s face superimposed itself over the foggy image in her head of every erotic dream she’d had in the past six weeks.
“This is Elizabeth Clark,” Dusty said from behind her. Thank God someone wasn’t rendered speechless in the presence of this Adonis. She snatched her hand back, closing her fingers into her palm, unsure if she was trying to wipe away the feel of his skin against hers, or trap it.
No recognition showed on Chase’s face, and Liz tried to pretend she wasn’t hurt. She’d called well in advance, and Sissy had assured her that Chase would be open and honest with his answers when Liz asked him any and all embarrassingly personal questions. Apparently, Chase had no freaking clue who she was or what she was doing here. She was just about to launch into an explanation when Dusty prompted, “The author I was telling you about?”
Was that disappointment on Chase’s face? She couldn’t tell for sure, because he quickly schooled his features, his face smoothing into a mask of politeness. She didn’t know what the hell to make of that.
“Okay, well, uh, would you like to continue to show her around?” the soft, unsure voice was so unlike the one she’d pictured coming from that harsh mouth of his. It was also the opposite of the tone he’d used when he introduced himself.
“I thought maybe you’d like to do the honors, boss.”
A half-smile quirked up Chase’s mouth, and he shook his head. “Not your boss.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Dusty turned and left her at Chase’s mercy. She pursed her lips, and cocked her head to the side, embodying her persona. She was Elizabeth Leigh, erotic romance author extraordinaire. And she wasn’t going to be intimidated by a little kink. Or a lot, she amended, glancing at the club around her. She’d worn her sexiest, most authoritative outfit and her Don’t Screw With Me boots, but as she stared off against six feet of heavily corded muscular Dom, she felt spineless. And maybe a little breathless.
“So, this way I guess.” Chase turned from her, and she followed him. Like a damned puppy. What in the world was wrong with her? She didn’t do this kind of crap. Women did not belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and she would be damned to the depths of hell if she was going to buy into that chauvinistic crap because of this guy when she’d lived her whole life fighting against her father’s brainwashing. She forced herself to stop a few feet behind him.
“This is the bar, and the main area of the club. Used for meet and greets, socialization, and a live show a couple times a week. Some people come just to be somewhere in public where they can be themselves.”
She heard the underlying defiance in his words, as if he was daring her to make a snide comment. “As I’m sure you could tell, we’ve been closed down temporarily.”
“I saw the hubbub outside,” she said lamely.
“Who the hell says ‘hubbub’ anymore?” Chase seared her with a look over his shoulder and she suppressed a shiver.
“I’m a writer. I have an extensive vocabulary,” she said defensively, crossing her arms over her chest, and daring him to contradict her. His whole personality screamed domineering.
“Your tone says it’s obviously nothing someone like me would understand.” He turned on her.
“That’s not what I meant.” Her voice was brusque. She was letting that arch stare and that increasingly deep voice ruffle her feathers. She knew better than to be baited like this. Anger management was a constant battle inside her, but it had been an easier one to win over the past few years. She wouldn’t let herself backslide because of this man, no matter what he said. He raised his eyebrows, then turned back.
“We don’t serve alcohol at the bar because you can’t have consent when people are under the influence. That’s an important detail several authors have gotten wrong over the years. Among other things.”
His icy voice made her shiver. “Like what?” She had a good memory, but she felt like this was going to be quite a list.
“Let’s see… for starters it’s not all about pain.”
She snorted. She couldn’t help it. “Of course it’s about pain.” And subjugation, and dominance, and treating people like they were less than humans, like they were property. She bit her tongue on that part, though. She was supposed to be here asking him for help, not pissing him off, much as the idea appealed to her.
“Not with me it isn’t. And not for a lot of people, either. It’s about control, and passion, and love, for yourself, the darkness inside, and sometimes for someone else. Pain gets mixed up with that sometimes. Okay, granted, for some people it’s about pain. Giving it, receiving it. For the rest of us, pain is part of the pleasure. Part of the rush, the edge of fantasy. You should know a bit about that. We’re in the same business. You sell fantasy on the page, I sell it in the flesh, so to speak.”
Another shiver coursed through her at his words. God, could just the sound of him describing this stuff make her hot? A lick of guilt shimmied through her, but she pushed it aside. She had to stop feeling guilty about sex of all kinds, but sometimes it was just so hard to keep the shame from decimating her.
She rubbed her right earlobe, trying to work toward a calm she didn’t feel.
“Look, why don’t you just ask me your questions so we can get this over with.”
“Excuse me?”
He turned on her. “It’s clear you’re uncomfortable. Your over-the-top outfit, the heels you can barely walk in, and the disdainful curl of your lip. You did ask to come here, did you not?”
She took a deep breath, and a step toward him. “Yes, I did. But I –” she stopped herself from picking a fight with him, but just barely. Damn. She’d thought she had better control over her impulsive bouts of rage.  “I’m… sorry.” She lowered her shoulders and made an effort to relax her aggressive stance. Just being here was making her skin crawl. And not in an entirely unpleasant way... 

Well, there you have it! I hope that was just enough to whet your appetite! Make sure to stop by for the next WIP It Wednesday and I'll post some more goodies for you! As we get closer to August, I will post cover art, book trailers, and much more! 

~ Rach

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's time for the @TRRtweet #SizzlingSummerReads Party!

Howdy folks! 

Just a quick note with some exciting news and links! 

The HUGE Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads party has begun! They have prizes galore!!! 

Check out more about how to play here: http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php 

Week one is already over, so don't wait too long to play! 

I'll be playing a bit later in the month, but don't worry I'll post which day soon. 

Here's a list of all the amazing goodies you can win: http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php?prize=1 

Go forth and win lots of goodies!

~ Rach

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux #Review Tour #Giveaway #LNBookPromos



 ***Please note: Kate is giving away 2 $50 Amazon Gift Cards and 5 ebook copies of Bride Undone. Check out the Rafflecopter below!***

This bride takes ‘I do’ to a whole new level — 
just not with the groom.

A Romantica®  erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
General Release: April 11, 2014
ISBN: 9781419903540

Synopsis -

In one week Chloe will walk down the aisle. Yet she’s a bride who can’t stop spying on the weddings of total strangers. Desperate to catch a glimpse of what true love really looks like, she is having serious second thoughts about tying the knot.
Until she meets Wes — the sexy long lost father of her groom. The hunk from Texas confirms her worst fears. She is marrying the wrong man.

Battling her intense attraction for Wes, the flame between them burns too hot to resist. Chloe and Wes give into their scorching passion and struggle with the consequences of their love.

Buy links:


The door opened and Chloe jumped.
 “Chloe?” Wes said in surprise. He froze in the doorway, his jaw tight and his eyes dark.
“Wes, I had to come talk to you.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He nervously glanced out into the hall. “I told you I’m sorry.” He stepped inside the room, leaving the door wide open.
He walked over to his desk and rested his fingers on the glass. “We really shouldn’t be together. I’m leaving today.”
“No, no, Wes.” She moved toward him. “It’s not your fault.”
Wes’ eyes changed from amber to dark espresso. “I have to get to a board meeting. Please go, Chloe.”
Her eyes searched his and she saw pain in his dark gaze. “I can’t.” She moved one step closer to him.
Wes shook his head. “I shouldn’t have come for the wedding. None of this would have happened.”
“Yes...yes, you should have.” A hint of desperation crept through her. “Well actually, there isn’t going to be a wedding, but that’s not your fault.” She searched for the right words. “I was having second thoughts before you ever arrived. I was going to churches and watching complete strangers get married. The wedding was doomed before you ever got here.” Her words tumbled out faster than she could think them.
Wes said nothing but his raised eyebrows and taut neck muscles told her she wasn’t getting through to him.
“I knew what Conner and I had wasn’t right, that there was something missing.” She knew she was babbling but she had to let him know how she felt. “I have feelings for you, Wes...feelings I can’t hide. You probably think I’m crazy, spying on strangers’ weddings, but it just wasn’t right, me and Conner. And when I met you I knew. The minute I met you.” Tears welled in her eyes.
Wes looked stunned, as if someone had punched him in the stomach. She thought he was going to bolt from the room. He stood there staring at her before striding quickly toward the open door.
Instead of leaving, he paused and looked back at her and then shut the door and deliberately pressed the lock button. He said nothing, just turned on his heels and walked back to his desk, placing his hand on the phone.
Shit, he was going to phone Conner. He was going to keep her there captive in his office and call Conner and tell him what a nut bar his fiancée was.
Immobile, she watched him as he picked up the phone.
“Marie. Cancel the board meeting.” He looked up at Chloe and they locked eyes. Chloe’s stomach flipped and she started to tremble as Wes spoke into the phone. “Some new information came and in and I need time to review it. Send them all back downstairs, will you?”
He hung up the phone and stood behind the desk, his posture tense. Chloe’s heart pounded in her chest.
“Chloe,” he said gently, coming around the front of the desk, but carefully keeping his distance from her.
“You might have cold feet. Everyone does. It’s natural.” His eyes softened to amber but she could see the tension in his taut neck muscles remained, belying his calm tone. “I didn’t mean to lead you on.”
Dammit. How dare he think he’d led her on? How dare he discount her feelings so casually and sound so condescending? She knew he felt it when they kissed. And he must be scared. She was too. His expression hardened and she braced for his rebuke.
Wes looked at her, but was silent.
“Wes, it’s not your fault.” She struggled to convince him. “But I can’t marry your son. I have feelings for you and I can’t ignore them. I don’t want to.” She stepped toward him, praying he didn’t push her away.
He didn’t move, just stood there stone-faced.
“Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too.” She gazed at his chiseled face, his strong jaw, the flicker of gold in his eyes making her melt inside as they turned tender.
“Chloe,” he said softly. “What am I going to do with you?”
“You feel it too, don’t you?” She narrowed the space between them until she could feel the heat off his body and the thrum of his pulse.
“Fuck,” he cursed as he looked down at his cowboy boots and then slowly back up at her. He shook his head as if in defeat and pulled her to him. He pressed her body hard against his, jarring her with the impact, but loving the strength in his embrace.
His lips met hers and he kissed her, hard and demanding. “Chloe,” he murmured, wrapping his arms tightly around her and making her body hum with desire. “Yes, I feel it too.” One hand smoothed the hair from her face, the other cupped her ass firmly as he pulled her harder to him and parted her waiting lips with his tongue.
She welcomed his tongue eagerly as she grabbed his broad shoulders, running her hands along his strong back, feeling the muscles ripple under her fingers as he moved her across the room while kissing her.
The backs of her legs met the edge of the couch as he hovered over her, pushing her down as he kissed her lips hungrily, then down her neck, trailing his lips along her décolleté. It was if he was going to devour her and she ached for it.

***Nona’s review of Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux***

The author set up an interesting conflict among the bride-to-be, her fiancé, and the fiance’s father. From the start, our heroine Chloe doubts whether her upcoming marriage to Conner is the right choice. Though their relationship is pleasant and easy going, they don’t connect sexually and Chloe wonders if what she feels is true love.

Her doubts are exacerbated when she meets Conner’s estranged father Wes and feels an immediate attraction to him. She downplays this to herself, wanting to help the two men reconnect after spending years apart. But the electricity between them will not be denied, especially when Wes makes it clear that he’s just as drawn to Chloe as she is to him.

I admired the two main characters wanting to do the right thing by Conner. Neither one wants to hurt him, and Chloe doesn’t want to cheat on him. (Frankly, I would have dumped him sooner, considering how his intrusive mother had him tied to her apron strings. Chloe would have had the mother in law from hell!) When she breaks things off with Conner, he reveals a much more disturbing side of his personality.

The rest of the story focuses on Wes and Chloe’s romance and sexual adventures on his yacht as they tour the Virgin Islands. These were a number of very smexy scenes, but all is not paradise as Chloe wonders what kind of future she can share with Wes. He, on the other hand, worries that his newfound connection with his son is forever destroyed. The doubts on both their parts threaten their fragile happiness.

Bride Undone was a fun, sexy romance with a hero to die for. I envied Chloe not only her adventure in the islands, but her time with Wes!  Both characters have to wrestle with some serious emotion and make choices affecting their future. The only aspect I felt was left hanging was the relationship between Wes and his son. I wish that had been resolved for a more satisfying ending to the story.

Readers who like their erotic romance with a touch of angst will enjoy Bride Undone.  

Kate is busy completing several books for release 2014, each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets, and heroes who make your heart skip a beat…
Coming soon in 2014….Platinum Pleasures and A Vixen in Venice

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