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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#Tuesday #Tips with @RachellNichole

Hey everyone,

Welcome back! I'm starting a new meme this week on the blog called Tuesday Tips where I'll talk about my 5 top tips for the week. Sometimes they will be writing related tips, sometimes reading tips, sometimes just general life tips, sometimes I'll mix it up and do different kinds of tips all in one week. So be sure to check back often for my words of wisdom! ;-p

So this week's tips are all Birthday related since I just had a birthday last week (Yay! Happy Birthday to me)

5. Plan ahead. If you expect to have a fabulous party, or an intimate gathering of friends, or a quiet night at home with your honey, you better make sure you book your plans in advance. In this crazy time we live in, people are busier than ever, and while you might be important (or not) to your friends and family, you can only occasionally expect people to drop everything to come celebrate you!

4. Be awesome. For some people, this goes without saying, for others, it's a little harder, but your birthday is all about you, so go forth and be awesome!

3.  Enjoy. If there ever was a day to be selfish, this is it. Unless, of course, you're a selfish asshole who is selfish the other 364 days a year, in which case, shut the hell up, get over yourself, and try something different for your birthday - be unselfish. For the rest of you ladies and gents out there, this is a day to indulge yourself with some pampering, some good self-talk, and a pat on the back. Go ahead, you deserve to think about you for at least one whole day.

2. Have a party. Big or small, lots of friends or just a few, it's time for a celebration. Birthdays are a time to remember that you matter to the world, a fact we all sometimes forget, so whatever it is you've decided to do to commemorate the event, the important thing to keep in mind is that you do something to honor the date you were brought into the world.

1. Let yourself eat cake! Diet or no diet, party or a quiet night at home, balloons or no balloons - it's your birthday and you deserve cake!

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