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Friday, June 6, 2014

Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux #Review Tour #Giveaway #LNBookPromos



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This bride takes ‘I do’ to a whole new level — 
just not with the groom.

A Romantica®  erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
General Release: April 11, 2014
ISBN: 9781419903540

Synopsis -

In one week Chloe will walk down the aisle. Yet she’s a bride who can’t stop spying on the weddings of total strangers. Desperate to catch a glimpse of what true love really looks like, she is having serious second thoughts about tying the knot.
Until she meets Wes — the sexy long lost father of her groom. The hunk from Texas confirms her worst fears. She is marrying the wrong man.

Battling her intense attraction for Wes, the flame between them burns too hot to resist. Chloe and Wes give into their scorching passion and struggle with the consequences of their love.

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The door opened and Chloe jumped.
 “Chloe?” Wes said in surprise. He froze in the doorway, his jaw tight and his eyes dark.
“Wes, I had to come talk to you.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He nervously glanced out into the hall. “I told you I’m sorry.” He stepped inside the room, leaving the door wide open.
He walked over to his desk and rested his fingers on the glass. “We really shouldn’t be together. I’m leaving today.”
“No, no, Wes.” She moved toward him. “It’s not your fault.”
Wes’ eyes changed from amber to dark espresso. “I have to get to a board meeting. Please go, Chloe.”
Her eyes searched his and she saw pain in his dark gaze. “I can’t.” She moved one step closer to him.
Wes shook his head. “I shouldn’t have come for the wedding. None of this would have happened.”
“Yes...yes, you should have.” A hint of desperation crept through her. “Well actually, there isn’t going to be a wedding, but that’s not your fault.” She searched for the right words. “I was having second thoughts before you ever arrived. I was going to churches and watching complete strangers get married. The wedding was doomed before you ever got here.” Her words tumbled out faster than she could think them.
Wes said nothing but his raised eyebrows and taut neck muscles told her she wasn’t getting through to him.
“I knew what Conner and I had wasn’t right, that there was something missing.” She knew she was babbling but she had to let him know how she felt. “I have feelings for you, Wes...feelings I can’t hide. You probably think I’m crazy, spying on strangers’ weddings, but it just wasn’t right, me and Conner. And when I met you I knew. The minute I met you.” Tears welled in her eyes.
Wes looked stunned, as if someone had punched him in the stomach. She thought he was going to bolt from the room. He stood there staring at her before striding quickly toward the open door.
Instead of leaving, he paused and looked back at her and then shut the door and deliberately pressed the lock button. He said nothing, just turned on his heels and walked back to his desk, placing his hand on the phone.
Shit, he was going to phone Conner. He was going to keep her there captive in his office and call Conner and tell him what a nut bar his fiancée was.
Immobile, she watched him as he picked up the phone.
“Marie. Cancel the board meeting.” He looked up at Chloe and they locked eyes. Chloe’s stomach flipped and she started to tremble as Wes spoke into the phone. “Some new information came and in and I need time to review it. Send them all back downstairs, will you?”
He hung up the phone and stood behind the desk, his posture tense. Chloe’s heart pounded in her chest.
“Chloe,” he said gently, coming around the front of the desk, but carefully keeping his distance from her.
“You might have cold feet. Everyone does. It’s natural.” His eyes softened to amber but she could see the tension in his taut neck muscles remained, belying his calm tone. “I didn’t mean to lead you on.”
Dammit. How dare he think he’d led her on? How dare he discount her feelings so casually and sound so condescending? She knew he felt it when they kissed. And he must be scared. She was too. His expression hardened and she braced for his rebuke.
Wes looked at her, but was silent.
“Wes, it’s not your fault.” She struggled to convince him. “But I can’t marry your son. I have feelings for you and I can’t ignore them. I don’t want to.” She stepped toward him, praying he didn’t push her away.
He didn’t move, just stood there stone-faced.
“Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too.” She gazed at his chiseled face, his strong jaw, the flicker of gold in his eyes making her melt inside as they turned tender.
“Chloe,” he said softly. “What am I going to do with you?”
“You feel it too, don’t you?” She narrowed the space between them until she could feel the heat off his body and the thrum of his pulse.
“Fuck,” he cursed as he looked down at his cowboy boots and then slowly back up at her. He shook his head as if in defeat and pulled her to him. He pressed her body hard against his, jarring her with the impact, but loving the strength in his embrace.
His lips met hers and he kissed her, hard and demanding. “Chloe,” he murmured, wrapping his arms tightly around her and making her body hum with desire. “Yes, I feel it too.” One hand smoothed the hair from her face, the other cupped her ass firmly as he pulled her harder to him and parted her waiting lips with his tongue.
She welcomed his tongue eagerly as she grabbed his broad shoulders, running her hands along his strong back, feeling the muscles ripple under her fingers as he moved her across the room while kissing her.
The backs of her legs met the edge of the couch as he hovered over her, pushing her down as he kissed her lips hungrily, then down her neck, trailing his lips along her décolleté. It was if he was going to devour her and she ached for it.

***Nona’s review of Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux***

The author set up an interesting conflict among the bride-to-be, her fiancé, and the fiance’s father. From the start, our heroine Chloe doubts whether her upcoming marriage to Conner is the right choice. Though their relationship is pleasant and easy going, they don’t connect sexually and Chloe wonders if what she feels is true love.

Her doubts are exacerbated when she meets Conner’s estranged father Wes and feels an immediate attraction to him. She downplays this to herself, wanting to help the two men reconnect after spending years apart. But the electricity between them will not be denied, especially when Wes makes it clear that he’s just as drawn to Chloe as she is to him.

I admired the two main characters wanting to do the right thing by Conner. Neither one wants to hurt him, and Chloe doesn’t want to cheat on him. (Frankly, I would have dumped him sooner, considering how his intrusive mother had him tied to her apron strings. Chloe would have had the mother in law from hell!) When she breaks things off with Conner, he reveals a much more disturbing side of his personality.

The rest of the story focuses on Wes and Chloe’s romance and sexual adventures on his yacht as they tour the Virgin Islands. These were a number of very smexy scenes, but all is not paradise as Chloe wonders what kind of future she can share with Wes. He, on the other hand, worries that his newfound connection with his son is forever destroyed. The doubts on both their parts threaten their fragile happiness.

Bride Undone was a fun, sexy romance with a hero to die for. I envied Chloe not only her adventure in the islands, but her time with Wes!  Both characters have to wrestle with some serious emotion and make choices affecting their future. The only aspect I felt was left hanging was the relationship between Wes and his son. I wish that had been resolved for a more satisfying ending to the story.

Readers who like their erotic romance with a touch of angst will enjoy Bride Undone.  

Kate is busy completing several books for release 2014, each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets, and heroes who make your heart skip a beat…
Coming soon in 2014….Platinum Pleasures and A Vixen in Venice

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