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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feed Your #EroticCravings and #Win!

Have you found Erotic Cravings yet? We’re eight hot authors joining together to bring you the best in Erotica and Erotic Romance. Randi Alexander, Mia Downing, Darah Lace, Nese Lane, Em Petrova, Anita Philmar, Nona Raines, and KyAnn Waters.

We’re giving away three prize packs of e-books, swag, and gift certificates. It’s easy to enter, just leave a comment and you’re entered! If you’d like to help us out, plus be the first to know about future contests, new releases, and read exclusive excerpts, we’d love to have you connect with us on our seven Erotic Cravings sites.

But first, the prizes!

Prize Pack #1:
1 Randi Alexander - Double Her Fantasy
2 Nona Raines - His and Hers and Hers
3 Darah Lace - Saddle Broke
4 Mia Downing - Trained for Seduction
5 Em Petrova - Dallas Nights
6 KyAnn Waters - Winner's Choice of Ebook

Prize Pack #2:
1 Randi Alexander - Her Cowboy Stud
2 Nona Raines - Uncollared
3 Darah Lace - Game Night
4 Mia Downing - Ripped
5 Em Petrova - Slick Rider
6 KyAnn Waters - Winner's Choice of Ebook
7. Darah Lace - Amazon Gift Certificate

Prize Pack #3:
1 Randi Alexander - Cowboy Bad Boys
2 Nona Raines - One Good Man
3 Darah Lace - Bachelor Auction
4 Mia Downing - Exceeding Boundaries
5 Em Petrova - Swag Bag
6 KyAnn Waters - Winner's Choice of Ebook

Here’s all you need to do to win - leave a comment at each of the author’s blogs for more chances to win.

We’d love to have you connect with us at these sites, too. We have lots of great events coming up, and we know you won’t want to miss a thing!

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Our Blogs:

Em Petrova (August 4-6)


 No purchase necessary.

Eligibility exclusive to participants 18 years of age and older, and valid only within the restrictions of participant’s country of residence. Void where prohibited by law,

The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.

See author’s websites for full prize descriptions. Retail value of prizes: Prize Pack #1 $25. Prize Pack #2 $29 Prize Pack #3 $29.

Sweepstakes sponsored by Erotic Cravings authors , Randi Alexander, Mia Downing, Darah Lace, Nese Lane, Em Petrova, Anita Philmar, Nona Raines, and KyAnn Waters. Liability release: Winners agree to hold Randi Alexander, Mia Downing, Darah Lace, Nese Lane, Em Petrova, Anita Philmar, Nona Raines, and KyAnn Waters harmless in the event that the prize or sweepstakes in some way negatively impacts the winner.

Sweepstakes begins at midnight EST August 1, and ends at midnight PST August 6. Winners of the prizes will be chosen and notified by August 8.

By leaving a comment below you are agreeing to the Official Rules. Thank you!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Tips to Beat the Post-Conference Blues

I wanted to talk with you today about beating the Post-Conference Blues. I know a lot of you are just coming back from Comic-Con and RWA National within the past week, so let's discuss the best ways to beat the post-con blues. 

5 - Sleep! As we all know, there's very little sleep at these amazing events. We're all so busy schmoozing the contacts, seeing old friends, absorbing the amazing community of like-minded people that we only get to immerse ourselves in once a year, if we're lucky, but most likely once every few years. So after you come out of this amazing bubble, sleep is necessary to recharge and prepare ourselves to face reality. 

4 - Work on the book. So after you've slept, spent a bit of time with your family, and slammed back into reality, you have to start putting all those workshops to good use and work on your WIP. Jumping right into the writing of it will help give you focus, allow you to use the excitement and momentum of the conference to hit the ground running while you work on the project. 

3 - Keep in Touch. Call your conference buddies, send them messages on Facebook or Twitter, add your new contacts to your friends lists or follow them. Keep the relationship building between you and these people. It will be a bitter-sweet kind of contact because you'll all remember the amazing time, and you'll miss being in your writing conference bubble, but you'll smile and laugh at the good times. Keeping in touch with these people will also help you feel connected to new friends and build a lasting bond, not just one you have while at a conference. 

2 - Blog about it, talk about it. One of the best ways to savor the conference, and ease back into reality is to keep a piece of the conference alive and well. Talk about the conference with other writers who couldn't make it, pass along your notes, your stories, your excitement to them. Talk about it with your family and friends who aren't writers, even though you know they just won't totally "get it" unless they're writers too. Follow blogs of those new and old friends who will probably be talking about the conference too. Go over the good times you had, and maybe read some insight for a panel or workshop you couldn't make it to. For the RWA conference I went to a couple years ago, they also gave us a huge file of all the handouts for the conference, which was a great help. You can also get the audio for workshops you couldn't make it to, though I believe you have to pay for those. 

1 - Plan for the next conference. The absolutely best thing you can do after you get home from one conference, is plan on going to the next one. Pick out roommates, book a hotel, start putting away money so you can afford the conference in 6 months or 12 months, or in two years. Even if the conference is long off, having a game plan and the "I'm going to be there again in a while" mindset will help you look forward instead of focusing on the hollow feeling in your gut when you leave the conference. 

So there you have it folks... some tips and tricks to use to battle the Post-Conference Blues. 

What else would you add to the list? 

Friday, July 26, 2013

#Erotic #Author @empetrova's Hot #New #Cowboy #Romance!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'd like to share a bit about Em Petrova's latest erotic romance. Em is a fellow Wild Rose Press and Loose Id author. She's also published by Samhain, Ellora's Cave, Sizzler Editions, Etopia, Decadent and Red Sage. Wow, is she one busy writer! Her newest release from Loose Id features a hunkalicious bull rider and the woman who tries to tame him. What could be bad?

Slick Rider by Em Petrova (The Quick and the Hot)

Physical therapy assistant Lilly’s job is to keep rodeo star Juss Rossie off his injured leg and from using his bad shoulder to rope more buckle bunnies. Trouble is she wants--just for once in her life--to be one of those rodeo gals who gets the cowboy. Pushing him to the limits of his therapy will take some creative maneuvering, and she finds he responds in the yummiest ways.

Juss hates like hell to be laid up with injuries and off the back of a bull. But being at the mercy of therapist Lilly is torture--especially when she gets in the pool, on the mat, or crawls into bed with him. Can he recover from her mind-blowing advances without losing his heart?

Available at Loose Id


Do yourself a favor and check out this awesome read!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines

Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Monday, July 22, 2013

Confessions of a Closet Introvert

Hey folks,

So soo sorry I've been silent as of late. I had a death in the family and have had another family member in the  hospital for the past nine weeks, sadly. 

But, as the saying goes, "the show must go on" and I'm ready to reenter the bloggerverse. 

First, a thanks to my co-bloggers, Nona and Danica for holding down the fort here at the Diva's Pad. I've been reading the posts, even though I'm not commenting much. :-) 

Now... onto some interesting stuff... A view behind the curtain of a single author's life...

The Post-Conference Blues! 

I used to call it the Post-Rez blues (post-residency) when I was still a grad student and going down to Seton Hill College/University for a week-long flurry of writing, learning, and absorbing the writing community. Since I graduated, I was able to go back this June for the In Your Write Mind conference, which was, of course, amazing. 

So I finally arrive at the hotel, after a very long 7 hour drive (after having worked for a few hours) and it was like coming home. The writing life is sometimes so solitary that authors forget to answer the phone, leave the house, eat, sleep, or do any of those normal human things! It's kind of scary actually. So when we get the chance to go to a conference, or a write-in, or anything else where we can be social and with our own brand of crazy, we jump at the chance. 

Two wonderful ladies from my local RWA chapter, Kara Leigh Miller and Nicole LaFleur, joined me for the conference, and we had a blast! 

Here we are at the Princess Bride themed ball. :-) 

I taught a panel on the Three Act Structure plotting method, and that went really well. I attended several workshops that were fantastic on world building, undergarments through the ages, revision, and all kinds of things. We call Seton Hill "Hogwarts for Writers" because there's a certain kind of magic that flows from the walls, and permeates the air, the ground of campus, everything. 

I mean, can you see the resemblance? 

So, after four days of this amazingness, you can imagine what it's like coming back to reality. It sucks, big time. Every time I leave a conference, it's a gut-wrenching kind of deal. Inevitably, there are some tears when goodbyes are said, as well as some laughs, and promises to keep in touch. 

At the same time, though, I know I wouldn't survive if conferences were more than a few days long! Being in that writer bubble, in that place where the real world ceases to exist and you don't watch any news, read a newspaper, or even check your email diligently, is amazing, but it's also exhausting. For a closet introvert like myself, conferences where you're always surrounded by people (no matter how awesome said people are or how close you are) are exhausting! It's like the most basic form of overstimulation (not that erotic romance authors believe in such a thing). But in real life, there's no way I would survive a conference that was longer than 5 days, 6 at the very most. I just don't like people that much... or maybe it's that I just have spent too many years alone inside my own head that I need that time to survive. 

But I wouldn't trade my weeks in writer heaven for anything in the world. Finding a community, a family like that is something few people ever find, and while I can only tolerate small doses of the crazy, I cherish it. 

So there you are folks, a sneak peek inside this author's closeted introversion. :-) 

Promise to be back soon with more, 


Friday, July 19, 2013

My #Transgender #Romance His Kind of Woman Has #Reviews!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Whenever an author has a new book published, the nail-biting begins. How will readers react to the story? And what will reviewers have to say?

I've been very happy to find that my latest novella, His Kind of Woman, has received some lovely reviews.  It was "Highly Recommended" by Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews who said it "brought a smile to my face". She gave it four and a half kisses. GiGi at MM Good Book Reviews gave it a "Recommended Read" and four hearts. She said "it packs a lot of thought".

Jayne at Dear Author enjoyed the characters and said "The humor is a plus, too." She gave it a B rating, which made me quite happy as the reviewers at Dear Author are a bit like those strict-but-fair teachers who were "hard markers" back in the day.

Positive reviews are wonderful and give a great ego boost, but even more important is knowing that these readers were touched by the story and by both characters. That really makes my day!

His Kind of Woman is a Spring Fling available here at Loose Id.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines

Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Thursday, July 4, 2013

FFM #Menage #Romance Represent!

In the world of erotic romance, the favored menage combination seems to be the two men, one woman combination, whether MFM (no sexual interaction between the men) or MMF (sexual interaction between the men as well as with the woman). The two women, one man pairing seems to be the “ugly stepsister”. Well, I happen to really enjoy the FFM menage romance and it just so happens that I read two recently that I’d like to share with you.

Love’s Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter 

This book is the second installment in the Razor series (the first being Desire’s Edge) featuring the relationship between Amy and Bryce, a married couple, and Raine, the woman they both love. While the first book detailed their introduction into polyamory, this story shows the complications and obstacles the three will face. Each character has to face his/her insecurities as well as worry about how these conflicts will affect their future. Amy and Bryce have to readjust to accepting a third person into their relationship and handle feelings of jealousy. Raine is troubled by the sense of being an outsider and worrying that if things fall apart, at least Amy and Bryce will have each other while she will be alone. On top of all of this, Raine is a Domme and unwilling to leave that part of her life behind.

The authors did an awesome job of dovetailing these problems realistically while keeping the romance touching and the sex hot. This book was a lot of fun as well as food for thought.

The Dom with the Perfect Brats by Leia Shaw, Sorcha Black and Cari Silverwood 

This book is also part of a series called The Badass Brats. This story involves Cross, a hardass Dominant and his two “brats”, Izzy and Gemma. Izzy is aware of her bisexuality while Gemma thinks she’s strictly into guys. They’re both attracted to Cross however and he’s definitely into them. Both girls are new to BDSM, but things change quickly under Cross’ tutelage. There are problems ahead, though, as Gemma deals with her unexpected sexual attraction to Izzy and Cross wonders if his women will accept submission enough to suit him—they’re not called “brats” for nothin’. There is plenty of red hot sex and lots of tenderness as each character must face down some inner demons, and Cross must face family issues as well as danger emerging from his past.

Both of these books are winners if you’re into FFM menage with lashings (heh heh) of BDSM and great romance!

So are there any awesome FFM romances that you would recommend?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines

Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic


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