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Monday, March 10, 2014

Wrong Number, Right Man by @darahlace #erotic #giveaway #TWRPspotlight

Hi friends! The Wild Rose Press is offering a cool new promotion and I'm taking part! Every week a new rafflecopter will be offered for a $10 gift certificate to the Wild Rose Press. We authors will spotlight different romances from the catalog, while you readers will have a chance to check out some awesome stories and have a chance to win! What could be easier--or more fun?

Today I'm featuring a sexy story from the Scarlet Rose (erotic) line. It's by one of my Erotic Cravings buddies, Darah Lace. It's called Wrong Number, Right Man, about all the things that can go right when you dial the wrong



After too much wine, Lori Duncan calls her ex and initiates phone sex to prove him wrong--she's not boring and predictable. Jack Hartwell answers his roommate's phone and goes along with his sexy next door neighbor's game until he realizes her fantasy includes him and not his roommate. Was her slip of tongue intentional or just part of the game?


"Are you alone?"
The soft whisper rasped through the cell phone, but Jack Hartwell recognized his best friend's voice and figured what Lori really wanted to know was whether his roommate had left yet. "It's just me."
"What are you doing?"
Her hushed tone triggered his guilt. Adam had dumped her the week before, and she'd been hiding in her apartment next door, dodging Jack's attempts to check on her. He'd been the one to set them up and soon realized his mistake. He hated that she'd been hurt, but he was glad they'd broken up and was biding his time until she healed before he made his own move.
Hoping that time had come, he settled into the black leather recliner she helped him pick out almost a year ago and muted the volume on the television. "Watching the game."
"What are you wearing?"

Wrong Number, Right Man available at The Wild Rose Press 

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