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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Reasons We Love #Alpha #Romance Heroes

     Hi, everyone!  I recently began reading my first Kristen Ashley book (I know, I know, what took me so long?). The hero of Motorcycle Man is Tack, and he is the alpha male to end all alphas. Super-alpha. Uber-alpha.The Alpha-meister. He cusses, he's a biker, he's a total stud and totally HAWT. It's his way or the highway. He pisses heroine Tyra off, but all the same she melts for him. I've got to admit I feel a little melty just reading about him.

     What is it about these "I'm the boss" guys in romance fiction? We modern women would most likely run from them in real life (how can you have a relationship with someone who won't compromise?) but in fiction we salivate for them. They're the stuff of total fantasy. Today in my Five for Friday segment, I want to explore some reasons why that may be. These are only my opinions—yours may be different.
1.    An alpha male is awesome in bed.

Let's not kid ourselves. This guy is sexy! He knows what he's about in the bedroom, and he wants his partner to be just as eager as he is. With him a woman can be just as greedy as she wants sexually and her alpha guy won't look down his nose at her for not being "a lady".

2.    An alpha male knows what he wants.

He's not wishy-washy and indecisive. He takes the pressure off a woman. Let's face it, in real life we women have plenty of duties between work and home and family responsibilities. It's fun to fantasize about letting someone else take charge so we can just relax and let someone else worry about it all.

3.    An alpha male protects his woman.

It can be a rough world for a woman. We're subject to insult, harassment and assault. An alpha male doesn't let anyone hurt the woman he cares for. Oh, he might hurt her thoughtlessly, speak to her sharply or do something she disapproves of. But if anyone else crosses the line with her, he puts them in their place, pronto. A woman with an alpha male at her side can feel safe.

4.    An alpha male is possessive.

When an in-charge guy wants a woman, he doesn't vacillate. He lets her know, lets everyone know that she belongs to him. He's not ashamed of that. What woman doesn't dream of a man being so proud of her that he wants the whole world to know that she's his? Talk about an ego-boost!

5.    An alpha male's woman comes first with him.

In the real world, there are so many things that demand our time and concentration: our jobs, families, social and civic obligations. Men and women get busy, harried, tired. It's hard for us ordinary people to find time for romance. In romance fiction, the details of everyday life don't exist. The alpha male hero, whether he's a corporate CEO,  a Navy SEAL, or an international spy, is never too busy to take care of his woman. She's his priority, first, last and always. Ah, romance!

As I said, these opinions are strictly my own. Why do you think readers love alpha male heroes? Do you have a favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic


  1. Great list, Nona! I love reading alpha males. They are just so yummy =) What I love most about an alpha is that they are so strong and dominant yet his woman can bring him to his knees with just a look or a touch. What woman wouldn't love that kind of power over her man?

  2. I agree, Kara Leigh. It's that notion of having power over a powerful man that's so captivating. Your heroes a definitely alpha males and I enjoy reading about them! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Nice write-up, Nina. I'm sometimes surprised by the number of readers (and some authors) who don't know what makes an alpha male vs., say, a beta male. Although I like romantic (usually beta) heroes, my heart and soul always seek out the power male, the alpha. Nice to see it spelled out!

  4. Ah yes, Nona, those are all amazing Alpha Male qualities. :-)

    I love my Alphas. I always write Alphas, even if not the rough & tumble kind.



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