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Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP it Wednesday with Rach

Well, folks, I'm LATE for a very important date!

The three fillings I had yesterday completely prevented me from posting about my current WIP. So here's the scoop...

I promised my Twitter followers on Tuesday that I would give more information here about this tweet: I think my sweet girl next store just turned into a kind of Domme. More on this tomorrow during  blog. 

Here's what I mean... I'm starting a love scene on Tuesday between my new heroine, Mandy Lachlan and her fiance, Julien Chevalier, and all of a sudden, she's ordering him about. Here's what I mean...

When Mandy pushed her fingers into the silky locks of his hair, and tugged, his eyes rolled back into his head. She pulled his hair and pushed his body until he was in the center of the room. He let her direct him where she wanted him.
Let her do whatever she wanted to him.
The surge of power rushed over her. She loved that she could do this to him. After his initial pursuit of her, his first seduction, he was not only willing, but also eager to give her the reins. Maybe because he was a younger man, or maybe because he just knew she needed it. Either way, she reveled the intensity of control that she hadn’t felt in nearly six months.
Still she retained possession of his hair, and his eyelids slid down to half-mast, his lips parted in a pant. She ran her thumb down the middle of his neck, over his Adam’s apple and up again. He moaned and she let go, breaking all contact. They stood barely two feet from a deep sunken hot tub.
“Turn it on,” she commanded.
He turned and strolled across the room, a spring in his step that she’d missed. She loved seeing him so carefree. He turned a few dials on the wall beside the hot tub and it sprang to life, bubbling up, filling the room with the sound of the soft motor running. The white noise was comforting.
“Strip,” she said as soon as Julien turned to face her. 

So, all of a sudden, my sweet girl next door who ran away to Paris to find herself and teach English is a complete control freak! She orders her man around and he LOVES it. Not there's some interesting dynamics at play in their relationship. Julien, at twenty, is eight years younger than Mandy, and when they first meet (which happens off screen in the book) she thinks he's some cocky kid and kicks him out of her classroom. He leaves class and doesn't come back, because even though he's 20, dating one of his professors is not allowed. He sets his sights on seducing her and of course, she falls for him. 

I finished the scene, partially in her POV, and then in his, and it worked. Their relationship is going to be interesting. The characters kind of took over this scene and now it's going to kind of change the dynamics and the rest of the novella. I'm excited about this new development, and since I didn't have every detail worked out of the book, I can run with these new character traits. 

And I can't wait to get writing the rest of this book! 

What do you think? Is Mandy a good girl with a bad side or is she the naughty mistress who pretends to be a good girl?

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