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Friday, November 9, 2012

Five #menage #romances You're Sure to Love!

          Hi everyone! In my attempt to continue with the Five for Friday meme, and in anticipation of my upcoming FFM ménage romance His and Hers and Hers (Nov. 20 from Loose Id), I'd like to tell you about some ménage romances that I have read and really enjoyed. Warning: though each story contains an HEA or at least an HFN, not all members of the threesomes will end up together.

    1.    No Use by Date for Love by Rachel Clark.
FFM.  Bec's husband shatters her self-esteem when he walks out after telling her she's past her "use by" date. But her best friends Teagan and Justin come to her rescue. She's always loved them and they've never forgotten her. But she wonders if they're only with her out of pity. Teagan and Justin have to convince her that their love is real. Very sexy and romantic story.

  2.    A Question of Love by Jess Dee.
         MFM. Gabe and Connor have shared women in the past, and though Connor has found love with their most recent threesome partner, Gabe is still alone and lonely. He's never gotten over Tina, who had been with him and Connor years ago. When Gabe left because his feelings were so intense, Tina and Connor's bond soon fell apart. Gabe wants to find Tina and be her one and only, but she's not so easy to win over.

This story is a sequel to A Question of Trust, which was Connor and Maddie's love story. I enjoyed Gabe and Tina's book because Gabe really has to work hard to gain Tina's trust. There are plenty of sexy scenes and ménage lovers needn't fear as there are several threesome scenes in flashback.

       3.    The Lovers by Eden Bradley.
                 FFM. Bettina is a shy author who's nervous about attending a writer's retreat. When she arrives, she's met by the vivacious Audrey, who quickly seduces her. When  Audrey's sometimes-lover Jack appears, Bettina falls hard. Audrey is a will o' the wisp who is quickly attracted and just as quickly loses interest. She, Bettina and Jack share several hot bedroom scenes, but when Audrey drifts away will Bettina and Jack have a chance together?

.       4.   Champagne by Inara Lavey
FFM. This story is told in first-person and has a lot of humor. Jeanette an American in France who is visiting a vineyard with her boyfriend, a guy who's working her last nerve. She meets the vineyard owner Amaury and his wife Marie-Elise, both of whom waste little time in seducing her.  This is a very sexy, light-hearted story that has a fascinating setting.

        5.   Above the Law by Danica St. Como
MMF. Danica's latest book is a step in a new direction for her. She's written ménage before in A Strength of Arms, but Above the Law includes the men interacting sexually as well. And what men! Glennon and Joe are an amazing pair and their connection will not only scorch your Kindle but touch your heart. And let's not forget Abigail.  She's a kick-ass heroine who has the good luck to be sandwiched between these two guys. This book is a treat, an exciting mystery as well as a hot erotic romance!

Well, what do you think? Have you read any wonderful menage romance that you'd add to the list? I'd love to know!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

          Nona Raines
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  1. Nona, thanks for adding ABOVE THE LAW to your list. Those pesky heroes insisted on doing their own thing, so I went with the direction they lead me.



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