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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday with Danica

A female game warden, a sheriff's deputy, a former RECON Marine. Mix them all together for another tantalizing taste of ABOVE THE LAW:

Glennon wasn't one of those get-in-touch-with-himself guys who spilled his guts about his feelings at the local bar.

He sat with his coffee and a frosted cherry Pop-Tart, didn't realize the pastry had gone from hand to mouth. Even though he and Abigail hadn't spent much time together, he liked seeing her when the sun rose, looked forward to bedtime. Yeah, that's because your dick takes notice whenever she's around.

In the quiet solitude of the morning, honesty reared its insistent head, his loins stirred, and he realized with dead certainty that it wasn't Abigail he'd hoped to find when he woke.

It was Joe.

 Danica St. Como
Seduction ~ Sex ~ Suspense


  1. Ooh... this sounds interesting. A definite cliff-hanging six sentences!

    If you'd like to read my six sentences, here's my link... it's a bit naughty this week: http://palomabeck.weebly.com/2/post/2012/11/six-sentence-sunday-unrestrained.html



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