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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sunday with Rach

Morning everyone and welcome (back) to the Divas of Desire.

This am I'm going to tease you all with six sentences from my first book, An Affair Across Times Square

Hope you enjoy it...

TYLER LACHLAN COULDN’T believe what he saw through his office window. A woman across Times Square, eighteen stories high, scantily clad in the middle of her hotel room, pleasuring herself. And here he sat, staring at her like some sick Peeping Tom. His mother would be so ashamed, but he couldn’t look away. He could feel the way his body reacted to the sight of her. When he’d looked up from that morning’s briefing documents and gazed across the way to the hotel, he’d never expected to be greeted with such a sight. 

Well, there it is folks... a little snippet from An Affair Across Times Square. On sale now at these locations: 
Loose Id 
Barnes & Noble

Have a great Sunday everyone. Hope we'll see you back here soon. 

~ Rach 


  1. Hmm. Wonder what he's going to do now...

  2. Well, you'll have to read the book to find out, Tonya! I'm not telling ;-p



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