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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Fun and a #Recipe! #Romance #IndependenceDay

Happy Friday, friends and Happy Fourth of July! Many of us will be celebrating with cookouts, fireworks, and cracking open a few cold ones. 

Some author friends and I have an additional way for you to celebrate this weekend! Saturday July 5, author members of Nice Girls Writing Naughty are sponsoring a party on our blog and in our Facebook group. Games and fun include a scavenger hunt with a $50 GC grand prize. There will be smaller prizes as well. I hope you'll join us!

Speaking of holidays, have you ever heard of Christmas in July? Well, I'm celebrating that, too. How? Why with a couple of recipes for Krupnik, that's how! 

What's Krupnik, you ask? Well, it happens to be a Polish liqueur flavored with honey and spices, including cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns. Orange and lemon zest add to the flavors. Adding vodka or grain alcohol is what gives the drink its "kick." It's a drink traditionally served at Christmas, but I'm sharing it with you now because it happens to play an important part in my new release, Read to Me

In the story Mr. Milosc, the owner of the bookstore where the hero and heroine connect, offers each of them a small glass of Krupnik. 

The glasses held golden liquor with a slightly spicy aroma. Blaise felt a bit tipsy just inhaling it.
    Mr. Miłosc lifted his glass. “Na zdrowie. To your health.”
    Blaise returned the sentiment in English and took a sip. The rich, sweet flavor of honey rolled over her tongue. She gave Mr. Miłosc a questioning look.
    “Krupnik,” he explained. “A very old Polish recipe.”
    She and Guy enjoyed the sweet liqueur in silence, taking small sips, letting the flavor roll around their mouths and fill their senses. Though the portions were small, Blaise began to feel a pleasant buzz. Whether from the krupnik or her companion’s powerful presence, she didn’t know.

People of Polish descent often make their own Krupnik (I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Milosc did), although if that's not your cup of tea, you can also buy it. But I came across a couple of recipes in case you'd like to try the home-made kind. (Due to copyright concerns, I'm linking the recipes rather than copying them here.) Here's one that uses vodka. I also found this one, which uses grain alcohol (e.g. Everclear). The drink may be served hot or cold. As Mr. Milosc would say, Na zdrowie!

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
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