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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#Tuesday #Tips with @RachellNichole

Hey y'all 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Sorry I've been a bit quiet the past few weeks (AGAIN), and a big shoutout to our girl Nona who's been holding down the fort for us here in SexyTown! 

So today's tips are all about the reason I've been MIA: Moving! 

Four weeks ago, I finally moved! So the past month has been all about painting, unpacking, buying new nonsense for the new place, getting organized, putting stuff up on the walls. So now, here's 5 Tips from a recent Pro on how to move, and what to avoid! 

5. Be prepared! This was a huge step in getting ready to move. I've moved before, but nothing like this. This time, we got this stuff called mover's wrap. It was amazing! Picture green saran wrap on a wand. I wrapped tables, glass cabinets, dressers, and pretty much anything else I could think of to wrap! This stuff helped protect the furniture, was much easier than trying to tape cardboard around the glass shelves or table legs or anything like that. Plus, it was so much fun

4. Get a big truck. Now this might sound self-explanatory, but a lot of people don't get a big enough one. Remember ladies, it doesn't matter what they say, size really does matter! I got the 17-footer 'cause I got a lot of junk. We had a couch and futon and a couple beds, table and chairs, a couple end tables, a glass cabinet, and about a zillion boxes. And we packed the hell out of that big truck. It was just the right size. The junk just reached the end with an inch to spare to close the door. 

3. Have lots of (female) friends, but not too many. Again, maybe this sounds like an easy one to remember, but you have to get the number just right. Now the right number depends a lot on size. Remember number 4? Size matters! So for us, the correct number was five. The old place was relatively large, and the new place was up three mini flights of stairs. If we'd had six or seven or heavens, eight, people, we would have tripped over each other. As it was, with some good communication, we were able to work around one another and coordinate the move with very few issues. And, kick the men out. I know that may seem kind of contradictory because of all those big muscles and such, but, when it's just the ladies, there's a few extra seconds of chatting and planning, but the results are flawless. We got the truck loaded, drove to the place, and had everything off the truck, out of the cars, and up three flights of stairs in four hours. 

2. Paint First. When you can, it's always better to get into the new place before all of your junk is in it to paint. Trying to paint in a sea of boxes while you're unpacking and moving furniture and all that junk is insane. Don't do it. Just, don't

And last but not least, the number 1 thing to remember when moving...

1. Don't try to get settled in a week. (Like I did). Trust me, it just aint gonna happen, folks. Even with an army of people, it will take at least a month to get everything unpacked an in its rightful place. And doing that at breakneak speed while also working a job (or three) will make you feel like ripping your hair out. Take your time. This is your new home, and I more than anyone know what kind of hell it is to feel unsettled and not know where anything is or where it goes, but forcing this process makes you long for your old place, where everything was just so, and it's not worth it to make yourself crazy trying to get settled all at once. 

So, that's it. 
It's been a month, and that's my moving wisdom to share with you all. Now that I've rushed to get settled (I know, I know, something I advise you all against) I feel wonderful! And I promise to be around the Divas watering hole much more often in the coming months than I have been recently. 

Thanks everybody, and as soon as I can get some good shots of the new place, I'll share them all with you. Wait until you see the office! It's red. :-) 


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