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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Through the Drama

Hey Folks,

I know I mentioned over a month ago that I was getting back into the swing of things and slowly coming out of hibernation, but it was clearly a big fat lie... Cue Pinocchio Nose Growth Here... I haven't written anything more than a few thousand words in the past three months, my online presence has been slipping from active to almost nonexistent, and I haven't even been to any writing-related events since the In Your Write Mind Workshop in June.

In short, I feel like a loser.

But... lest we get too damned depressed here, it happens. And I need to stop holding myself to ridiculous standards that no one could meet. So now it's time to power through and write through the drama that life
has dumped on me this year.

This applies not only to myself and other authors out there, but also to everyone reading this post. It's about inner strength, about knowing yourself, your limits, your goals, your mind and body, your soul. Last night I returned to yoga practice for the first time in months, and our instructor informed us that whatever we ever needed, we were automatically equipped with - we had it, always, in our heart center. We had only to dig it out, reveal it, and let its strength flow forth.

It's an interesting notion. Everything I need. Here, already? I wasn't sure I could believe that at first, but I've slept on it, meditated over it, let it mull and simmer inside me since last night. And I've decided she was absolutely right. Was the timing of me falling off the face of the digital earth ideal? Nope. Will I rebound, deal with it, and shake off the effects of a long-term break? Absolutely.

So here I go, making my pledge known to you all, and hoping to pass on some wisdom I've picked up this year: Life will kick you in the teeth. Repeatedly. But that doesn't mean the world is out to get you. It doesn't mean the universe will end or that you're being singled out and dumped on. It doesn't mean that there isn't hope, love, desire, support, and a wealth of amazingness still left in the world.

I promise to go forth and reinvigorate my writing life by:


Anyone else having the year from hell who needed a pick-me-up - I hope this was insightful and helpful. Power through, get the support you can, believe in yourself and trust that you have everything you need inside, even if that "thing" is the wisdom to seek guidance, love, and support outside yourself. You can do it.

And so can I.

Will post progress on this process as I balance a full time job, a home business, and writing.

~ Rach

A special note of dedication to two of the strongest fighters I've ever known: my grandmothers.


  1. Hey, I hope you've taken all the time you need to rebound...the reading world will be waiting for you whenever you're ready. Big squeeze to you!

  2. Hey, Rachelle, give yourself a break! This year has been a tumultuous one for you. Sometimes we all need to have some time to regroup. Hope things start looking up for you writing wise and otherwise. The Divas got your back, girlfriend! :-)

  3. Thanks Anita & Nona. :-) I'm working on cutting myself some slack. We'll see how that goes.



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