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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#RealityTV for #Writers??

So I've recently had this idea that I want to create a Reality TV Show kind of like a cross between American Idol and The Bachelor.

The judges/panelists would be one USA Today/NY Times Bestseller, two agents, and two editors.
The authors/writers would all be genre writers in all genres, though we'd try to have at least three in each genre to start with.
The host would be... well, me! :-) A sort-of mid-list multi-genre author with an MFA. I could host/mentor a few of the contestants, and we'd need a few more mentors depending on how many contestants. And we could be #TeamRach, #TeamNona, #TeamDanica #TeamPris #TeamBill etc. :-)

The format would start out with a five page submission that we'd have people read/act out on stage - that would be like the HUGE music-halls of people they have for American Idol. This process would take a few weeks and the winners would be pared down to 30 or so and then they'd all be flown out to live in a huge gorgeous house with multiple rooms/dens for writing time, a larger class-room type room and stuff. Something from the Romantic/Gothic or Victorian ages would be appropriate for a bunch of writers I think. Each week the contestants would have to submit 10 pages to the panel, some of which will have to be read/acted aloud for judgment. Of course, since popular fiction is supposed to be POPULAR, there would be an audience participation voting process where they could vote based on the selection read/acted on air or could read on the website the whole submission.

When a contestant has to leave - the Quill ceremony would hand out quills to all the writers who get to stay and a Golden Quill for the winner that week. That person would get an hour of one-on-one time with one of the judges to talk about their work/ideas etc.

Soooo... who would watch this awesome show? I'm really only half-kidding about this. We should make this happen.



  1. I think it is a great idea! iI think if you pull some younger mentors (19-24) can bring in the younger crowd into watching the show. Just add some "drama" and BOOM! A great show!

  2. Oh, writers do drama to the max! It would totally be inherent.



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