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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A little bit of Rachell

Hello there, 

My name is Rachell Nichole and I live in New York. I write erotic romance and I love every minute of it (okay, well almost every minute... sometimes it's painful, and not in the good way ;-p) I've just finished the first round of edits on my first erotic romance, An Affair Across Times Square, due out later this year, and that's been my least favorite part of the writing process so far. 

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I'm definitely a child of the digital age. I've had a computer in my house since I was a kid and I've been using the keyboard to weave my tales for more than a dozen years. I will publish this book with Loose Id, LLC. For updates on the book or upcoming news, check back here every Monday for Romance According to Rachell. You can also visit my website (if you dare) at www.RachellNichole.com 

I'll be posting fun and exciting new blogs every Monday, so come start your week off right! 

A friend, and fellow writer, of mine, Nona Raines asked me a few weeks back if I would be interested in doing a group blog. I thought it was a fantastic idea and we asked Danica St. Como, another writer friend, to join us in our quest... and the Divas of Desire were born. 
Each week, we three Divas shall blog about whatever we desire. Some shall be daring and I promise to post some pictures, especially of photos that have inspired my writing. 
~ Rach 


  1. And I'm very pleased to be a member of The Divas of Desire.

  2. Me, too Danica! Thanks again to Nona for getting the ball rolling with this one.

  3. I am so NOT a child of the digital age, although I was an IBM Selectric freak in its glory days. My first computer was a Unisys with a DOS format -- it was years before I was brave enough to install the "new" Windows. As long as I could type and print things, I was happy. Now, of course, who can function without all the electronic goodies?

  4. I too am old enough to have used a typewriter (do those even exist anymore?) in my first writing efforts. Hell, I played Pac-Man when it was in its heyday! I'm so happy to be part of this group and look forward to working with both of you.



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