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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome New Divas!

Many many moons ago (or, you know, four years), two of my fellow Central New York Romance Writer cohorts and I sat down to have a little chat after one of our meetings. The topic, of course, was this grog (group blog) and how we could join forces and send our words into the world of blogging to talk about life, writing, books, and, of course, SEX! Lots and lots of sex.

Because we were all erotic romance authors, Nona, Danica, and I all had a lot to share about writing and sex and writing about sex. We were all about sharing. We posted about book deals and about new releases, we had guest bloggers, and author interviews, and damn if we didn't have a good time reading each other's posts and your comments. And as the years went on, we all got a bit crazier, and ended up posting less and less, and so we have now decided to bring in some more wonderful authors to our Divas family to join in and share on the grog. We will be posting lots more, and about lots of diverse writing, erotic romance, love, sex, and book-related topics! So be sure to stay tuned for lots to come. We'll also likely be hosting some other authors and doing some giveaways and all kinds of stuff!

But, without further ado, Nona, Danica, and I would like to welcome the following Divas!

Jacki King

Michelle King (no relation to Jacki)

Lexi Lawton

Jennifer Loring 

Mary Rogers 


B.Leslie Tirell

Some of our authors are in the "pre-publishing" phase, meaning they're just starting out in the erotic romance genre, and not yet published in it, others have published some titles, and still others have published many titles! Together, we have nearly 70 Publications! How amazing is that!?

We are a diverse group and come from lots of different backgrounds and have followed different paths to writing and publishing, and I can't wait to see where we go from here together!

Please join me in welcoming the new Divas.

You can find more about us and our works here: https://divasofdesire.blogspot.com/2016/08/diva-books.html


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