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Monday, August 25, 2014

Man-Up Monday with Solomon and Cain

Helllooo, Divas! Do I have a treat for you today. Hot, sexy, alpha vampire twins!! Yes, that's right, I said TWINS! Author Anais Morgan released BLOOD & GOLD today -- a dark paranormal erotic romance. As part of her release day blast, she's stopped by with a smokin' hot excerpt. Check it out!


Solomon got off the couch and started looking for his brother. It wasn’t hard. He came around the corner to his room and found Mary on Cain’s bed. Her eyes read pure terror, and as she gazed at him they were pleading for Solomon to help her. He noticed Cain’s hand trailing over her throat and how he flexed her petite neck beneath his grasp. The smile curving his lips told Solomon that Cain had plans to feed.
Solomon cleared his throat. “What are you guys doing?”
Mary looked at him. “Pl-“
“We were just going to go for a swim,” Cain interrupted.
Mary’s gaze flew to him. “We were?”
“Yes. I’d like to see you wet. I missed it that night in the tub and now I want to see more. You can keep your tank top and panties on if that will make you more comfortable.”
Mary wiggled out of his grasp and stepped away from the bed. “Isn’t there a suit?”
Cain shook his head. “Just what you’ve got on.” He stood and took her hand in his. Solomon hurried after them as they headed down the hall. The one place that they kept as more of a secret-because suicide was always an option for the blood slaves-was just next to Deacon’s room behind a door labeled “Dungeon.” It was Deacon’s idea and so far it worked at keeping the slaves out.

Inside, the pool took up quite a chunk of the room. It was four feet deep on one end and blended into a ten foot area. A diving board sat on the edge. The room itself was rather boring. The walls were medium blue with black stripes in the middle. The tile floor was ceramic and white with small flecks of black in them. There were several beach lounge chairs around each side of the pool, and in one corner was a wooden bench. A towel rack sat near the door with dozens of black beach towels.
Cain pulled Mary into the room and took off the chain necklace he used as a shirt. He stripped his pants off until he was naked. Mary’s cheeks turned pink and she glanced away. Cain grabbed her chin and made her look at him. “Our bodies are beautiful.”
Mary tried to get away, but Cain pulled her in for a hug. Solomon’s fingers itched to knock his twin’s lights out. Even though Cain was gay, Mary didn’t know that. And Cain was known to switch from time to time. Solomon had to break this up before he did something he regretted to his brother. He took a step forward. “Virgin, why don’t you strip down too?”
Her eyes narrowed on him.
He smiled as he shrugged off his jacket, leaving his torso naked. “I’ll let you wear this.” He offered her his jacket. “I wouldn’t want you to feel too naked.”
Mary’s lips trembled, but then she reached out and took his coat. Keeping her back to them, she removed her shorts. Solomon’s gaze filled with that shapely ass of hers in lace panties. The way the blue lace complimented her skin made his mouth water. Betty had done an excellent job of finding undergarments for Mary.
Solomon did noticed four piercings in her back. They were becoming popular, back dimple piercings spread across her lower back. She had two big ones on each side with a smaller one beneath them. He’d never seen them up close and truth be told, he was pleased with them. The alignment was perfect for his thumbs as he fucked her ass. Maybe she got them at the same time as the ink? The convent had said nothing about her piercings. In fact, their report had said she’d had her ears done once but they had since grown closed.
Cain scanned her body and Solomon found it best to act uninterested.
At the sight of Mary wearing his jacket, Solomon grew hard watching as his warmth, a jacket he loved, gave her confidence and cradled her. He wished that the jacket was his arms and his hands were on her tits.
Cain jumped in cannonball-style. Mary peered over her shoulder at Solomon. The way the water and dim lighting reflected off her eyes made him wish he could kiss her. His lips burned to touch hers, but not in front of his brother. “Go for it,” he said, wishing he could have come up with something a little less corny.
Mary slid into the water. Solomon watched as she dunked her hair. She came up, watering dripping off every inch of her. The way the water trickled down between her breasts, the way she breathed out, Solomon was going to come in his pants at the sight. His jacket opened a bit to reveal her tank clung to her body, her nipples hard, and Solomon reached for his dick. The two were busy swimming so they wouldn’t notice. He sat down on one of the benches that decorated the room and watched as she splashed water at Cain. His twin laughed and did the same.
Solomon’s hand slid down his length from outside of his pants. He groaned as her jacket opened even more. The tank had sagged from the water’s weight, and her breast were ready to spring free. He bit into his lip and tasted his blood, a sour taste, but something had to get his mind off of how sexy she looked. Fuck, he wished he could be in there with her, touching those erect nipples, grabbing that shapely ass. He shook his head.

Cain swam over and grabbed the nape of Mary’s neck. Solomon let go of his cock as Cain forced her head back and bit.

She will feed them or die. Or both.

Just when eighteen-year-old Mary Scott is ready to go to culinary school, she’s captured and held prisoner by The Order-a religious group that sells humans to vampires. Mary is sent to become the blood slave to the Wictreds, a family of three vampires. There’s Deacon, the gentleman with a short temper, Solomon, sarcastic one with some serious mood swings, and Cain, the child-like one that has a problem with self control. Her only hope is to escape, but she has a single chance. If she’s caught she’ll be killed to keep her silent.

As time passes, Mary’s days become numbered. After all, she has only so much blood. The longer she’s in the house, the more time she spends with Solomon. When he’s not toying with her, he’s actually a nice guy and protects her from his brothers. Mary loves his company and soon his presence makes her heart flutter. But humans and vampires must be separate, and Deacon will do anything to keep the family honor intact.

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