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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Meatball Mistress by Tiffany N. York #Review #giveaway #GoddessFish

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The Meatball Mistress
by Tiffany N. York



Cara Manzoni flees Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to the Jersey Shore after catching her fiancĂ© cheating with her hairdresser. Problem is she has no clothes, no money, and no place to go. This is not where she thought she’d be at almost thirty years old.

Ryan Garridy is a diehard commitment-phobe, struggling to keep his Italian restaurant afloat. The last thing he wants is a high-maintenance woman in his life. So when Cara runs out on her check and then faints at his feet the next day, he knows she’s trouble with a capital T. It still doesn’t stop him from offering her a job and a place to stay. There’s something feisty and compelling about this woman, and no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t seem to say no to her. Or her Sicilian meatballs.

Since Cara has sworn off men, it’s no big deal that Ryan is sexy and charming—until she decides the only way to stop obsessing over her ex is to obsess over someone new. Ryan makes her forget about her ex a little too well, but falling for him could set her up for a whole new world of hurt.

One man, one woman, both wounded by love. Will they be able to overcome their demons and learn to trust again? If the undeniable passion between these two doesn’t keep them together, the mouth-watering food will.


“I’m a fabulous cocktail waitress,” she bragged. “You won’t be sorry. I know every drink in existence. Honestly, it’s like I have a photographic memory when it comes to ingredients.”
Ryan didn’t answer her. He sat there shell-shocked.
“Say something.”
“I can’t. I’ve lost all power of speech.”
“You’re not regretting your decision to let me stay, are you?”
“It’s just … ” His voice trailed off. He leaned his head back and stared up at the ceiling. “I’m trying to remember whether I’ve ever helped out a woman I wasn’t sleeping with.”
“If you think I’m going to sleep with you … ”
“No! Jesus, that’d be a disaster waiting to happen.”
“Are you saying sleeping with me would be a disaster?”
“Absolutely!” He caught the deadly look she shot him and quickly said, “I mean, absolutely not!”
Cara shrugged. “It doesn’t matter either way, because I’ve sworn off all men. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all mangy dogs. Except you, of course,” she amended.
Ryan stood up and headed for the door. “No, I’m one, as well. If I weren’t, I would have told you five minutes ago your robe was open,” he tossed back.

**Nona’s Review of The Meatball Mistress**

This romance had me chuckling from the first page. When Cara Manzoni discovers her fiancĂ© shtupping her hair-dresser, she’s almost as outraged at having to find a new stylist as having to dump her boyfriend.

Cara impulsively takes off to the Jersey Shore, but when her ex cancels their joint credit card, she’s without funds. In desperation, she orders a big meal at an Italian restaurant and stiffs them on the bill. Ryan, the restaurateur who owns Bella Vita, later finds her in a bad way and lets her move into an empty apartment above the restaurant.

The attraction between the two is instantaneous, but Cara is on the rebound while Ryan is a player, though he’s honest with his partners about sex being strictly fun and games. “Fun and games” come back to bite him in the culo when Cara decides she wants to get over her ex by getting under Ryan. She’s determined to seduce him with the help of some exploding lingerie and delicious meatballs.

It’s not all fun, though, as Ryan has some serious battles on his hands—problems with his family’s disapproval of his life’s choices and the fact that his restaurant is failing. But could Cara, the Meatball Mistress, actually be the answer to his prayers?

The Meatball Mistress was a fun and sexy read! Cara is a heroine with a strong will, a smart mouth and a hearty appetite for Italian food and hot sex with the right man. In spite of his “love ‘em and leave ‘em” ways, Ryan is a good guy whose decency rises to the occasion when assisting Cara. We also learn why he’s protecting his heart by keeping his affairs casual, until Cara pierces his armor.

This story is chock full of humor, sass, romance, plus a little heartbreak and delicious descriptions of food. If you enjoy those things, you’ll enjoy The Meatball Mistress. But be warned: you’ll probably crave a meatball hoagie when you’re finished.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tiffany N. York lives in Southern CA with her spirited son, diva Chihuahua, three to five cats, and two tone-deaf parakeets. She writes romance to escape reality. You can visit her at http://tiffanynyorkauthor.com





  1. I love this kind of book.

  2. Lol...I loved the excerpt and the sound of this book. Thanks for the review and the giveaway

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  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review The Meatball Mistress!

  4. What a great review. This sounds like a fantastic story.



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