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Sunday, March 31, 2013

#SneakPeekSunday with Rachell Nichole

Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday!

I love this meme, and I love sharing snippets of my books with you all. This week, we're going back to my first release, An Affair Across Times Square because I'm still working with Layla and Tyler in the sequel to Marietta Hotels Book One. The second book in the series is called, An Engagement in Paris and I'm working on the first round of edits with my wonderful editor Serena now.

So I thought I'd share a snippet from An Affair Across Times Square this week.

His breath stilled in his lungs as he watched the curtain open one agonizingly slow inch at a time. He couldn’t breathe as he looked at Ms. Marietta. She stood beside the table, a shiny black halter top dress setting off her light mocha skin and showing him a beautiful glimpse of her cleavage. The long dress almost reached her ankles but had a high slit on the left side, revealing a delicious expanse of thigh. Black strappy heels and sparkling jewelry completed her attire.
She pushed the button on the waiting telephone, and he turned on his speakerphone as it rang.
“I see you got my note,” he said.
Her answering laugh warmed him even more. “Yes, I did.”

I'll let your imaginations take over from there... 

For more than just a little taste, check out An Affair Across Times Square here: 

All Romance Ebooks -  http://bit.ly/T6Drrh
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/SM3DFW
Loose Id  - http://bit.ly/OALcBV

for more information on this and other books, check out my website at www.RachellNichole.com 

For exclusive reads, freebies, and info, leave your email address to be added to my e-newsletter list. 

Thanks, and HAPPY EASTER, everyone! 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mini #Review Round Up of Five #Romances!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the week's been good to you. I've been busy writing something new, waiting to hear on a couple of submissions, and doing some reading. I've posted the following mini-reviews at Goodreads of some new stories I've enjoyed and would like to share them with you. 

Heaven Sent by Sarah Hoss (sweet paranormal romance)

When forgiveness heals the soul, love heals the heart.

Flight nurse Tenlee Hawkins is used to making quick decisions, but one decision she made the Christmas day her mother died haunts her. Wrestling with the past, she spirals into depression--until the day she finds a man unconscious in her woods and saves his life.

When Sam awakens in the hospital with a concussion and no memory, Tenlee rescues him again. She takes him into her home and her life. But as Sam recovers and remembers who he is, he's torn. A guardian angel isn't supposed to fall in love.

As the promise of true love grows, Tenlee realizes that Sam has helped her much more than she ever helped him. But Sam is filled with guilt knowing he must soon leave. Will it take a Christmas miracle to find the life with Tenlee he's always wanted?

This book offers a sweet romance and tugs at the heartstrings. The relationship between Sam the angel and Tenlee was romantic with just a touch of sexual appeal. I was wondering how the author would solve the problem of Sam having to return to Heaven--that would certainly put the kibosh on the romance! The ending was heartwarming and besides the romance element the story also deals with forgiveness and letting go of the past.

Help Sessions by Larry Hammersley (sweet vintage romance)

Chemistry major Roy Jensen isn't looking for romance. He's having trouble with a difficult class and needs to get at least a high B to keep his advisor happy. When his all-male study group proves useless, he joins the brightest students, the only two women in class, for their study sessions.
Heather Kallin is persuaded by her friend to help Roy but makes it clear to him she isn't interested in his attention. Sure, he's made an impression, from his friendliness to his extreme capability in the lab, but her trust in men was shattered once and she refuses to allow any two-legged male too close, ever again.
Can Roy convince her his love is unconditional, no matter her secret?

Sometimes you just want something short and sweet. I enjoyed the male POV in the story and thought Roy was a nice character. There were a lot of chemistry terms that flew over this English major's head. I wish there had been more period detail and also that the role of women in this male dominated department (particularly in this time period) had been touched on. Or is that too feminist of me :-)? This was a sweet and gentle love story where the romance goes no further than a kiss. 

Mating Season by Allie Ritch (erotic shapeshifter romance)

Mating season on the arctic planet of Jensen is a time for eligible men to winter with a potential spouse. In the past, Koll’s big size and gruff disposition have scared off many available women. When Shila literally falls into his arms, he hopes maybe this year will be different.

Shila belongs to a race of shifters who are able to transform into enormous frost bears. She loves Koll’s large body and sexy growl, and she understands the benefit of having a strong protector. With two male shifters stalking her, she needs Koll to keep her safe. But can he defeat the competition?

For a short book, I thought the author packed in plenty of hawt scenes. I did not feel cheated in the sex department! I liked the gruff and taciturn Koll and his relationship with Shila. It was sweet how he opened up with her. It only made me a little sad I couldn't have my own frost bear :-).

Permanent Marker by Angel Payne (erotic contemporary romance, BDSM elements)

When Mark Moore arrives in Nassau to conduct a corporate training meeting, his only expectation is a week of professional and personal enjoyment in an island paradise. Since stepping down from his senatorial duties to have more time for his pop star daughter, Dasha, he's liked having free time for projects like this--except for the moments when the memories attack of a love long lost, buried six years ago.

He never expects the sweet surprise of Rose Fabian, a student who soon becomes much more. Her kisses and her passion are a balm for his tattered soul--and her submission reawakens every Dominant instinct in his body. But Rose carries emotional scars of her own, wounds that are worsened by desiring Mark: an older man with social standing and integrity that will only be ruined by her influence. Only in finally surrendering to their love can she find the courage to believe that their future will be written in permanent marker.

Mark was a very sexy and romantic character. I loved how he pursued Rose and tried to win her over. Rose was a good character, but a broken heart and the disdain of her family left her with a damaged self-image. I wished she'd shown a little more gumption where her family was concerned, but her struggle to overcome her fear is compelling. This was a very sexy and emotional story that really touched me.

Take Me Break Me by Cari Silverwood (erotic romance and dark erotica, dubious consent, BDSM)

Jodie is scraping the barrel trying to stay afloat. An idea arrives that could rescue her finances and bring her together in a kinky way with a man she never gave up on. She's terrified and fascinated, and tempted as hell.

Capture fantasies rule her eBook. Re-enacting one in a documentary would surely be irresistible viewing to millions of women?

But Jodie and Klaus discover that underneath an ordinary man dark desires may lurk. What will win in the end? The man and lover, or the monster?

I give Cari Silverwood props for showing how two people can be into BDSM but really get in way over their heads. Klaus and Jodie get pulled into the fantasy deeper and deeper until they almost drown. This book has one foot in dark erotica and the other in erotic romance. The dark erotica side made it a little hard (for me) to read, but I enjoyed how it all wound up in a satisfying conclusion. The author did an excellent job getting inside the heads of both characters to expose not only their compulsions but their fears and their longing for closeness. 

Whether you're looking for something sexy or sweet, one of the above stories is sure to fit the bill. 

Have a wonderful weekend, all, and if you celebrate Easter, may all your bunnies be chocolate ones!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reviews by Rach: On the Fly by Katie Kenyhercz

Hi folks, we have a special Review & Interview this week with my friend, Katie Kenyhercz, author of On the Fly. And isn't it just such a beautiful cover?  

Welcome, Katie.

First, can you tell us all a bit about yourself?
Sure! I’ve loved writing since I was twelve and knew I wanted to do something with it but wasn’t sure what, so I became a professional student. From BA to MA and now MFA. When I tell my family, “This is it! I’ll be done with school in June,” they smile and say, “Sure, okay.” I’m not locking the door on Ph.D, but I’m putting it in the attic for now. I’m happy writing hockey romance and will continue, but I also want to teach creative writing at the college level. That’s up next!

And your recent release?
On the Fly has been a labor of love. I started writing scenes for it ten years ago, but I couldn’t get the plot where I wanted it for a full-length novel. It took my MFA program to get me on track and make everything gel. Jacey inherits her father’s NHL team unexpectedly. She’s well versed in business but not so much in hockey and stumbles a bit as she figures it out. To complicate things, she falls for the team captain, Carter Phlynn. As things heat up off-ice, the press latches on. Jacey has to choose between being with the man she loves and saving the team her father loved and trusted her with.

So… I know this is a very personal question… but are you a plotter or a pantser (for those of you readers out there who aren’t sure what this means, it’s a question about her writing style – does she plot out each detail of a book before she sits down to write it, or does she just write it by the seat of her pants)
It’s funny you ask, because I’ve recently had a revelation about this. I always thought I was a plotter. I totally believe in the logic behind it. How can you write a story if you don’t know where it’s going? At the same time, I knew plotting was the one element of fiction that gave me trouble. Just in the past few months, I’ve discovered I’m a weird hybrid. I know how I want my book to end, and I know how it starts. It’s the in between stuff that gets messy, so I’ll plot a few middle chapters at a time. Nothing involved, just scene ideas. That way, when I sit down to write them, there’s still an element of pantsing, letting the scenes unfold as they will, just knowing each one has a specific purpose. I guess the short answer is: I’m a pantser who desperately wants to plot and try to as much as I can.

What do you love most about Carter Phlynn, the hero of On the Fly?
A recent reviewer best summed up how I feel about Carter: “Carter is a breath of fresh air in the hero department. He doesn’t brood. He doesn’t have scars beyond the physical ones he’s earned on-ice. He’s not afraid of his emotions. He’s just a guy lambasted by a connection to this girl.”
I love a wounded puppy hero as much as the next girl, but I wanted Carter to be different. It’s pretty common for a guy to be the uncertain one, the hesitant one in a relationship. I wanted to turn that around. Serious relationships are new territory for Carter, but once he admits to himself how he feels about Jacey, it doesn’t scare him. He knows what he wants and goes for it.

What do you love most about Jacey Vaughn, your heroine?
Similarly, Jacey is a fun contradiction. She’s smart, strong, and dedicated, but when it comes to love, she’s gun shy. Her feelings scare her because being vulnerable means giving up control. She’s logical to a fault and makes the tough decisions even when it hurts. Carter opens her up and shows her that trust is what takes true strength, and if she takes a leap of faith, he’ll be there to catch her. For the first time in her life, she’s not the caregiver, and that’s scary but thrilling.

What are you working on now?
I’m writing the next Las Vegas Sinners novel, Full Strength. This is the goalie’s book. Shane Reese is injured near the end of a less-than-stellar season and taken out of play. He’s never been seriously injured before, and he doesn’t handle it well. He’s especially frustrated because he knows his play wasn’t up to snuff before the high ankle sprain, and there are rumors he might be traded in the off season. Enter Alexandra (Allie) Kallen, the new team sports psychologist. She’s out to prove her ability as a therapist after returning her last client to play too early, leading to his re-injury. A former soccer goalie, Allie understands Reese in a way not many can. An injury ended her playing days, so she gets his frustration and fears. They fall for each other, but as long as he’s her patient, a relationship is off limits.

Where can readers find you? (Facebook, twitter, website, blog, etc.)

And where can they find your books?
Pretty much any e-book retailer!

Thanks so much for coming by, Katie. It was a blast. 
Thank you for having me!

Do you have a giveaway or any other information to share with our readers today? 
I'm picking five lucky readers to win a pair of Sinners glow horns like those mentioned in On the Fly. To score a pair of these babies...

Drop me an email at ken9002@setonhill.edu with your favorite scene from the book by April 8th. I'll get in touch with the winners by the next day. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

And now for the review: 

First let me say that I was lucky enough to see On the Fly  in its draft stages while Katie and I were in the MFA program together, and it's been wonderful to see how it's changed. I was very happy to revisit Carter and Jacey. 

Jacey Vaughn has a newly minted MBA when her father dies unexpectedly and leaves her his NHL team. Well-versed in business but not so much in hockey, Jacey navigates this new world with a few stumbles. She definitely doesn’t plan on falling for the team captain. At the first hint of scandal, a local Las Vegas reporter latches on, and Jacey finds herself in the newspaper with headlines that hurt instead of help. Jacey’s determined to keep her father’s legacy alive and make the team successful, but while she has no problem denying her feelings to the media, she can’t lie to herself.

Carter Phlynn has known nothing but hockey his entire life. Drafted into the NHL at age eighteen, winning the Stanley Cup is all he’s ever wanted. Nothing has ever disrupted his focus. Not until he meets his new boss. Jacey gets under his skin like no one else, and while dating the team owner would be a disaster for his career and reputation, he can’t get her out of his head. Carter has never had a relationship last more than a month, but the more he’s around Jacey, the more he can’t picture his future without her.

Five out of Five Divas! 
What can I say about this book that would be good enough? On the Fly was a sweet, sexy, funny romance. The humor comes through in almost all of the scenes. There are smart, witty allusions, unexpected turns of phrases, and a love of hockey that shines through the page. There were actually parts in the book where I thought I was REALLY at a hockey game. Carter and Jacey are adorable and made for each other. She's convinced she can't have it all - the team, the Stanley Cup, and the Captain. But Carter is determined to throw caution to the wind and sweep her off her feet, teaching her how to trust, how to love, and how to fight for it all. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Titillating Tuesday with Danica

The good news? The Divas are busy writing, writing, and writing. The bad news? Not getting to the blog often enough. Sorry, but not sorry.

Now, for a titillationg piece of HER SPECIAL FORCES, a Sophia Roslyn book:

With Nathan's thickness stretching its way to her epicenter, Kacey wondered what the fuck had taken her so long, why she'd held him off. A hard-bodied, handsome man, tanned walnut brown from the desert sun, with honey-colored eyes and hair to match, he'd certainly captivated her from the first. He'd also been obnoxiously arrogant, bold, and self-assured. Driven, protective. Alpha. No doubt he knew he affected her libido whenever he touched her, even with the most casual brush, and she'd cursed him for it.

But it had been his smile that had done her in—the lazy decadence that promised to deliver every wish, every deeply private, secret desire. His feline gaze promised it all.

Danica St. Como, writing as Sophia Roslyn

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rachell Nichole - Sneak Peek Sunday

Hiya all,

Welcome back to Sneak Peek Sunday! So happy to have you by.

I wanted to share a snippet from on of my recent releases, Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce. Now this book is set during the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but its spice can be enjoyed all year long!

This comes from a scene in the middle of the book when my hero, Mason, is slowly seducing my heroine, Amy one tickling caress at a time...

She wriggled and groaned, her breasts swaying with each movement. Desire coursed through him. He didn’t know how long he’d be able to tease her before he was ripping her clothes off and sinking himself deep.
He lifted her legs, caressing the backs of her knees, and she whimpered. She reached her hands above her head and grabbed on to the post she’d held earlier while he slammed into her from behind. With each squirm and delightful whispered squeal, his erection grew. Blood rushed to her face, flushing her skin as he moved his fingers from her legs to her hips.

So, there it is, your Sneak Peek Sunday for this week. I hope you enjoyed. 

Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce is on sale now: 

Loose Id – http://bit.ly/TWjroi
All Romance Ebook - http://bit.ly/SPA4Xf
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/WgZUkd

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Sweet and #Sexy #Romance Short Stories!

Happy Friday, everyone! The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me. I've submitted a couple of manuscripts to different publishers and now begins the fun of biting my nails and waiting to hear. To keep from driving myself crazy, I've been reading some awesome books.

As much as I enjoy reading, I'm not always in the mood for a full-length book or even a novella. Short and sweet (or sexy) fits the bill exactly. Sometimes you want something you can enjoy when you're riding the bus or waiting in the doctor's office. Well, fire up those ereaders, friends! Today I want to share some short reads with you that you can get for less than two dollars. And since it's been a while since I've pimped any of my own work on the blog, I couldn't resist including a shortie of my own on the list :-).

May Day Magic by Beverly Breton  (Kindle exclusive sweet romance)

Single mother and school nurse Diane Avery is on overload, too busy caring for her children and everyone else's to consider any TLC for herself. Her back seizes in front of hunky nursery owner Marc Stafford, and he rushes to her aid. Self-sufficient Diane laughs off the attention.

After a divorce, with his son now heading to college, Marc Stafford is faced with an empty home and heart. Intrigued by the school nurse, Marc plans a May Day surprise to bring them together.

Can Diane let Marc into her world? Can Marc find the courage to step out of his role of single father and bachelor? Will a simple tradition dedicated to flowers and affection bring the two together and set them on a path to love?

Riding Rodeo by Emma Lai (Contemporary western erotic romance, with menage elements)

The last person Amanda Goodson expected to walk into her bakery was Sean Cassidy, the bareback bronc rider who rode her hard one night and left without a good-bye the next day. Since then, she'd sworn off one-night stands and cowboys, but one look at the man she called Rodeo leaves her hankering for another ride. 

A nasty injury ended Sean's career and left him with nothing but time to contemplate past sins, especially the most damning one...walking out on Amanda, the one woman he couldn't forget. Eager to right the biggest mistake of his life, he finds Amanda--and learns he has competition. Never one to back down from a challenge, he offers to fulfill her darkest fantasy--taking two cowboys for a ride. 

When the dust settles, will Sean's plan to win Amanda's trust backfire or will she risk her heart for one more shot at Riding Rodeo?

Explicitly English by Rachel Leigh (Contemporary erotic romance)

Laura Markham needs to forget. Just for awhile. Be someone else. Live as her parents would have wanted. And for Laura, that means escaping the city for the English countryside and leaving her inhibitions behind. 

British stockbroker, Stephen Cambridge knows that by going home to his country retreat two days early, he's likely to startle the new interior designer. And when he discovers she's the woman who masturbated for him on the train, Stephen will do anything to convince her to stay with him forever…

Hog Tied and Branded by Anita Philmar (Contemporary western erotic romance)

Suzi Calworth has to find the courage to face the man she loves and tell him she’s pregnant with another man’s child.

Clint Malone loves Suzi and regrets driving her away. Yet, can he tell her the truth about himself and risk losing her forever? 

Can they both find the strength to reveal their secrets and let love heal their heartache?

Irresistible Impulse by Nona Raines (Contemporary lesbian erotic romance)

Ordinarily, Tania Talcott wouldn't be caught dead at a speed dating event, but she lost a stupid bet. Checking out the slim pickings, she's convinced the evening will be a total bust--until a classy, sensual, African American woman enters the room. A woman Tania met briefly once before and never forgot. 

Latisha Hobbs is only attending this event to support her young cousin, who's ready to start dating again. Latisha's heart has been on ice for quite some time. But she finds herself immediately--and strongly--enticed by the friendly overtures of a vivacious redhead. Or are they more than friendly?

Fueled by an irresistible impulse, Tania wastes no time getting to know the beautiful mocha woman. Latisha is drawn to Tania as well, but memories of an unhappy love affair make her reluctant to act. These two opposites definitely attract, but will their differences be too much to overcome

Hope you enjoy some of these shorties when you have half an hour to spare! Happy reading and...

Have a wonderful weekend, all!
Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Frenzy Twitter #Pitch and #Free #Romances!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm busy trying to finish a manuscript so today's blog will be a shortie.  It came to my attention at writer friend Kara Leigh Miller's blog that her new publisher, Entranced Publishing, will be taking pitches today on Twitter! All you need do is follow the hashtag #FridayFrenzy. For more information on perfecting your pitch, check out Kara Leigh's blog from this Wednesday! If you have a manuscript, it's a great opportunity! Don't miss out!

Speaking of great opportunities, The Wild Rose Press is offering some FREE Kindle romances today and tomorrow! Whether you enjoy erotic, contemporary, historical, paranormal or romantic suspense, there's something for everyone! 

A Midsummer Night's Demon 
by Brenda Sparks
Paranormal Romance

A Rose in No-Man's Land
By Margaret Tanner
Vintage Historical Romance

Apocalyptic Moon by Eva Gordon
Paranormal romance

Bayou Born by Linda Joyce
Contemporary Romance

The English Lily
By Kae Elle Wheeler
Historical Romance

Touching Ghost 
by Regina Carlysle
Erotic Romance

Unlock the Truth
by Robena Grant
Romantic Suspense

FREE books by awesome authors, friends! How can you go wrong?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blade Dance Special Offer!

Decadent Publishing is offering a fifty-percent-off special offer through Coffee Time Romance for my contemporary erotic romance/thriller novella, Blade Dance, featuring a hot menage a trois:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#WIP it Wednesday #Book Trailers!

Okay, so this isn't exactly info on a Work in Progress, but it is what I've been spending the bulk of my time doing the past two weeks!

At our last CNY Romance Writers meeting, Maggie Shayne came to talk to us about making fun and effective book trailers. And once I started, I just COULD NOT stop! It's been so much fun. Very time-consuming, but fun. So here are the results of my efforts... What do you think?

Which one is your favorite and why?

Friday, March 8, 2013

#Author Melissa Fox Talks #Paranormal #Romance and Prize Winning Pups!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm honored to have fellow Wild Rose
Press author Melissa Fox with me. Her book Wraith Redeemed is the first in a projected paranormal romance series, which you can learn more about at her website. She's lived a number of different places in her life, but currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and her prize-winning dogs (more about them below).

Melissa's kindly allowed me to ask her five nosy questions AND is very generously offering a free copy of Wraith Redeemed and a $25 Amazon gift certificate, so make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter at the end of our interview!

Now let's get started!

      1.  Hi Melissa, thanks so much for being with us today. You mention on your website that you've been an inveterate reader since you were a child. What were some of your favorite books growing up?

I read everything I could get my hands on, including whatever my mom and dad had lying around! The Hardy Boys and The Black Stallion books, of course. Encyclopedia Brown – man, is that a blast from the past, or what? The magazine Highlights. Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. Albert Payson Terhune, Marguerite Henry, Judy Blume.  Poe. Stephen King, Tolkien, Harlan Ellison as I got a little older. The first romance I read was Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Rose in Winter when I was a senior in high school on Spring Break, and that opened my eyes to the experience of falling in love within the pages of a romance in so many different ways.

   2.  Wow, a lot of those titles really bring back memories. Kathleen Woodiwiss was the author who turned me on to romance, too. You also mention that you have dogs. We're great animal lovers here at The Divas of Desire. Can you tell us a little about your pets?

I have Chesapeake Bay retrievers. We show them on occasion, and have won Best of Breed at Westminster and the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. They’re such a part of our lives and family. They’re water dogs, and love being able to walk to the end of the road and go swimming in the Puget Sound, or go hiking, car rides, sleeping on the sofa or bed next to me.

What a gorgeous smile!

These doggies love bath time!

Prize winners need their beauty sleep!

Best of breed at Westminster!

     What beautiful dogs! They must be great companions. 
     3. Your book Wraith Redeemed is a paranormal romance featuring a demon slayer. You also have a future book in the Wraith series, Wraith Enchanted. What is it about the paranormal that appeals to you as an author?

Paranormal has it all, suspense, action, romance, emotion, imagination. I love world building, coming up with twists and abilities not constrained by conventional worlds. So much fun to manipulate and fantasize.

   4. First Impressions and Second Chances, your upcoming book, is a contemporary Romantic suspense.  It features an undercover agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Did the book involve a lot of research?

Oh, yes, Ash’s story! He’s become my favorite hero that I’ve written so far – there’s just something about him. Stubborn, too, as I tried so many times to make him FBI, ATF, police, something easier than a Mountie – which I knew little about! He’s been pretty insistent so far to stay a Mountie, so I had to do a ton of research. Still have more to do, iron out some issues, which is why it’s still a work in progress and hasn’t been submitted anywhere yet. If anyone knows about being a Mountie, especially undercover in Toronto, hit me up!

  5. I'd love to read about a Mountie. Sounds awesome! Would you please tell us about your most recent release? We're all ears!

Wraith Redeemed is a second chance, reunion, hero done his woman wrong and has a lot of explaining to do story wrapped up with supernatural, good versus evil, demon slaying action and adventure. It was so much fun to write and have Conor and Merry and their world in my head, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share them with everyone.


Demon-slayer Conor O’Shea is about to engage in the most dangerous encounter of his life—facing the woman he scorned.

For years, Merry Bradbury's world revolved around Conor O'Shea. After his sudden betrayal leaves her alone and heartbroken, she comes home to settle her past and move into the future. The last person she expects to see is Conor.

Conor never wanted anything more than forever with Merry. Discovering he is a Wraith warrior, honor bound to fight demons, destroys that plan. Merry is his Amorta, his one true soul mate, but he leaves to keep her safe from the evil that stalks him.

Eight years later, Conor's worst fear is realized, and he returns to defend Merry from his enemies. Can he save her from an unspeakable fate and reclaim her heart? And if he does, will Merry be able to accept all that he is?  


“Stay here,” Conor told her. “Don’t move, no matter what you see. No matter what happens, Merry. Stay right here.”

He waited until she nodded her assent before he turned. The woman hissed, and his shoulders rolled as he took a step toward her. Merry’s eyes grew round when long-bladed weapons appeared in his hands.

“Wraith,” the woman snarled, lowering herself into a half-crouch.

The wicked blades twisted in his hands to point in her direction. He took another step toward the redhead, unnaturally swift but pure and beautiful in his power.

“Go now,” he said in a quiet, even tone. “And I’ll let you live one more day."

The woman’s attention left him for an instant to settle on Merry, her eyes narrowing with speculation. A slow, feline smile curved her red lips.

“You think you can protect her,” she purred. “How sweet. I’m going to find out if she is as delicious as she smells after I’m done with you. 


“I always knew you loved me, Conor.” Merry could barely hear her voice over the pounding of her heart. “I didn’t understand. I still don’t, not completely, but I knew. That’s why it hurt so much and why I could never forget. That’s why I had to come home.”

His free hand curled around her neck. She didn’t know if he intended to bring her closer or hold her in place. Her breath caught, and his expression changed to something she recognized, something that turned her breathlessness into searing pain. He pulled her up those last few inches and placed his mouth on hers.

Shock ripped through her the minute their lips touched. She gasped, rising to meet him with pent-up longing and frustration. After a brief, stunned moment, both his hands flew up to hold her face as she gripped his arms. She sighed in relief when his mouth opened over hers, the scorching heat making her head reel and her body want more. She accepted the touch of his tongue, pulled him in and welcomed him as she went blind with pleasure. The compulsion to keep taking and never stop overwhelmed her senses. His taste flooded her soul.

He felt so good.

Merry fought against the desire to ravish more than his mouth, to hold on to reason and keep the contact to just kisses. She had never expected to hold him close again, to be immersed in his heat and scent. Their unique connection proved just as strong as she remembered, and she savored the moment until she had to pull from his embrace or succumb to the temptation of his hovering mouth.

“Conor—” The look on his face gave her a hot thrill of excitement. “Conor.”

To purchase WRAITH REDEEMED, go to:

Find Melissa at:

Thanks so much for being here today, Melissa! It's been wonderful. And please pet your dogs for me!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!
Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Okay, everybody, don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter  for the giveaway of one copy of WRAITH REDEEMED in winner’s choice of format and one $25 Amazon gift certificate! Ends March 15, 2013.

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