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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Titillating Tuesday with Danica

The good news? The Divas are busy writing, writing, and writing. The bad news? Not getting to the blog often enough. Sorry, but not sorry.

Now, for a titillationg piece of HER SPECIAL FORCES, a Sophia Roslyn book:

With Nathan's thickness stretching its way to her epicenter, Kacey wondered what the fuck had taken her so long, why she'd held him off. A hard-bodied, handsome man, tanned walnut brown from the desert sun, with honey-colored eyes and hair to match, he'd certainly captivated her from the first. He'd also been obnoxiously arrogant, bold, and self-assured. Driven, protective. Alpha. No doubt he knew he affected her libido whenever he touched her, even with the most casual brush, and she'd cursed him for it.

But it had been his smile that had done her in—the lazy decadence that promised to deliver every wish, every deeply private, secret desire. His feline gaze promised it all.

Danica St. Como, writing as Sophia Roslyn

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