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Thursday, May 2, 2013

#Erotic #Romance #Author Erzabet Bishop's #Newrelease, Beltane Fires!

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm very happy to welcome author Erzabet Bishop. We Divas are proud to have her drop by on her virtual book tour for her new erotic romance, Beltane Fires. In addition to sharing more about her books, Erzabet's been kind enough to let me ask her five nosy questions. So let's get started!

       1. Hi Erzabet! Great to have you here! Your story "Dark Hunger" appears in the Zombie anthology Coming Together: Hungry for Love. Zombies are big lately! What is it about zombies that appeals to you as a writer and a reader?

I love to write about the things that scare me. As a kid, the one movie that I could not watch without getting nightmares was Night of the Living Dead. It absolutely creeped me out. Somewhere along the line, the fear turned to fascination and now I am a confirmed Walking Dead addict. Some of my favorite zombie authors are Dana Fredsti, Diana Rowland, Max Brooks, Jonathan Maberry and Scott Kenemore. These guys know how to make those zombies rock.
Writing zombies in an erotica setting was one of the biggest challenges I have faced, and coincidentally the first piece of erotic fiction that I had published. I blended a bit of humor, a scary dating scenario and a serial killer who picks the wrong girl to mess with.

Excerpt from Dark Hunger:
"You were supposed to wait in the car." He said in a harsh voice. "God you look gorgeous when you're pissed like that." His smile had a hint of eroticism.  "Come here."
Reaching out, he pulled her against him roughly, this time brooking no refusal. Nuzzling her ear, he pinned her arms to her sides. Instinct told her to fight. The bastard had no right when he scared her that way, but it was hard to be angry when his lips met hers and his tongue seared a blazing path down the side of her neck . Oh God.  Whatever cares she had moments before evaporated. This was what she wanted. Months of  recovery and an over active imagination had primed her for this moment. She had lusted after him since she saw his picture on the dating pages, images of him naked, cock straining against her, had battered her thoughts like a very naughty daydream.  Her soft curves molded against the warm hardness of his body and she realized her desires were about to become more real than she had ever imagined.   His lips nibbled along the curve of her neck and she absolutely ached for his touch.  Moaning, she pressed herself closer.

Buy Hungry for Love here 

 2.  Serial killers and zombies? My knees are knocking already!  In your Amazon bio, you reveal that you enjoy scary movies. Have scary movies influenced your writing and do you have a favorite?

Yes. They definitely have. Growing up, my parents didn’t like me watching horror movies, so of course that meant watching them whenever I could. Dracula with Frank Langella is a movie that has always stuck with me. The raw nature of his seductions was molten on my teenage heart. It inspired many nights plucking away on the old typewriter. Fright Night was another favorite. So much so that I even have the soundtrack.

 3.  Ooh, I remember Fright Night! Chris Sarandon was awesome in the first one. Of course, Colin Farrell was no slouch in the remake. Your story "Holidays in Hell" from the anthology Milk and Cookies and Handcuffs blends kink, Christmas and demons! What inspired you to write this story? 

Being that I tend to gravitate to darker waters, the anthology theme of Christmas and kink appealed to me. Could I do it? I love BDSM stories. Could I write one? Sure. Then I thought about what would be one of the most ironic holiday fixations ever-a demon with a fetish for Christmas ornaments. The story was born.

Writing erotica really started for me when I read 50 Shades and knew that I had stories and daydreams that were similar, only more based in what BDSM is really about. The pairing of BDSM with a supernatural element worked for this story, but I did wish I had more time to flesh it out more.


"It's twisted." Mallory sniped out, her tone coolly disapproving. Grabbing Jonas by the arm, they trudged down the main street of the Old Towne shopping district, dodging tourists and rabid consumers on a mission. "You have lost your mind. Here? Seriously?"
Holiday music piped through the air and the smell of chestnuts roasting wafted towards them. The Carver Hills Old Towne Winter Carnival was in full force and it warmed Jonas’s soul to see it. Throwing caution to the wind, he let out another burst of energy and sent it spiraling into the crowd. What could it hurt? He was here on a shopping expedition of his own and it wasn’t for the latest transforming doll or gadget. Nope. Lust. Just a little. He was hungry.
            Lust was, after all, his personal vice of the seven deadlies. It really didn't matter the form. It was usually sex that got people into trouble, but any old lust would do. And right now, he was indulging in a little proclivity of his own. Christmas. Twinkling lights. Tacky reindeer yard ornaments. Tinsel. Garlands. Ah, the things you could do with a garland. A little tricky rope work and a willing partner and you had yourself your own little version of a bondage Christmas carol. A happy smile tilted up the corner of his mouth. It was funny as Hell, really. A lust demon with a fetish for Christmas ornaments. He sent a little preemptive tickle out into the crowd and felt a slap on the back of his head.
"You are one sick bastard, Jonas." Mallory smoothed her hands down her shapely form, trying her best to look angelic and not succeeding for a second. Jonas had to resist the twinge of jealousy that flared. It was like shooting fish in a barrel for her.  Men’s eyes followed her every move, even in the thick of the holiday shopping frenzy. She drank in their stares, using their emotions like an appetizer. That was a succubus for you; always showing their curves to their best advantage. The problem with Mallory was she usually succeeded and he hadn’t had a bite in months. It was starting to wear on his nerves. 

"At least you could have a thing for Halloween like a normal demon." She gave him a look like he was shit on the bottom of her daintily shaped boot.

"No. Not you. It has to be candy canes and sleigh bells." She shuddered. "Sick."
 Mallory muttered to herself and craned her head around him to scope out the action. She jerked her head up with a triumphant smile and he groaned inwardly. He was not in the mood to watch her pick at her food. Not tonight. He had his own hot mess to worry about. Like finding his own dinner. Alone.

Buy Milk and Cookies and Handcuffs here 

 4.  Your bio also mentions your "furry children." Can you tell us about them? We love furries here at The Divas of Desire.

I am a devoted dog mom to a horde of little furry hair beasts. They pretty much rule my life. From a psychotic Great Dane to a little Chihuahua mix, my life is never boring. The star of the show has to be Taddy, the little Chihuahua. He is my little man and we are always together whenever I’m home. The term Velcro puppy completely applies. Some of the best moments of my day are at breakfast when he perches on my leg while I am trying to eat my cereal in hopes that I will share a nibble or two. The other is at bedtime when he attaches himself to my side while I read and then curl up to sleep. He has the sweetest personality ever and is a talker with his chuffing and adorable little howling when my husband teases him.
The picture below is from last Christmas when I was making a headband for my niece and Taddy helped me model it, much to his horror.
This little guy is Tadpole, sporting Erzabet's latest crocheted  creation!

5. Aww, Taddy looks adorable! What a good sport he is! And congratulations on your newest release, Beltane Fires! Can you tell us more about it? We're all ears!

Sure! Here is the blurb:

A recent breakup has left Ceri alone on her birthday. Her friends, Alex and Fiona, spirit her away to a Beltane festival guaranteed to light up her night. When everyone at the event seems to be a couple, Ceri ventures out for a walk along a wooded path.

In the darkness, the Forest Lord has come to find his May Queen. He is everything she ever dreamed of in a lover, but is she willing to take the leap?

"Good eve, little witch." The man moved toward her, his shoulders wide and solid as molded bronze. He carried himself with a commanding air of self-importance and her inner core began to liquefy. Already molten from the ministrations of the nymphs, she was aching to feel his touch. Tall, handsome, with a beautifully proportioned body, he was completely naked. His hair was a mass of brown curls and a crown of antlers graced his brow. A forest lord coming to claim her on a wild Beltane night. Desire shivered through her, and Ceri felt her nipples pebble with lust.
"Good evening." Ceri struggled to look him in the face when her eyes kept traveling down toward his now erect cock. His dark eyes were framed by a handsomely square face and his lips turned up with amusement as if he could read the inner turmoil of her mind.
"This a wild night to walk these woods alone, fair one." He moved purposefully closer and his rigid member bobbled as he walked. Ceri felt her mouth go dry. Her eyes met his in startled surprise as his warm hand brushed her cheek and trailed down the edge of her left breast, cupping it in his palm. How had he gotten here so fast?
"You are mine." Reflected light glimmered over his face with molten radiance as he stepped in and his lips claimed hers.

Buy links for Beltane Fires (The Erotic Pagans Series):

Erzabet, thanks so much for being here today! It's been so much fun. Say hi to Taddy for us and we wish you much luck and many sales with your new release!

Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could first pound keys on her parent’s old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing on the dark side. She is a contributing author to Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, a holiday kink anthology, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2 and Coming Together: Hungry for Love. She is the author of the Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop

And don't forget her blog, Erzabet's Enchantments!

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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