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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Titillating Tuesday with Danica

First, it's my birthday. Yay! Survived another year. Second, my novella, Blade Dance, enjoyed a good review from Night Owl Reviews, one of my favorite places.

To celebrate both occurrences, here is another excerpt from Blade Dance, my ménage a trois novella with a serial murderer lurking in the shadows.

At this point, Wallis's men have returned to her from their job as crime scene investigators, after she's been sitting home impeded by a leg cast and unable to join them. They've just finished a bout of rockin' hot "welcome home, glad to see ya" sex, including a new kink which hadn't been successful in the past. Then . . . .

~ * ~* ~ * ~

Wallis didn’t need to wait too long before the meds began to work. She pulled herself up, propped against a mound of pillows, her casted leg resting in relative comfort.
She sighed a happy sigh as she gazed lazily at both men. “Oh, wow. That would be so freakin’ hot.”

Michael gave her a quirky look. “I’m not following. What would be so hot?”

“The two of you, making out.”

He rose from the chaise. “You’re kidding, right? Do either of us act gay?”

The meds were really kicking in, so Wallis grinned. “No, not gay, you homophobic sonofabitch. Two guys, enjoying each other. Think about it. I certainly take pleasure in what you do to me, right? And you enjoy doing things to me. Why not to each other?”

Austin returned from the bathroom, where he’d dumped the washcloths and towels. “Okay, I heard the tail end of the conversation. From the sound of things, I should probably know the beginning, as well.”

“I was merely suggesting that maybe my cowboy and my growly Gallo-bear would enjoy having a serious make-out session with each other.”

That stopped Austin, cold. “I beg your pardon?” He glanced at Michael, who shrugged.

“Don’t look at me. It sure as shit wasn’t my idea, buddy. You talk to her. Or, better yet, talk to the meds. I think she’s gone cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs.”

“Wallis, have you lost your grip? I think Michael is right. You need to lay off the pain pills.”

“Not at all, I’m feelin’ better by the minute. I’m just saying. I totally get off on everything you guys do to me, right? Right. So, what’s to stop you from getting off with each other? I have sex loads of times with one of you while the other watches, right? Why can’t I watch the two of you? It only seems fair.”

The men looked at each other in disbelief at the direction the discussion was taking.
Austin found his voice first. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

She nodded. “Oh, yeah. The more I think about the two of you gettin’ it on, the hotter I get.”

Austin shook his head. “I think the meds are definitely doing a number on her brain.”

Michael continued to stare at her as if she’d gone totally ‘round the freakin’ pipe, which made her giggle.

“And what would you be doing during this masculine frolic, dare I ask?”

She slowly spread her thighs, rested her cast on a pillow, and covered her freshly shaved mound with her hand. She pulled her blushing labia apart with two fingers, exposing her still-sensitive clitoris.

“I guess I’d be obliged to amuse myself.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Danica St. Como
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  1. First, Happy Belated Birthday and second, congratulations on the review! WOOHOO! :-)



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