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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Titillating Tuesday, with Danica

Wow, the Divas have been busy! Whaahoo!
I'm really excited. Not only has ABOVE THE LAW been released, but Book Five, ALOHA MAN, is, as they say, "in the can." The manuscript is complete, just about ready to send off.
It's fascinating how characters come alive, and choose their own paths. One of the two heroes in ALOHA MAN, Kamaka, first appeared in a supporting role in Book Three, BOMBSHELL, as Keko's second-in-command and Best Friend Forever. Across the board, everyone loved Kamaka -- a gay Hawaiian demolitions expert who strongly resembles WWE wrestler/actor Duane Johnson, a.k.a The Rock (right down to his sparkling smile, which I adore).
Kamaka needed his own story, of course. His love interest developed the same way. Who could I possibly pair with such a strongly defined leading man? And so was born Zachariah Black Crow, a long and lean Navajo silversmith with golden eyes, also a highly skilled tracker, and the nephew of another supporting character.
Welcome to a quick look into ALOHA MAN, a MM exotic romance:

Then he saw it, nestled among offerings of stunning bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and rings. Displayed upon a swath of forest green velvet, a man's neck collar, an incredibly ornate arrangement of interlinked silver conchos, highlighted by an owl-shaped pendant about three inches long. Framed in delicately hammered silver, the body of the owl appeared to be a solid oval of polished precious opal, the black mineraloid shot through with splashes of vivid red, green, blue, and yellow highlights. A round opal in matching colors formed the owl's head.
Keko gave a low whistle, straightened up, leaned on her cane, shoved her free hand in the front pocket of her Daisy Duke cut off jeans. "K, that's your amakua, isn't it? Your animal guide?"
Not hearing a word she said, Kamaka stared at the exquisite piece, awestruck into silence by the sheer brilliance of the craftsmanship.
Lorelei brought up the rear, called to the man working at a table at the back of the open booth. "Yo, Black Crow. What's happening, Zach?"
The artist rose, turned to greet his guests. Kamaka's jaw dropped, but there was nothing to be done about it. He locked eyes on an American Indian, maybe in his late twenties, with fine European facial features, straight black hair to rival Kamaka's, the long, lustrous strands held back by a hammered silver head band depicting cactus flowers.
The man's eyes immediately captured Kamaka's attention. Such eyes! Striking hazel eyes, as golden as those of a cat, outlined by long, full, black velvet lashes. This dude can't be real.
In snug black jeans, the young man wore a black, body-hugging western shirt embroidered with red roses against bright green leaves, with white, pearlized snaps. His short sleeves were rolled up in a retro James Dean look—minus the cigarette pack—showing off lean arm muscles with heavy veining. Silver bracelets adorned each wrist, with heavy silver and turquoise rings on each thumb.
Suddenly aware he'd been holding his breath, Kamaka exhaled. There is no doubt the gods love me. They must adore me, to send such a magnificent gift to this earth. He's too beautiful to be mortal.
* * * * *

Now, to catch up on our Titillating Tuesday, here's another snippet from the newly released Book Four of The Men of Sanctuary series, ABOVE THE LAW, a MFM menage which morphs into a hot MM story:
Abigail rose, stood flat-footed on the floor. She stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her stretchy leggings.
"Joe, baby, be a sport. Help me."
Refusing to think, he simply reacted, slid her pants and panties to her ankles. He helped her to balance as she stepped out of her garments, then he tossed them in the direction of her camisole.
Her nude body was prime athlete, lithe, limber, perfectly proportioned. That's my girl—the Huntress Diana.
Abigail stretched her arms over her head, the movement pushing her hard-nippled breasts forward, toward Joe. "Mmm, no clothes, the only way to fly. Did I ever tell you that I'm not terribly fond of clothes?"
 Turning to face Glennon, she pointed at him, her finger aimed at his jeans. "And what are you waiting for?"

Danica St. Como
Seduction ~ Sex ~ Suspense

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