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Monday, December 17, 2012

Rach's Guest Blogs

Happy Monday everyone!

In honor of my release of Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce tomorrow (12-18-12), I am guest blogging on two erotic romance author blogs this week.

Wednesday (12-19-12), I'll be at Emma Lai's blog talking about my fall and winter favorites in her series, Fall Facts, Winter Wonders. I will also be giving away a FREE copy of Spicy with a Side of Cranberry Sauce to one lucky commenter, so don't forget to stop by and let me know which season you prefer and why.

Thursday (12-20-12), I will be at Jessica Freely's blog, giving you a behind the scenes peek at my daily life! I'll be giving away a FREE copy of the book to a commenter on Jessica's blog too. So that TWO chances to win the holiday book to help you get ready for the holidays this year!

Hope to see you all there! 



  1. Making a mental note to stop by the guest posts. Good luck with everything!

    P.S. I love clicking the "I understand and wish to continue" button when I enter this blog!

  2. Rach, congrats on the exciting release of Cranberry!

  3. :-) Thanks Anita. I know that button makes you feel all daring and stuff, doesn't it??

    Thanks Danica! You've had a lot of stuff going on this year. Good on you!



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