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Friday, July 6, 2012

Same Scene, Different Book—Part Two

Hi friends! Last week I wrote about the first of two scenes that overlap from my second book, Take This Man, to my latest erotic romance, Her Perfect Man.  I got some excellent advice from best-selling author Kristan Higgins to start the story off with a bang—or rather, a smack with a submarine sandwich!
The next scene that appears in both books is the night when Adam Vostek appears at Kim Hansen's door with a couple of six-packs and a long face.  He's had huge fight with Elyse, the woman he loves. Kim suspects he's come for a roll in the hay and reads him the riot act. He accepts her tongue-lashing because he doesn't want to be alone and after a few too many beers, falls asleep on her futon.
In the earlier book, this scene was from Adam's POV, but in Her Perfect Man, we now see it from his ex-girlfriend Kim's point of view.
It was challenging but a lot of fun to revisit the scene from Kim's POV. We learn a lot more about her. Adam thinks she's just pissed off, but the reader discovers she's also sad, worried and confused about her own life. She has plenty of pithy advice for her ex even as she scoffs at her inability to practice what she preaches. While her trusty cat Groucho plays watchdog, Kim has a chance to reassess her feelings for Adam. Was she really in love with him after all?  Just as she tries to sort it all out, Charlie (her new love interest) shows up at her door and it all hits the fan.  While she tries to play it cool in front of Adam, she's upset that Charlie found her in a somewhat "compromising situation" and automatically seems to suspect the worst.
In revisiting these two scenes in Her Perfect Man, I wasn't trying to take the easy way out. I wanted to enrich the reader's understanding of Kim. I hope my effort was a success.
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  1. Cool Nona. That sounds harder than writing a whole new scene, because now you've got this whole framework you have to work within that you established in the first book. That's a hard thing to do. Kudos for taking it on. And for doing it for a reason... to show more about your characters... instead of just doing it because it's a good writing challenge. :-)

  2. Even though I was in on the ground floor with Nona's books, I laugh every time the sandwish scene comes up, regardless of which point-of-view has taken the lead. It endeared Kim to me, just that much more. I was thrilled that Nona decided to tell Kim's story.



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