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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hoping for August

Due to a higher-than-usual number of new releases, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that ABOVE THE LAW, Book Four in The Men of Sanctuary series, will be released at http://www.nobleromance.com/ early in August.

Above The Law - book blurb:

Officer Abigail O'Connell, state game warden, and Glennon Garrett, security & surveillance expert, fall hard for each other while working a protection detail at Sanctuary lodge. After the crisis ends, there's no reason to remain hands-off. The hot sex commences, even with Glennon's shattered leg in a cast and his ruined shoulder in a sling.

When handsome Deputy Joe Collins uses the house key Abigail gave him, he unintentionally catches Abigail and Glennon naked in her bed in a rather compromising position—several positions, actually.

Abigail and Joe are best friends, buddies--and they made a sacred pact never to hit on each other. Breaking free of her self-imposed  celibacy, Abigail is suddenly enjoying hot wild sex with a buff, muscled macho dude, a former Navy SEAL.

Joe's difficulty arises not only with jealousy over Abigail going from sexual famine to sensual feast, but with his unexpected attraction to her partner, Glennon.

When the three get rip-roaring toasted during a straight tequila night, Jose Cuervo flies and inhibitions die.
How will the two men react to each other—and to Abigail—in the harsh light of day? Who is the stalker in their midst who can reveal their most intimate secrets, even ruin their lives?

(Warning ~ This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes Described in Graphic Detail,
featuring a Male/Male/Female Ménage a Trois relationship and Male/Male action)

I've very jealous of Nona and Rachell--they have their new covers already! Designer Fiona Jayde has done a marvelous job with my book covers so far. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for this book.

Dear Readers: who are your favorite cover artists and designers? Do you tend to choose books--print and e-book--by their cover art, first? Then read the cover blurbs? Curious authors would like to know!


  1. Oooh, Danica, that sounds HOT!

    My TBR pile just keeps growing and growing!

    Re the cover - yes, I definitely judge a book by its cover and pick up new authors in a store based on the cover. E-book wise it doesn't come into play as much - I tend to use the "customers who bought this also bought..." feature more than what the covers look like.

  2. Let's not discuss the TBR pile -- it's reaching frightening dimensions in my office. I do look at the "customer's who bought this" results, sometimes I read reviews (not that I trust all of them, some make one wonder if the reviewer actually read the book), but after the cover, I usually go for the blurb.



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