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Friday, September 11, 2015

Off Topic: More Adventures in #Iceland! @nonaraines #travel #BlueLagoon

Hi friends! I promised last week to tell you more about my trip to Iceland and Denmark. I'm sure I sound a bit like a hick as I recount some of my "adventures", but please bear with me. :-)

Last time I shared a bit about our first full day in Reykjavic, where we explored the city on a walking tour and then on our own. The following day, we took a trip to The Blue Lagoon!  It is a geothermal spa and one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. We took a bus there, almost an hour from Reykjavic.
View from the bus window in Iceland
The scenic view was fascinating on the ride. We traveled for miles without seeing anything but moss and rocks: no trees, no houses, no animals or people. The population of Iceland is approx. 320,000 people and the majority live in Reykjavic. 

Enjoying the geothermal waters
Though the day was dreary and cold, as soon as we hit the lovely warm water we were happy! The water wasn't too deep, about shoulder level. Of course, that meant our heads were still cold, but you can't have everything. The water is full of minerals that are supposed to good for your skin, but they do a real number on your hair, in spite of the conditioner provided by the spa.
Another view at the Blue Lagoon

After lounging around in the water, we grabbed our towels and robes and went inside for some drinks and snacks. *Note: If you're booking tickets for the spa, the "basic" level only provides you admission. You need to provide your own towel. Since we didn't bring any, we decided to upgrade to towels, robes and slippers. Hey, you only go around once! :-) *

We stayed and had an early dinner at the spa restaurant. And we bought some hats to keep our heads warm for the rest of our stay! If I ever go back to Iceland (which I hope to do some day), I'll be better prepared for the weather. Afterwards, back to the hotel on the bus. It was a wonderful day.

Next up: Copenhagen, Denmark!

Have a wonderful week, all!
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  1. I was in Iceland as a National Guard soldier in 1996. An amazing place and very friendly people!



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