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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#CoverReveal BELLE BY NIGHT by @RachellNichole

Hey Divettes!

Welcome back!

I am sooooooooo excited to share this all with you. I wrote another book! I know that may seem like old news since that's what we talk about here on this blog - writing, reading, promoting books... but it's been a crazy kind of year (actually crazier than most, which if you know my life is saying something) filled with falling in love, two book signings, new jobs, moving to a new state, beginning new adventures, and launching a new pen name (more on that in this other post: )

So amidst all of that, I wrote a new book, called Belle By Night, during Camp NaNoWriMo! It was a hell of a lot of fun, and I am here today to share a bit more about the book with you, including the official release date, which is October 6! That's just around the corner, folks. Only a few more days!

Anna by day, but Belle by night, Annabelle Stevens trades in her classroom ruler for a telephone and leather bustier when the sun goes down. With her heart set on finishing her Master’s degree and opening her own low-cost preschool, she had to earn extra cash somehow. And as a phone sex operator, she makes more than she could working three day jobs. But when day and night collide, Mistress Belle’s favorite caller jeopardizes her normal life, and she has to choose--the dream she’s always wanted, or the secret identity that lets her be the Domme she truly is.

Widower Dean Wellington has one goal in life: to be the best father he can be to his autistic son, Preston. But when he realizes he’s falling far short, he fears he can’t give Preston everything he needs alone. When his search for a wife leads to one disastrous date after another, he finds solace in the unlikeliest of places: a phone sex operator. He knows Mistress Belle can’t be appropriate mother material, but when she orders him to bend his will to hers, he’s lost to the passionate storm she calls forth.

When Dean realizes he’ll never find a better mother for his son than Preston’s teacher Anna, he has to choose between the Mistress that brings out his darkest desires, and giving his son everything he deserves. Little does Dean know that the choice may not be a choice at all.

And without further ado, here is the cover by April Martinez

I can't wait for this book to be alive in the world. :-) 

More info coming soon, I promise! 


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