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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Review & #Giveaway: Circling Back @_Amanda_Young #erotic #menage #secretbaby

Title: Circling Back
Author: Amanda Young
Genre: Erotic MMF Romance
Release: August 10, 2015


A second chance is only the beginning...

Stella fled home at seventeen with a broken heart, an unplanned pregnancy, and a vow never to look back. Twenty years later, she has a career she enjoys and a solid relationship with the child she placed for open adoption. When that child goes in search of her birth father and calls for assistance, Stella is forced to return to her hometown and face the men who broke her heart, one of whom fathered her child.

Gavin and Holden raised a lot of hell as teenagers. They broke the law, broke their mother's hearts, and almost broke each other before they finally got their act together. Through all the ups and downs, they stuck by each other and managed to build a happy life together. The one thing they couldn’t do was forget the woman they’d loved and lost.

Forced to face the past and each other after so many years is no small feat. The trio does their best to make amends and put the past behind them while forging new bonds. Old feelings are rekindled and new emotions emerge from the ashes of their youthful indiscretions. Something remarkable could be on the horizon if they’re strong enough to navigate the pitfalls of a triad relationship and stand strong against the outside forces conspiring to bring them to their knees.

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She glanced at Gavin and found his gaze headed south of her lower back. “See something you like?”
“I see something I love.” Gavin moved in close behind her and ran the outside of his thumb down her bare arm. “I love every inch of your beautiful body, from your beautiful, long hair all the way to your cute little toes.”
Stella basked in Gavin’s admiration. “That’s good to know.”
“You could make yourself more comfortable and let me express my regards for your many, many charms.” Gavin nuzzled the curve of her throat and pressed his warm lips against the sensitive skin beneath her ear.
The sensual touch sent a shiver down Stella’s spine and made her nipples tighten in anticipation of taking Gavin up on his offer. “I really wish you could.”
“We can.” Gavin pulled her ear lobe into his mouth, nibbled, and released it.
“We really can’t. Holden and Mae will both here soon.”
Gavin slid an arm around her waist and pulled her back tight against him. “We could be quick.”
Stella could feel the long, stiff length of him pressed against her bottom. She closed her eyes and prayed for the strength to resist. “You’ll just have to be patient and wait until tonight.”
Gavin groaned. “You’re so mean to me.”
Stella couldn’t help but laugh. She turned and wrapped her arms around Gavin’s neck. “You pitiful, pitiful man. Would a kiss make you feel better?”
“That might tide me over until later as long as it’s a good one.”
“I think I can meet your needs.” Stella brushed her fingers through the soft hair at Gavin’s nape and pulled him down to meet her as she lifted up and glided her lips over his. She kept the caresses soft for the first few passes and then pressed up a little harder and licked across Gavin’s lower lip. The tip of Gavin’s tongue met her own and flicked back and forth, taunting her into giving chase and deepening the kiss. Gavin’s mouth tasted sweet and minty, like he’d ate a piece of candy right before she’d arrived. Delicious.
Something banged in another room and then Holden’s voice called out. “Honey, I’m home.”
Gavin retreated and opened his eyes. He smiled at Stella. “Looks like we’ll have to pick this up later.”
Stella blinked up at Gavin. “Yeah. Later.” Definitely later. She could hardly wait. All she’d had was a little taste of what being with them was like. She couldn’t wait to discover what else they had in store for her.
With that thought in mind, she trailed back down the hall behind Gavin. He rounded the corner ahead of her and she heard his breath catch a second before her gaze landed on Holden and the spectacular bruise blossoming across his right cheekbone.
“Jesus fuck,” Gavin exclaimed. “What happened to your face?”
“Are you okay?” Stella asked, walking forward. “Did someone hit you?”
“Tell us what happened.” Gavin cupped Holden’s jaw in both hands.
“I got to meet Joanna’s ex. It was a real pleasure, let me tell you.”
“And he punched you?” Gavin asked.
It took Stella a moment to place the name as the guy’s old shop steward. “Why would her ex assault you?”
Holden shook his head. “He thinks I’m hiding Joanna from him or some shit.”
Gavin pushed Holden’s chin up and to the side, inspecting him. “Is this the worst of it or is there more hiding under your clothes?”
Holden caught Gavin’s hands and held them trapped within his own. “I’m fine. He caught me by surprise when I was leaving, shoved me into the building, and got off one sucker punch. Believe me, he looks worse than I do.”
“That’s better than nothing, I guess.” Gavin looked down at their clasped hands. “Your knuckles are a mess. Go wash up and I’ll come in and put some antiseptic on them.”
“Yes, Mom.” Holden brought Gavin’s hands up to his mouth, kissed, and released them. He stopped next to Stella and smiled at her. “Hey, pretty lady. I’m glad you’re here. Just let me scrub off the day and I’ll greet you properly.”
“Go look after yourself. I’ll be here when you’re finished.” Stella patted him on the butt.
“Hey now,” Holden said. “No getting fresh until I can do something about it.”
Stella grinned at him. “Don’t worry. There’s a lot more where that came from.”
“I’ll hold you to that,” Holden said over his shoulder as he walked out of the room.

****Nona's review of Circling Back****

Last week I featured the cover reveal of Circling Back and was so intrigued by the blurb I asked the author, Amanda Young, if I could sign up to review the book. Besides featuring same-sex love and menage shenanigans, it also includes the secret baby trope and a BBW as the heroine, both of which I love. I'm so glad I had a chance to read an advance copy of Circling Back!
Back in high school, Stella realized she loved Holden and Gavin, but didn't know that they were a couple as well. When she discovered them in an intimate situation, she ran away, convinced they'd only used her as a beard to hide their own activity. After she found herself pregnant, she surrendered the baby in an open adoption and moved on with her life.
Years later, her daughter is an adult who wants to meet her father, who may be either man. This forces Stella to confront her past and reunite with the two men, who had no idea of Stella's pregnancy. Holden and Gavin are still together after all this time, and once they get over the hurt of Stella keeping her pregnancy secret, they realize they still want her. And she wants them, too.
I thought the story might involve more drama surrounding their birth daughter, but instead Circling Back focuses on the threesome and how they get to know each other again. There are a lot of sexy scenes between Stella, Gavin and Holden, one on one and all together. Lovers of menage will not be disappointed, nor will those who enjoy same sex romance. Holden and Gavin's relationship is firm, but they are eager to open up to accept the woman they both love. It's nice to see Stella, whose sexual and romantic life has been in a holding pattern, getting her groove on. I enjoyed the sexiness of the story and also appreciated the way the characters struggled with day to day problems of job stress and being in a long distance relationship. There's also some suspense as the men try to help a friend who's been pursued by an abusive ex.

Gavin and Holden were awesome heroes in every way—sexy, strong and caring. I liked how Stella started out a bit hesitant, then made up her mind to "go for it" when the guys showed their interest. We should all be so brave in going after what we want! I highly recommend Circling Back to everyone who enjoys MMF menage romance.

About the author:
Amanda Young lives in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and two pampered pooches. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found chasing after a mischievous toddler or daydreaming about the characters in her next book. She loves to hear from her readers, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Her website, www.amandayoung.org, is where you can find up-to-date information on all of Amanda’s current and upcoming releases.

Find Amanda online:

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