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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Readers, please don't panic!

My upcoming title is a m/f erotic, but please don’t panic dear fans. My Portland Men series is still going strong, to include (but is not limited to): shifting Rockin’ the ’Nog to reflect the series, as well as Ides of March, and creating a sequel to Ascend.  Rewriting the two books above came about because of the question of Ascend’s sequel. (Read: twisting my elbow and giving me the Stink Eye.) More on that in the next blog entry because I first want to discuss my m/f erotic novel and why I didn’t shift that one to m/m.
The book is, and has always been, a response to my fans’ question of, “Hey, what’s the story of Annabel and Jeremy?” Thing is, if I were to portray the situation in its fullness, then my Jeremy stops being relatable and transforms into an abusive a*shat. Yes, Jeremy was in a terrible emotional and intellectual space regarding his fearful choice to stay in the closet, and that resulted in damage done to him as well as the people in his inner circle.
Is there any value to read about this traumatizing mental landscape? No. Butterball is already out. But there is a story to tell. In sum: Annabel’s.
What is it like to be uncomfortable in one’s own skin?
What is it like to lost and orphaned?
What and how can torn souls be healed?
Those questions, and finding those answers, is the core of my upcoming The Veteran’s Homecoming. It’s my honor to introduce Annabel Lawrence and Jeremy’s brother Zachary Roberson.
Now, Annabel has been wronged by Jeremy but that isn’t anything I will discuss. I like to keep my heroes, wounded or otherwise, stay heroic. So…Jeremy’s past is in the past. However, it is referenced because what Zach knows is the lies. Why? Because this Jeremy is pre-Travis (in Butterball) and, consequently, he’s still closeted.
That means his life is a lie.
That means that he needs to keep the reason for his broken relationship to be a secret.
That means, when given the opportunity to come clean to his brother Zach..but fails
That means, Annabel is is Zach's target for justice. Zach is a marine. Honor is the heartbeat of Zachary Roberson. He learns too late that honor honor isn’t the course of his brother at that time in Jeremy’s life. Annabel, furious about the past, is on a quest for justice.
The two come together like a swirling confluence of raging rivers…and fall in love.  Isn’t that a lovely thing? Did I mention that Zach’s personal sexual kink is BDSM’s owner/property? Annabel’s miniscule amount of trust makes that sort of play problematic.
Now Zach must find a way to fix what he broke. He needs to heal what he injured. He needs to accept that Annabel may very well be his future.

Welcome home, marine!
So, another moment of genius or madness? Intrigue the audience or alienate them?
Time will tell...

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