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Thursday, October 8, 2015

#New! A Wish Granted by Leela Lou Dahlin #eroticromance @LeelaLou_2 #Excerpt

Good morning, friends! I'm happy to welcome author buddy Leela Lou Dahlin today to celebrate the release of her brand new romance, A Wish Granted! She's also agreed to share an exclusive excerpt of the story with us here at The Divas of Desire. Hooray! Take it away, Leela...

This story started as a way to see if I could write a story that would be engaging. In 2010 I entered my first attempt in The Stroke of Midnight contest by Passionate Ink and I was a finalist. That was the beginning of me taking my writing seriously. This story has had a good number of changes but I love Allyn and Logan more now than I did when I first met them and I can’t wait until you meet them too.

A Wish Granted Blurb

Allyn Hauser likes sex, and she loves to play…role play. For her special guy, she’ll be the college professor to his frat boy, the damsel in distress to his greedy mechanic or the demanding client to his red hot masseuse. This sexy role play allows her to be close to the man she wants and having the hottest sex she’s ever had, while attempting to keep her heart at a distance. The man in question is the brother of her best friend, the most sought after bachelor, and all around Adonis…Logan Patterson.

With her best friend getting married everything is about to change and she's trying to be okay with that, but the week of the wedding Allyn's world starts to fall apart. Allyn must decide if is she going to keep her true feelings concealed and live with the lies or will she stop hiding behind the games, risk it all, and accept what Logan’s offering as A Wish Granted.

Exclusive Excerpt

“Ask me,” he whispers in a voice I shouldn’t hear over the loud music but since I’m staring at his mouth the words are clear.

“What? I thought that was my line, and I thought you didn’t want to play with me anymore?” This is a surprising turn of events. One, he was starting the game again, and two, it sounds like we may be able to get back to where we were. What was that going to do to my decision? I didn’t know and right now I don’t care.

“We aren’t allowed to change the rules? Are you the only one who gets to make up the game or change the tone or whatever it is you do when you decide I’m the pool boy to your housewife, farmer to your milkmaid, cop to your prisoner, or doctor to your patient that has a problem with her naughty bits?”

“Of course you are allowed to change the rules, and since I didn’t think you wanted to play my games with me, the question came as a surprise.”

“A pleasant surprise?”

“Yes, Logan, a very pleasant surprise.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to play games with you. I love your cupcakes Allyn, but I want the full meal. The appetizer, the salad, the main dish, the side dishes, the entree and then topped off with a cupcake.” Logan is stealing my heart again and to music this time. “I want all of you…the good, the sad, the vulnerable, the whole damn package. I just want you to try and let me in so I can spend some time just with you. If I can’t partake in the entire buffet right now that’s okay. I’m willing to wait. You’re too much of a caring person to leave me hungry and unfulfilled forever.”

“I don’t know what to say to that. You’ve overwhelmed my senses with your statements but for now, I am willing to try.”

“That’s my girl. So now that I’ve satisfied your quest for knowledge I will submit my request again. Ask me, Allyn.”

I took in a deep breath and let it out. “Who are you today?”

“I’m so glad you asked my beautiful Allyn. I’m the big bad wolf to your little red riding hood,” he says as he sways with me. His lips are so close to my ear, I can feel the moist heat like a soft kiss and it arouses me like we are the only ones in the building. “Don’t worry I am going to give you a nice head start.” He brought me back to where he picked me up before the dance. “See you in the woods, Allyn.”

Author Bio
At a very young Leela Lou Dahlin started reading the romance novels her grandmother left around the house during her summer vacations. She learned early that she enjoyed the type of story that could make you feel like you had fluttering butterflies in your stomach and bring tears to your eyes.

Leela tries to create the emotional and endearing stories she adored as a child and continues to love to this day. She resides in SW Pennsylvania working as a RN Case Manager during the day and spinning her sweetly sexy stories by night.

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