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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exclusive #excerpt! Above the Law by Danica St. Como #gayromance #menage

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm happy and proud to announce that Danica St. Como, my pal and fellow Diva, has a re-release today of the fourth book in her Men of Sanctuary series, Above the Law! This book was previously published by a now-defunct publisher, but Loose Id was smart enough to snatch up this awesome series, five of which have now been re-released, with two *brand new* titles still to come!

When is a ménage not really a ménage?

Officer Abigail O’Connell, Maine Game Warden, and Glennon Garrett, GMG security and surveillance expert, get hot for each other while on protection detail at Sanctuary lodge. After the crisis is resolved, there’s no reason to remain hands off. Hot sex commences, even with Glennon’s shattered leg in a cast and fractured arm in a sling.

When handsome Deputy Joe Collins uses the house key Abigail gave him, he unintentionally observes the couple naked in Abigail’s bed in a compromising position—several positions, actually.

Abigail is Joe’s friend, his buddy; the rule was never hit on each other. Breaking free of her self-imposed celibacy, Abigail is suddenly enjoying hot wild sex with a buff, muscled macho dude. Joe’s difficulty arises not only with jealousy over Abigail going from sexual famine to sensual feast, but with his unexpected attraction to her partner, Glennon.

When the three get rip-roaring toasted on a straight tequila night, Jose Cuervo flies and inhibitions die. How will the two men react to each other—and to Abigail—in the harsh light of day? And who is the stalker in their midst who can reveal their most intimate secrets?

And whoopee! Here's an exclusive excerpt from Above the Law only available here from The Divas of Desire:

“Kiss me.”
Joe turned into a pillar of salt, choked out a single word.
“Kiss me.”
He thought her bright blue eyes seemed even brighter. Maybe with emotion. Maybe with passion. Maybe with tequila.
“But, I thought you and Glennon…”
She made a pouty face, which was totally unlike her.
“Don’t think, Joe. Just kiss me.”
Damn, she must have hit the margaritas early.
He leaned forward, pecked her on the lips. Okay, that felt too weird.
She made a face. “You call that a kiss? That was pitiful. Kiss me like you mean it.”
“Abby, I don’t know if this…”
She grabbed his shirt, pulled him close. Her arms slid around his neck. “Now, kiss me, Collins. Properly.”
His hands went to her waist, held her; then he leaned into her. His mouth pressed against hers, hesitant at first. Then not so hesitant. Her lips were warm, soft, flavored like tequila with a touch of sea salt. The tip of her tongue swept the inside of his lips, and he couldn’t hold back the groan.
Joe’s body reacted straightaway with urgent need, without waiting for any direction from his brain. His sex immediately grew rigid behind his zipper, and he pushed his hips against her. Oh, hell. His heart sank. This is not supposed to happen.
“Oh, God, Abby, I didn’t intend…”
She slid her hand down his torso until she reached his groin, then outlined the bulge in his jeans with her fingertips.
“I did.”
“But why now?”
“Because it’s time, Joe. It’s long past time.”
He groaned again, ran his hands down her firm back, over her slender hips. “Abby, you’re so freakin’ awesome.”
“Yes, she is.”
Joe spun around like a little boy caught doing something naughty behind the barn.
Glennon leaned, tall and lazy, against the kitchen door frame, no sign of the shoulder sling. “Don’t stop on my account.”
“Oh man, I’m sorry…” Okay, one rock and one hard place, coming up.
Abigail pulled Joe close again. “You’re sorry you kissed me?”
“No, of course not. But you and…” He motioned toward Glennon.
The pouty face made another appearance.
“I choose my friends. And you are my friend. My very…close…friend.” She leaned closer, her mouth touching his; then she kissed him. Deeply.
Later, he’d blame it on the tequila, but, at the moment, he couldn’t prevent his body from responding to hers. He closed his eyes, kissed her firmly. His cock wanted in. Now.
He took a deep breath, had all good intentions of stopping the insanity before it was too late. “Abby—”
When Joe opened his eyes, Glennon had moved closer, stood next to them. He ignored Joe, as only a mature alpha could do to a younger male. Joe sensed the aura of dominance. His pulse tripped into overtime at the man’s nearness; he could feel the sensation of sexual vibrations against his skin.

Firmly, almost roughly, the big man pulled Abigail close but kept her body sandwiched between Joe and him. Glennon’s long arms displaced Joe’s. He wrapped them around her, then crossed his hands below her belly. He pulled her tightly against his groin.

Whew! And they're only getting started, folks. Thanks, Danica, for the tidbit. Friends, Above the Law is now available from Loose Id and will be available at other book retailers very soon!

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