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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#Review: One Week in Hawaii #romance #newrelease #anthology

Sun, sand, and seduction…
Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly, and Alexandra Haughton sweep you away to paradise for One Week in Hawaii.
A wedding planner breaks all the rules to have just one night of pleasure, only to find that a stolen moment might hold the key to forever.
A movie star falls hard for her sexy co-star…who just happens to be her best friend.
A former black sheep risks falling from grace again when she seduces a handsome stranger with a dark history.An artist has to choose between dating a guy who will please her parents and one who will please…and pleasure…her.
Sex on the beach is so much more than a drink in these four sizzling contemporary novellas by the authors who brought you One Week in Wyoming.
****Nona's Review of One Week in Hawaii****

Each story in this romance anthology offers the adventure of a week spent in Hawaii—whether for a wedding, a business offer, or a well-earned vacation— and the magic of romance.

The Wedding Week by Julia Kelly tells Annie's story. She's a wedding planner for an upscale hotel and prides herself for always being on top of things, always having control. But her control snaps when she meets sexy Chris, and indulges in a passionate affair with him, even though mixing business with pleasure could mean the end of her career. I had a lot of sympathy for Annie as much of her need for control stemmed back to a difficult childhood and a constant need to prove herself. Chris was sharp and ambitious, but his desire to be with Annie trumped his career goals and made him a worthy romance hero.

Kissing Rebecca by Alexis Anne was a cute and funny friends-to-lovers tale. Rebecca and Luke have known each other and worked together for years in a successful film franchise and have always been "best buds." But during that time their feelings have grown, though there's never been a right moment to express those feelings. Now they're both free, but neither is sure the other is ready for, or even interested in, taking that next step. Luke's a real doll and I couldn't help but love him for all caring ways he tries to woo Rebecca. The poor guy can't catch a break, though, as bad luck dogs his every move. His refusal to give up is what makes this story so sweet. Both characters were extremely likeable, which helped make this lighthearted story a real charmer.

After the Fall by Alexandra Haughton featured two complicated people, both trying to "come back" after difficult circumstances. Joss is a successful businesswoman but her family won't let her live down an embarrassing incident from her wild child days. Drew was a photojournalist who turned his back on his career after a devastating experience overseas. Drew and Joss are "strangers in the night" when they meet, but offer each other comfort and acceptance (not to mention awesome sex). I wanted these two to get together, but complications from Joss' business woes and secrets from Drew's past kept getting between them. I really enjoyed the tenderness between the two characters and the support they gave each other, but sometimes felt as though there were a bit too many complications involving former spouses and lovers. I also wished there had been a bit more explanation about why Joss had acted out so much in her younger days. This story is for readers who enjoy an angsty, intense romance.

Blinded by Audra North introduces us to Mike, smitten with his buddy's younger sister. Chelsea, however, only has eyes for a different friend, a slick attorney. Mike is a down-to-earth, fun-loving guy with a good heart but Chelsea finds him annoying. He always seems to be around when she's trying to flirt with Brandon. When Chelsea suggests to Mike that the two of them act like a couple to make Brandon jealous and pique his interest, Mike reluctantly agrees. It becomes a case of "be careful what you wish for" when Brandon starts showing interest in Chelsea as she realizes that Mike is the man for her. There's a lot of humor in this situation, and plenty of frustration for the hero and heroine. I cheered when the main characters finally gave in to their passion. But there were still bumps in the road ahead. I really enjoyed this story and how the author took the trope of "girl loves brother's best friend" and put a twist in its tail.

One Week in Hawaii is a very enjoyable read. If you can't travel to the beautiful island state in real life, then visiting it through these four sexy stories is the next best thing.

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