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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#New! Hunting April (Men of Sanctuary 2) by Danica St. Como #erotic #suspense

Wounded while escaping from fiancé Angelo Martone, a disguised April Hall panics and crashes into surveillance expert Glennon Garrett at a coffee shop. Bleeding and drawing a crowd, April collapses in his arms. Former Marine Force Recon Garrett takes charge and carries her to his penthouse apartment. Her secret? Her life went to hell when she discovered her fiancé was a sadistic, blackmailing psychopath with Mob connections. After vigorously defending herself during his attack and on the run, she may be wanted for manslaughter.

Humiliated when Glennon rebuffs her sexual advances, April doesn't wait to hear a reason. Before she reaches the street, she's grabbed by former Army Ranger Daniel Wyndsor. The problem? As her ex-fiancé's bodyguard, he kept his desire for her under wraps until he broke his contract to take up the search.

With April in jeopardy and time getting short, the men whisk April away to the fortified lodge at Sanctuary. She finds one sexy alpha male with an overbearing attitude bad enough—two men are too much for April to handle. At first, all she wants is to break free of Angelo's thugs and disappear, to go home. Now she doesn't want to leave Daniel's strong arms. But someone else may be hunting April.


“Hey, are you all right?” 

“Fine, just late, need to go.” She couldn’t seem to keep her equilibrium. Maybe I should have eaten something. Nothing worse than suffering from bone-chilling fear on an empty stomach. 

“Hang on a moment. Are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Really, I’m fine.” April wove through the people in line, then bolted for the exit. Head down, face averted, she bounced off a solidly built customer who plowed through the doorway like a tugboat. 

“Hey, watch it!” 

Mumbling another apology, April spun, pinballed toward the opening, then shot out between the heavy glass doors to the sidewalk. The toe of her running shoe caught a raised crack in the sidewalk and sent her sailing headlong into a vehicle idling at the curb. Her forehead hit the front fender before her arms could break the fall. Palms and knees smashed into the concrete. 

“You really need to watch where you’re going.” Him again, the great-smelling man. He helped her to her feet. 

Martone’s goons were lowbrow and tacky. This man oozed handsome and class. Yeah, well, believing in coincidence could get me killed. Frantic, she twisted and broke free of his hold. 

“I’m fine. I need to go.” 

Rubberneckers gawked from inside and outside the shop’s glass walls. The milling onlookers prevented April from making a clean getaway. A disembodied voice barked out, “Maybe someone should call 911.” 

Oh, hell no! “I’m fine, really. No need to call anyone. I’m okay.” 

She struggled to stand steady, straightened her jacket, patted her shoulder bag and laptop bag. A warm, wet feeling spread over her skin, under her shirt. Cripes, I’m bleeding again. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta get away. 

A strong hand took her by the upper arm. “Your head needs treatment, and you’re wobbling like a Weeble. Are you sure you don’t want me to call for an ambulance?” 

Damn it, him again, the attractive man who smelled so good. The man with the brochure. The glossy, colorful brochureshe designed, that she finessed to fruition. Oh God, I even sound like an advertisement! 

“N-n-no, I’m okay. Please, no police or ambulance. I’m fine, really.” April put her hand to her forehead, felt the sticky blood. Shit, that’s a good reason for everyone to stare. She rummaged through her oversize shoulder bag for a handkerchief. “No need to call anyone. I’m okay. I’ll be fine.” 

With her hand still buried in the big leather bag, she folded like a sheet. 

Hunting April is available at Loose Id

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