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Thursday, February 26, 2015

#Review & #Giveaway: Snow and Her Huntsman @Sydneystclaire #BDSM #eroticromance

Title: Snow & Her Huntsman
Series Name: Once Upon A Dom

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press       
Editor: Diana Carlile
Cover Artist: Diana Carlile

Page Count: 117
Word Count:  
Digital Price: 3.99
Digital ISBN  978-1-62830-817-4
COPYRIGHT © 2014 by Susan Edwards

Rylee Kincaid’s business is about to go under. Lucky for her, she’s found an investor. Ready to sign papers, she learns her knight in shining armor is Hunter Finnegan, the man who once gave her multiple orgasms then crushed her young, tender heart. Her world comes crashing down as it becomes clear the rich businessman intends a hostile takeover and to cast her out. Then he agrees to discuss a new deal, but only if Rylee will play Snow to his Huntsman at a BDSM fairy tale event.

Hunter has never forgotten the weekend of kinky sex he shared with Rylee in college. Unfortunately, he had to let her go to keep peace in his family. Now he’s back to claim the only woman he’s ever loved. He’ll stop at nothing to make the black-haired, fair-skinned beauty hear the truth of what happened so long ago, even if he has to tie her up. And that’s exactly what he does. But as the Huntsman reawakens the submissive in Snow, Hunter isn’t so sure he can do the same to Rylee’s heart.

Rylee couldn’t believe what she’d done. She’d totally lost control, something she’d never done with another man but Hunter. Sex between her and her husband had never come close to the heat level between her and Hunter. Her hands dropped from his shoulders to his chest. Palms flat, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to push him away or bunch her fingers in his shirt and draw him even closer. God, what must he think of her? One kiss, and she’d gone up in flames, like a desperate and hungry woman.
Which was true. But to show it and behave in such a manner horrified her. “I…” She didn’t know what to say.
Hunter stepped away, she assumed to give her time to adjust her clothing. He picked up the invitation from the gray carpet. “My limo will pick you up at two on Thursday.”
“Thursday?” Damn, her mind and body felt as though she were swimming through a thick gel.
Handing her the invite, along with a large envelope he snagged off his desk, he held her gaze. “I’ll see you at Pleasure Manor. Your costumes will be delivered to your office this afternoon.”
He tapped the envelope. “Instructions and rules. I suggest you go get your bloodwork done this afternoon. You’ll need to bring the results with you.” Hunter handed her the briefcase and her purse and hustled her to the door.
Rylee blinked in confusion. Damn the man for being in complete control while she was a quivering mass of need. Her orgasm hadn’t eased her ache for this man. But she hated being manipulated, and he was a master. He’d lured her in with hopes and dreams of saving her business and probably used Glorie to make her mad enough that she’d confront him. Now, he’d had the nerve to use her own body against her. “Dammit, Hunter, I never said—”
Hunter halted her with the single lift of his brow. “Your body spoke for you.” He lowered his head and kissed her hard, swallowing her protests. “Thursday. And don’t bother wearing panties.”

    ***Nona’s review of Snow and Her Huntsman***

    Rylee Kincaid is looking forward to signing a contract for a loan to assist her company, but is shocked when she’s presented with a buyout offer instead. Though the sum is mind-boggling, she feels betrayed by the bait and switch tactics, especially when she learns who’s behind it: Hunter Finnegan. He’s the man with whom she spent one insanely hot weekend back in college. The man who broke her heart.

    Rylee’s outraged by Hunter’s shenanigans, and worried about the fate her loyal employees might face. When she confronts her former lover, he offers her an option: spend the weekend with him as his submissive and the deal will be amended. Rylee agrees, not only for the sake of her employees, but because she’s never really gotten over Hunter.

    At the special BDSM getaway where Hunter takes Rylee, all the couples dress as fairy tale characters, and Rylee takes the part of Snow White while Hunter is the huntsman. But this ain’t your mama’s fairy tale, baby! Hunter has some very intense plans for his “Snow” and it doesn’t take long for them to rekindle the passionate and carnal relationship they once had.

    Snow and Her Huntsman was a very fun, sexy read. Hunter’s seemingly underhanded tactics are only a plot to get back into Rylee’s life. He’s just as hooked on her as she was on him--in fact, he never forgot her. When he reveals the reason why he walked out on her all those years ago, Rylee’s shocked. But she’s faced with a dilemma. Can she forgive him or is the betrayal too deep?

    The hero and heroine were both likeable characters and Hunter certainly made for a masterful and delicious Dom. Though I wished Rylee hadn’t caved to him quite so early in the story, I did like how she stood up to him later on. Hey, after what Hunter put her through, it was only fair he be put through the wringer himself. But never fear, author Sydney St. Claire offers a satisfying and sexy HEA.   

    This book is part of the Once Upon a Dom series, and several of the characters who appeared in the other books show up briefly in this one. I was especially interested in Glorie the Domme, who may not be as tough as she seems. I hope the author plans a story for her. If you enjoy BDSM erotic romance with a touch of fairy tale magic, you’re sure to enjoy Snow and Her Huntsman.

Sydney St. Claire is the pseudonym of Susan Edwards, author of 14 Historical Native American/Western/Paranormal romances and the author of the popular “White” Series.
Sydney loves writing and sharing stories of love, happiness and dreams come true with her readers. She credits her mother for her writing success.  Encouraged to read as a child, she always preferred happy endings which meant romances were her favorite genre.  Sydney takes her readers into the world of erotica romance where her characters come together in explosive passion as they solve life’s problems and find true love along with the best sex our hero and heroine have ever experienced.
Sydney’s office is quite crowded with three dogs at her feet and five cats to keep her company while she writes. Three cats always insist on beds on her desk, barely leaving enough room for her monitor and keyboard. Life gets fun when all five insist on supervising…
When not writing, she enjoys crafts of all sorts including quilting, sewing, cross-stitch and knitting. She and her husband of 30 + years are avid gardeners. He takes care of the veggies, and Susan is in charge of the ‘pretties’. Her medicine wheel garden is in a contact state of war: flowers vs. weeds. Sadly, right now the weeds are wining…
While writing, she listens to a wide variety of music. Her current favorites are Blackmore’s Night and David Lanz.

Contact Links           
Email:             Sydney@sydneystclaire.com
Trailer:           http://youtu.be/ap0UHxLoFCA
Website:         http://sydneystclaire.com
Twitter:           https://twitter.com/Sydneystclaire
Blog:               http://sydneystclaire.wordpress.com

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