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Friday, November 28, 2014

Beneath the Surface by @DaniWade1 #newrelease #romance

Small Town Secrets Book 1

Available Nov. 30th

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Too many secrets…

Hidden in a quiet town along the Tennessee border, a secret gathering exists where the privileged fulfill their darkest desires. One of their members initiates a desperate act designed to bring home his lifelong obsession: Emma Hartwell.

A past not forgotten…

Drawn back to her hometown by the psychic connection with her twin sister, Emma must fight the stubborn silence of those around her in her quest to find her missing sister. Colin McIntyre hopes to make up for his past mistakes with Emma by helping her, but his own ties to the Gathering might be exposed along the way.

Time is running out…

Exposure could be dangerous for his family, along with himself and Emma. Can they fight the secrets and lies to rescue Emma’s sister… and their own chance at life-long love?


A hard swallow opened up her tight throat. “What are you doing here?” she asked, frowning at the breathlessness of her tone.
            “Bob sent me. He got pulled out to a crime scene and he didn’t want you wandering in this neighborhood alone, so he called and asked me to check on you.”
            Emma didn’t know whether to be relieved or upset. Part of her wanted to be alone to face whatever was behind that door. She’d gotten used to her independence, standing on her own two feet, which made the part of her grateful for his presence that much more shameful. Raising slightly shaky hands, she smoothed her hair down in a nervous gesture. Surprisingly, all the stress from the last few days hadn’t made it stand up as if electrified.
            “I can’t imagine why you would want to,” she said before she even thought about it. Then she drew a deep breath, realizing she’d brought out into the open something that had remained unspoken all day.
            Every time they looked at each other, that night long ago rose like a mist between them. Drained from hours of extreme emotion, she simply didn’t have it in her to keep control. She’d trained herself to lock down her emotions and behave in a logical, professional manner. Now, just like before, being near this man had all the emotions that she’d stuffed deep inside bursting to the surface. Especially anger.
            Colin moved closer, his height making it seem like he loomed over her. She should be afraid, alone in the dark with a man she barely knew, but none of her self-preservation instincts made a peep. Even in this isolated hallway.
            “Emma,” he breathed, the word almost a groan. He moved as if to reach for her but then dropped back, sliding his hands into the hip pockets of his jeans. “Emma, you have every right to hate me. I can’t tell you how many nights I lay awake, kicking myself because I left you like that. I made a stupid mistake, based on youth and wrong assumptions. If I could take it back, change it, I would.”

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