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Friday, October 17, 2014

#Cover Reveal: Don't Let Go by @nonaraines #Contemporary #Romance #TWRP

Happy Friday, friends! I have some exciting news to share with you. My upcoming novella Don't Let Go (to release on November 5) has a cover and is available for pre-order!

Annalee wants a no-strings fling. Eric's all about the strings.

Twelve years ago, when Eric Sorenson's date dumped him right before the Senior Prom, his older sister’s best friend stepped in to save him from total humiliation. He never forgot Annalee or what she did for him that night…or the kiss they shared. He wants Annalee, and if he has his way, they'll take up where they left off. And this time, he won't let go.

After a messy divorce, Annalee's not looking forward to her high school reunion. She's shocked when Eric appears at her door ready to return the favor and play escort. Gone is the inexperienced boy with a severe stutter—he's a striking, confident man. The memory of the kiss they shared rekindles an attraction that never died, and she's been on her own for a year. Isn't she entitled to kick loose and have a let's-go-crazy night?


    “You should see the killer dress I bought for tonight.”
    “Can’t wait. By the way, did I tell you my brother’s in town?” Dee changed the subject so quickly Annalee almost got whiplash.  
    “No, you didn’t, but we ran into each other earlier. When I was walking Bobo.” She didn’t mention that, thanks to Bobo, she nearly ran into a tree as well.  
    “Oh, really?” Eric’s sister drew out the last word—realllyyy.
    Annalee rolled her eyes. “Yes, and what’s that little tone of yours supposed to mean?”
    “Oh, nothing,” Dee replied airily. “I knew he went out this morning. I merely find it interesting that of all the people he might encounter, he bumps into you. Very interesting.”
    “Do you really, Inspector Clouseau?”
    “Yes, indeed. Given the fact he’s had a major crush on you all these years—”
    Annalee pulled at the collar of the sweater that now felt too tight around her throat. “A crush?”
    “A crush, the hots, whatever. Now you’re free, and he’s free—”
    “Wait a minute.” She gripped the handset to keep it from sliding from her slippery palm. “I thought he was seeing that girl, the brunette—”
    “Katie? No, they’re no longer an item. The stars have finally aligned for you. It’s…what’s the word…”
    Annalee was speechless, her thoughts a flurry.
    “Oh yeah, serendipity.”
    This call had to end. “Goodbye, Delayna. I’ll see you tonight.” Annalee hung up before her friend could say more.
    Okay, what just happened? Dee was encouraging her to get with Eric?
    A new image flashed before her—she and Eric, naked. Smoothing her hands down his bare chest, then trailing lower…
    She shook her head. Sexual deprivation was getting to her. How long had it been? Half a year since the divorce and even longer if she counted the last year of her marriage, which had been a war zone. A cold war of silence and contempt, which couldn’t even generate enough heat for hate sex.
    Not a moment too soon, the coffee maker gurgled. Annalee filled a cup, but no longer needed a hot drink to eliminate the chill.
    She was on fire.

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Nona Raines

Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

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