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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday with Rach

Hello all,

Welcome to our first Sneak Peek Sunday. A special thanks to Krystal Shannan for taking up the torch and continuing within the vein of Six Sentence Sunday! I'm so happy this is continuing.

And now on to the Sneak Peek.

This week's excerpt comes from my latest release, a lesbian erotic romance titled Queen of Hearts. This is when Maya spots Erica from across the club one night.

            Oh, God. It was the woman. The one she’d been thinking about for seven days. “Her.”
“What?” Jake leaned closer. “Who?”
“Her,” she said, nodding toward the woman as she bellied up to the bar.
“Who, her?” Jake said. But Maya ignored him. As she walked away, she heard Jake say something else, but she waved him off. Maya had to talk to the mystery woman from the commercial. 

Queen of Hearts is on sale now! 
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/YftYl9
Barnes & Noble : http://bit.ly/10cUqaU
               All Romance Ebooks: http://bit.ly/XYumAN

Thanks all for joining us today. Enjoy!



  1. Great Sneak Peek! Thanks for participating!

  2. Thanks Krystal. And thanks for organizing this! I'm so excited to participate. :-)



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