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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Welcome!


By the time they'd reached the door to his suite, her little black cocktail dress had slid up her thighs, and her shapely legs were wrapped around his waist. His hands had cupped her firm ass cheeks as her sleek arms slid around his neck. The heat in her kisses had made him weak in the knees, which definitely interfered with his ability to swipe the key card to open the damned door to his suite. It hadn't helped matters that after her first hot kiss, his cock stiffened enough to shatter shagbark hickory nuts. He'd never actually been jumped by a woman to be her boy toy for the night.

Then there was the tattoo.


  1. Very hot scene and makes you want to know what they did next. :-)

  2. Love the teaser about the tattoo at the end of a very hot snippet. Now I'm off to look up shagbark hickory nuts :-)

  3. We have shagbark hickory trees up here, in the Northeast (hickory is a hard wood, therefore the analogy [grin]). The trees are tough, with grey layered bark, not smooth. The shagbark hickory nuts are delicious, almost sweet -- but they are a total pain-in-the-patootie to crack open, and still keep the nutmeats in some semblence of whole.

  4. Danica - VERY NICE.
    The shagbark hickory nuts line made me laugh aloud! And I'm in the library, woman! Great six sentence Sunday. I also really liked the tattoo line. Great hook. :-)



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