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Sunday, October 27, 2013

#SexySnippet Domestic Discipline Needed by Rachell Nichole

Hey Readers! 

Welcome back to the Divas site. As we gear up for NaNoWriMo this year, I've started cheating early! :-) Isn't that nice? 

I'll be on my first family vacation in 7 years during the first week of November, so I want to get a jump start on NaNo before November 1. Unethical? Maybe. But I'm doing it anyway. 

So here's a Sexy Snippet from Domestic Discipline Needed, my BDSM-themed erotic romance that I'll be writing for NaNo this year... 

He slipped the veil over her eyes, shrouding her in darkness and she shivered. She could feel the heat of him behind her, pressing into her body. Warming her in a way nothing else could. She wanted to lift her fingers to feel the soft fabric, but knew she couldn’t. Knew her hands were bound behind her in an equally soft fabric.
She couldn’t see, couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of her heart, but she could feel. The tight corset laced around her middle came up to just the peak of her breasts, chafing her nipples with every inhale and sending a delicious spiral of desire straight to her core.
He tugged at the restraints around her wrists, forcing her shoulders down and back and thrusting her nipples in one hard jolt against the edge of the corset. She gasped at the contact. He pushed a leg between hers, keeping a firm grip on her restraints and inching her heeled feet apart just a little more. Her bottom half lay bare to his hungry gaze, save for the red stilettos he’d bought for her.
Spoiling her brought him pleasure, and who was she to deny him anything?
She clenched her thigh muscles to keep herself upright when she was already so full of need she wanted to beg. But it was too early in the night for that. If she started begging now it would be hours before he granted her release. Hours of the most unbelievable pleasure she’d ever experienced, surely, but she didn’t want to wait that long.
He clipped the ribbon between her wrists to a chair and she followed his footsteps in her mind as he came around to face her. She couldn’t see him. But she could feel him there. Could feel his hot gaze as it roamed over her body. He moaned in appreciation of the view and she felt an answering rush of wetness soak her core.
Only he could do this to her. Dress her up the way he wanted with such slow caressing touches that she burned for him even before the scene really started. He reached around her to cup both ass cheeks in his large hands and she bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out at just that simple touch.
“Good girl,” he said. The caress of his voice was like a thousand feathers trailing down her spine at once. He smacked her right butt cheek hard and this time a little squeal escaped before she could stop it.

“Maybe not so good after all.” 


  1. Oh boy! I can't wait to read this one, Rachell! Good luck with NaNo--hope it doesn't take too long for you to finish this book. I know it's gonna be good!

  2. :-) Thanks Nona. I'm already 20K behind on NaNo - I was on vacation in Florida last week, though, so being behind was expected, and totally worth it. Planning on spending ALL of next weekend catching up.

    I'm hoping to be done by January, so it'll probably be released sometime next year.



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